Higher Education in Northern Arizona by qyd44618


									    Higher Education in Northern
• The Honorable Liz Archuleta, Coconino County
  Supervisor and Coordinator of Multicultural
  Outreach at NAU
• The Honorable Joseph Donaldson, Mayor of the
  City of Flagstaff
• Dr. William Grabe, Professor, English
  Department, NAU
• Dr. Susan M. Fitzmaurice, Dean of the College
  of Arts & Letters, NAU
• Dr. Tom Jordan, President, Coconino
  Community College
NAU Statewide
     Mayor of Flagstaff’s University
     Reorganization Stakeholders
           Group: principles
•   Collaboration and integration
•   Access to good quality education
•   Structure of the higher education system
•   Capacity for growth and development
•   Mission independence
 Full Access to Higher Education 1
1. Students enter the university as freshmen
2. Students begin in community colleges
  and transfer to the university for a BA
3. Students complete the BA degree and
  proceed to an MA or professional degree
4. Students continue their education through
  completion of a doctoral degree
 Full Access to Higher Education 2
1. Access to educational degree programs on a
  university main campus
2. Access through many statewide extension sites
  or branch campuses
3. Access through well-established and consistent
  articulation agreements among community
  colleges and university programs
4. Access through partnerships with community
  colleges in 2+2 arrangements
 NAU Support for Hispanic/Latino
• NAU ranks 64th in U.S. in total
  undergraduate Hispanic/Latino students
• NAU ranks 6th in U.S. in total graduate
  Hispanic/Latino students
• NAU awarded 279 graduate degrees to
  Hispanic/Latino students in 2004
• NAU-Yuma is an official Hispanic Serving
  NAU Support for Hispanic/Latino
• 2199 Hispanic/Latino students enrolled at
  NAU in Fall 2004
• 23% of all NAU students in 2004 are
  minority students
• NAU provides many support programs for
  Hispanic/Latino students
• NAU is a mature Doctoral Intensive
  university providing full access to qualified
  students at all degree levels
Northern Arizona Task Force on Higher
 Education (WWW.NAZHigherEd.org)

• Integrity of instruction and learning in
  diverse modes and settings
• Opportunity for access to the full range of
  degree programs.
• Transferability to expand experience:
  creating opportunities for integrated
  environments where undergraduate
  teaching, graduate teaching, and research
  create a stimulating university experience.
        Expand on Demand
• Ability to respond quickly to changing
  demographic patterns and pressures by
  utilizing multiple delivery mechanisms: 2+2
  partnerships with community colleges 
  branch campuses  new four-year
• Fiscal responsibility: incremental
  expansion in response to demand is cost-

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