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					                      IDS 1000 – Arts Living Learning Community Forum
                                       Sample Syllabus

Course Description
This course meets once a week to experience and discuss the arts and important issues within the arts
world. Topics such as aesthetics, techniques, artists, and emerging trends will increase the students
understanding and appreciation of a variety of art forms. Students will explore the diverse styles in
theatre, film, visual arts, music, and creative writing, and through shared information and opinions
enhance their ability to think critically.

The class will take two out-of-town field trips and two off-campus trips. Possible field trip
sites/events include the Toledo Museum of Art, the University of Michigan Museum of Art, local
galleries, theaters, concerts, poetry readings and film showings.

Students MUST attend class meetings in order to receive a passing grade. Every student will be
permitted two absences without it affecting your ability to pass, after those absences students risk
receiving a “no credit” which could result in a suspension from the ALLC.

The grading for this course is done on a pass/no credit (P/NC) basis. To receive a pass, students
must attend class meetings, participate in discussions, complete all homework assignments by the
due date, and attend assigned activities/events.


Week 1 – Welcome/Introductions/ Syllabus review
Week 2 – Guest Artists staged reading of The Deconstruction of Hamlet, by Jason Huysman.
Week 3 – Student Film Showcase
Week 4 – Guest artist Annie Ruth
Week 5 – Off Campus Trip to Murphy’s Jazz Café
Week 6 – Student work presentations
Week 7 – UT Theatre Depts. Performance of Antigone by Jean Anouilh
Week 8 – Off Campus Experience
Week 9 – Student work presentations
Week 10 – Poetry Slam
Week 11 – Prep for Chicago Trip
      *Chicago trip April 1st & 2nd
Week 12 – Student Work Presentations
Week 13 – UT Music Depts. Concert, Joe Lovano
Week 14 – Off Campus trip to the Toledo Museum of Art
Week 15 – Student Work Presentations
Week 16 – Wrap up/ Assessment