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									Health Administration Program

The Health Administration major provides students with a university education that
promotes personal and professional growth as well as concentrated awareness of health
systems and their effects on society. Flexibility in course selection encourages students to
develop a program of study that will strengthen their analytical skills, expose them to new
thought, and develop their awareness of leadership and responsibility as citizens and future
health administrators.

Health Administration Required Courses
A minimum 120 credit hours are required for the degree. Other administrative requirements
will be needed; see the University Catalog for detailed requirements.

Intellectual Foundation Program (IFP) *
English I                             ENC 1101
English II                            ENC 1102 (Pre: ENC 1101)
Society and Human Behavior            6 credits (3 credits met by ECO requirement)
Natural Science                       6 credits (one course with a lab)
Math & Quantitative Reasoning         6 credits (must include STA2023)
Global Citizenship                    6 credits
Creative Expression                   6 credits

*Students admitted to FAU prior to fall 2009, see the General Education requirements
Students who have earned an AA (Associate of Arts) degree from a regionally accredited
Florida Public Institution will be deemed to have met the IFP.

Pre-Professional Business Courses             (Minimum grade of "C" )
Accounting I (Financial)                          ACG 2021    (Pre: 30 credits)
Accounting II (Managerial)                        ACG 2071    (Pre: ACG 2021 with grade of “C” or better)
Introductory Statistics                           STA 2023     (Pre: Liberal arts math 1 or see math dept)
Information Systems Fundamentals                  ISM 2000
Microeconomics                                    ECO 2023    (Pre: 30 credits)

Health Administration Major (Minimum grade of "C" ) (Pre: 60 credits, except where noted)
Health Delivery Systems                HSA 3111 (Pre: 50 credits)
Health Care Organization & Admin       HSA 4110 (Pre: HSA 3111 or concurrent; 50 credits)
Health Law                             HSA 4423
Planning in Health Organizations       HSA 4140 (Pre: HSA 3111 & 4110)
Health Care Financial Management **    HSA 4170 ** (Pre: ACG 2021)
Health Research Methods                HSA 4700 (Pre: HSA 3111 & STA 2023)
Health Practicum                       HSA 4817 (Pre: click on the title of this course)

** The option to take FIN3403 (Pre: ACG 2021 & ACG 2071) rather than HSA4170 is available only to students
seeking a Business Administration minor. These students must also take an additional Health Administration
elective for a total of 12 Health Administrative elective credits rather than the standard nine.

Health Administrative Elective Courses
9 credits of Health Administration Electives (See list below):
     Introduction to Health Professions     HSA 3104
     Health Care Medical Terminology        HSA 3534
     Technology in Health Care Org          HSA 3191 (Pre: HSA 3111)
     Managed Care                           HSA 4109 (Pre: HSA 3111 & 4110)
     Issues & Trends in Health Care         HSA 4113 (Pre: HSA 3111)
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      International Healthcare Systems              HSA   4124   (Pre: HSA 3111)
      Long-term Care Administration                 HSA   4222   (Pre: HSA 3111 & 4110)
      Health Care Quality Management                HSA   4383   (Pre: HSA 3111 & 4110)
      Practice Management                           HSA   4511   (Pre: HSA 3111 & 4110)
      Directed Independent Study                    HSA   4905
      Special Topics                                HSA   4930

College of Business Courses
Management Information Systems             ISM 3011 (Pre: ISM 2000)
Health Care Economics and Policy           ECP 4530 (Pre: ECO 2023 or permission of instructor)
9 credits of additional Upper-Division (#3/4000) Business elective courses not applied to
any other core or college requirements. Business electives may generally be used toward a
business minor.

Out of College Courses
Writing for Management                              ENC 3213     (Pre: ENC 1102) (Minimum grade of "C")
9 credits of Non-Business electives          (Students are strongly encouraged to be creative when choosing Non-
Business electives in areas outside business. These 9 credits must be taken outside of the College of Business.)

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