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         Subcontractors Invited To Bid In Final Procurement Stage

TORONTO – A key milestone has been reached in the redevelopment of Sunnybrook
Health Sciences Centre with a call for tender to subcontractors to complete the expansion
of Sunnybrook’s M-Wing.

“This call for bids from subcontractors brings the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
project one step closer to beginning construction,” said David Caplan, Minister of Public
Infrastructure Renewal. “Through ReNew Ontario, the government’s $30-billion plus
infrastructure investment plan, we are rebuilding Ontario’s infrastructure and making the
single biggest investment in the province’s hospitals in well over a generation.”

In 2001, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for
the expansion of the M-Wing. Vanbots Construction was selected to complete the project
and is now in the process of selecting subcontractors.

Once submissions are received and reviewed, subcontractors will be selected.
Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2007.

“Ontario families want and deserve the very best health care,” said George Smitherman,
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. “That’s why our investment in hospitals and
healthcare will grow by an additional $1.9 billion to $35.4 billion this year, rising up to
$38.8 billion in the following year.”

The Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre M-Wing expansion project will create four
additional floors above the existing clinical services wing. Two of the floors will be the
new home of Sunnybrook’s Perinatal and Gynaecology Program, including a state-of-the-
art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Perinatal and Gynaecology Program will provide
for 68 beds, 48 bassinets and approximately 4,200 births per year. Proposed plans for the
other two floors include new research laboratories and technology facilities for the
Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI).

“Modernizing Ontario’s healthcare system will improve our quality of life and help to
strengthen our communities. That is why projects like this are a priority for our
government,” said Kathleen Wynne, Don Valley West MPP and Minister of Education.
“Ontarians deserve the very best community health care facilities we can offer and it's
exciting for us to continue to move forward with the expansion and redevelopment of the
Perinatal and Gynaecology Program at Sunnybrook.”

“Everyone at Sunnybrook is excited to see this project move ahead and we look forward
to the start of construction,” said Leo Steven, President and CEO of Sunnybrook Health
Sciences Centre. “This project will ensure that our physicians, nurses, staff and
volunteers continue to deliver the best possible care to some of our most fragile patients.”

This project supports the McGuinty government’s plan to build a healthcare system that
focuses on keeping Ontarians healthy, reducing wait times and improving access to
doctors and nurses.

Infrastructure Ontario will work with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to redevelop
the hospital, which will remain publicly owned, controlled and accountable.
Infrastructure Ontario is a Crown corporation dedicated to managing some of
the Province's larger and more complex infrastructure renewal projects -- ensuring they
are built on time and on budget.

This project is guided by principles outlined in the Province’s Building a Better
Tomorrow framework, which ensures public ownership of core assets such as hospitals,
courthouses, schools, and water and wastewater facilities. The Sunnybrook Health
Sciences Centre project is one of many infrastructure projects being upgraded and
modernized under ReNew Ontario, the government’s five-year, $30 billion
plus infrastructure investment plan.

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