SASA 2009-2010 Position Application

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					SASA 2009-2010 Position Application

Name: ______________________________

Year of Study: ________________________

Concentration: _______________________

Phone number: _______________________

Email: ______________________________

Question 1: What characteristic do you think would be your best contribution to
SASA and why?

Question 2: What experiences, school, work or volunteer, have you had that
relate to the position you are applying for? Please relate them to how they will
help you in the position you are applying for.

Question 3: What are your main motivations for joining SASA? What do you hope
to get out of being an executive member?

Question 4: Do you have any other extracurricular involvements for the 2009-
2010 year? How much time would you be willing to commit to SASA?

Question 5: Will you be in Ottawa during the 2009 summer? If you will not be
here, can you be available to come back for meetings?

Question 6: Do you have a coop during the 2009-2010 year? When is it and how
do you plan to work around that to continue your commitment to SASA?