Nomination Form for General Elections, Pakistan Association Japan - DOC by dennishaskins


									                        Election Commission, Pakistan Association Japan
                              Nomination Form for General Elections,

                               Pakistan Association Japan (2008-2010)

Candidate for the Post of
Prefectural ______________________ of the ___________________ Prefecture

Name:                                                                                  Paste Photograph Here

Father’s Name:

National ID Card No. (NADRA or NICOP or Pakistan Origin)

Visa Status in Japan:

Visa Expiration Date:                                    Address: T
                                                         Prefecture _______________ City _____________

Alien Card No.
Passport No.                                             Phone:

Passport Expiration Date:                                Fax:

Please attach copies of the passport, alien card, NADRA/NICOP card, etc.

Nominee 1 : Name                                         Address

Nominee 2 : Name                                         Address


Please pay Election Fee (Furikomi) in the following Post Office Account
Post Office Account     10650-22403741
                          AL-HAQ Muhammad Imran
Have you transferred Election Contesting Fee?         Yes / No , on which date 2008/11/___________

I hereby declare that all the information provided above is correct to my knowledge.

Signature: _______________________________________                 Date: 2008/    /

The duly filled forms should reach to Dr. Imran Al-Haq by November 07, 2008, 6:00 pm.
       〒 300-2662 Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba shi, Kaname 315-10, Dr. Imran Al-Haq

Notes: (1) Forms should preferably be typed/printed but handwritten are also acceptable.
       (2) Incomplete forms will be rejected.

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