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Project manager interview questions


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									Project manager interview questions

Everyone in the workplace is a project manager of sorts. You could be a project manager
of yourself or a multi-region five hundred man team. In a job interview situation, you
must demonstrate that you have been or are willing to be a project manager. The
interviewer will need to be convinced that you know what it takes to be a strong project

Here are some of the likely questions you will be asked on the subject of project

What is your approach to project management?

This seems like an open ended question but there are some ingredients that you need to
feed back to the interviewers. They will expect to hear your views on requirement
gathering, team building, setting milestones and building a project plan. Make sure you
have some examples ready for the interviewer.

How do you budget for a project?

This is one of the biggest hurdles for any project manager is how to be cost efficient.
There will not be infinite resource available to you and you will need to be shrewd as to
how you budget for people, equipment, software and other potential costs. You prepare
some answers to these type of questions before the job interview.

How do you mitigate project risk?

There will always be some risk attached to everything you do. Risks can range from
scope changing to some of your staff being ill to a supplier being late with some vital
parts. You will have to learn to expect the unexpected. The interviewer will not necessary
the risk but more your reaction to it and how you plan ahead for such risks.

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