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									Medical interview questions and answers

Phone interviews can be deceptively casual to some medical sales and health care sales
job seekers--maybe because it doesn't feel like the "real thing"... and they can't see you
anyway. But not taking the phone interview very seriously is a huge mistake. If they
called you, they like you, and they are screening their top candidates to decide who
deserves the time and expense of a face-to-face interview. They're looking for a reason
not to like you. Don't let them screen you out.

Beyond the basic phone interview survival tips of dressing professionally (it's an attitude
thing), reducing distractions, smiling, and keeping your resume and notes in front of you
(hey, you might as well take advantage of the one benefit o f phone interviews), you
should prepare for it just like you would prepare for a face-to-face. Research the
company thoroughly. Think about what questions you might be asked, and practice your
answers so that you're smooth and confident.

What are some typical phone interview questions? Since this is really the first step in the
hiring process, they are essentially the same questions you might hear in a normal
interview. Like these:

Tell me about yourself. Don't fall into the trap of thinking it's a social question to break
the ice. It isn't. All your answers should relate to the job.

Why are you interested in this job? Relate it to your skills and what you can do for them.

Do you have the right educational/work background? However they ask this question,
they're looking to see if you have the skills and/or education to be successful at this job.
In medical sales, you'll need a science degree, or at least some science classes if you've
got a strong sales record.

Are you in the right location? Is relocation going to be an issue for you? Are you willing
to move? It could be a factor when deciding between candidates.

What's your greatest weakness? It's OK to admit to a real weakness, as long as you can
turn it into a positive for the job. "Perfectionism" is overdo ne, though.

How do you handle conflict? This is a great place to use a story. The STAR technique--
the Situation you faced, the Task at hand, the Approach you took, and the Results you
got-- is a fantastic way to answer this question.

Who would serve as your references? If they ask this, they'll probably check them before
they call you in. Choose great references like past managers or other high- level execs
who can speak to your work skills, and prep them before they're called.
One more thing: Never hang up without asking a few questions of your own, just as you
would in a normal interview. Clarify, ask questions about the company, and ask for next
steps. Active, engaged conversation and questions make a great impression on the
interviewer. Prepare well and you'll be on your way to acing the phone interview and
getting to the face-to- face.

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