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									                                                         Proposed School-Based Staff
                                                     Fair & Transparent Student Funding
                                                                  FY 2010
     As part of the proposed BCPS FY 2010 Fair Student Funding Plan, schools will get additional $75,816,776 Special Education funding
devolved from the central office and increased flexibility over those resources. The school budget approval process for FY 2010 incorporates an
additional review by the Special Education Officer to ensure full compliance with Maintenance of Effort requirements as well as all applicable
state and federal regulations.
     The list of positions below is updated from the FY 2009 School-Based Staffing list to reflect this change. The appendix includes the list of the
allocation rules for fixed positions and for flexible positions for money not allocated to the schools as a per pupil devolution (e.g. according to the
square footage of a school facility). These rules were approved by the Board for the FY 2009 budget.


    1. Locked or Fixed Positions Allocated as Staff (see attached allocation rules):
          a. Principals
          b. Principal Residents
          c. Pre-K Teachers
          d. Pre-K Paraprofessionals
          e. Audiologists
          f. Psychologists
          g. Speech Pathologists
          h. Physical Therapists
          i. IEP mandated Social Workers
          j. Food Service Workers
          k. Cafeteria Workers
          l. School Nurses & Certified Nurses’ Aides
          m. School Police
          n. Teacher – ESOL (select schools only)
          o. Teacher – Secondary JROTC (select schools only)
          p. Teacher – Vocational (select schools only)
          q. Educational Building Supervisor

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   2. Unlocked or Flexible Positions at the Discretion of the Principal
           a.   Teachers (except as specified above)
           b.   Teachers – Special Education
           c.   Teacher Mentors
           d.   Instructional Support Teachers
           e.   IEP Teams
           f.   Summer IEP Teams
           g.   Department Heads
           h.   Academic Deans (Instruction, School Operations, & Student Support Services)
           i.   Librarians
           j.   School Resource Officers
           k.   Technology Integration Analysts (TIA’s)
           l.   Guidance Counselors
           m.   Aides
           n.   Aides – Special Education
           o.   Assistants – ESOL
           p.   Assistants – Non Instructional
           q.   Paraprofessionals
           r.   Team Support Paraprofessionals
           s.   IEP Paraprofessionals
           t.   Office Assistants
           u.   School Secretary
           v.   Business Manager
           w.   School Hall Monitors
           x.   Custodians

Staffing Guidelines 
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   3. Staffing Allocations in Accordance with FY 2010 Policy Decisions:
           a. Technology Education
                       i. Digital High School: 4.0 FTE teaching positions for school wide technology education
                   ii. Dunbar High School: 6.0 FTE teaching positions for biotechnology and medical college preparation classes
                   iii. Project Lead the Way Programs: 2.0 FTE teaching positions each to Patterson, Mervo, Northwestern & Poly
           b. Gifted & Talented Education
                       i. Ingenuity Program Allocation:
                              1. Poly- 3.0 FTE teaching positions
                              2. Roland Park – 2.0 FTE teaching positions
                              3. Mt. Royal: 2.0 FTE teaching positions
                              4. Hamilton: 2.0 FTE teaching positions
                   ii. Elementary School International Baccalaureate Allocation: Jefferson Elementary 3.0 FTE teaching positions
                   iii. Middle School International Baccalaureate Allocation: Harford Heights 1.0 FTE teaching position
                   iv. High School International Baccalaureate Allocation: City College 6.0 FTE teaching positions
                       v. Eastern Language Program Allocation: Western 2.0 FTE teaching positions
                   vi. BCPS Systemic GATE Initiative:
                              1. Cross Country 1.0 FTE teaching position
                              2. Federal Hill 3.0 FTE teaching positions
                              3. Mt. Royal: 1.0 FTE teaching position
                              4. Mt. Washington 2.0 FTE teaching positions
           c. Performing Arts Education
                       i. Baltimore School for the Arts: 11.0 FTE teaching positions
                   ii. Performing Arts School at Douglas: 3.0 FTE teaching positions

Staffing Guidelines 
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   4. FSF II FY10: Students with Disabilities Funding System Principles
           a. Provide flexibility for schools to meet the unique needs of the students with disabilities that they serve
           b. Provide incentives and supports for serving students with disabilities in Least Restrictive Environment A & B (regular classroom)
           c. Adjust class size guidance/funding to be more equitable and meet the differing needs of elementary, middle and high school
                students with disabilities
   5. FSF II FY 10: Students With Disabilities Allocation Overview
           a. Recommended remain locked:
                       i. Staff for special schools and citywide programs will continue to be locked.
                    ii. All Related services will remain locked.
                   iii. IEP, preschool, and contractual aides will continue to be managed centrally and locked.
           b. Recommended changes:
           c. IEP Process – Schools will develop plans for implementing the IEP process using ITA or other school based staff with devolved
                resources. Staff will no longer be allocated centrally. Principals must also develop plans for providing clerical support for the IEP
                process using TSP or other school based staff as needed.
           d. Supporting LRE – Teaching staff will no longer be allocated centrally. Principals will be required to develop models to support
                LRE. Allocations will be made by hours of service listed on the students IEP, with weight incorporated incentives for LRE.
           e. Summer IEP Teams – Staff will no longer be centralized. Teams will operate at the school level.
           f.   Support to Students and Teachers – Schools will develop plans for providing support to students and teachers using school staff
                outside of IEP mandates (for example, to purchase a reading teacher).

Staffing Guidelines 
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                              FY10 Allocation of (Non-Special Education and Related Services) Fixed Positions
                                                          School Site Staffing Model
   1. Principal: Each Elementary School is allocated 1.0 FTE principal.
   2. Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and Paraprofessional: The allocation ratio for pre-K is 1.0 FTE teacher and 1.0 FTE paraprofessional per 20
       students enrolled.
   3. English Language Learners: The FTE allocation for ESOL teachers is identified by the school system based on student need and in
       accordance with federal guidelines.
   4. JROTC Teachers: 2 JROTC teachers are allocated to each school participating in the JROTC program.
   5. Career & Technology Teachers: The FTE allocation for technical program teachers is identified by the school system. Schools may
       choose to supplement the CTE allocated positions with funds from their FY 2010 budget.
   6. School Police: The FTE allocation of school police will be based on the FY 2009 incidents of student disruption and school police
   7. School Nurses and Certified Nursing Aides: All elementary schools receive a certified nursing aide and 1/3 nurse. All high schools
       have either a nurse or a school based health center. Middle schools have a school based health center or 1/3 of a nurse and a certified
       nursing aide. Special education schools have a full time nurse and the Baer School has a school based health center. The program is
       funded 50/50 by the BCPS and the Baltimore City Health Department. Some schools have extra nursing services based on doctors’

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