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					Shaman Leveling Guide

Many people choose to play as as Shaman due to the versatility of the class. Unlike
other hybrid classes, a Shaman can actually level pretty fast with the proper builds and
items. It is vital to choose the proper talent build and items.


Choosing the correct leveling build for a Shaman is pretty basic. Instead of healing or
defense, always go damage. Avoid the Elemental tree as it relies heavily on mana. The
tree you want to target is the enhancement tree. The most important talents are
Thundering Strikes, Flurry, and Dual Wielding. Stormstrike and Improved Stormstrike
may also give a huge boost to your overall damage.


Your main goal here is to collect items that increase your melee damage. So the most
important statistic is attack power / strength. Find items that improve your strength
rating. In addition, you may want to target items that increase your critical strike rating.
(Which increases your chance to deal critical damage.)

This is just a basic overview of how to properly level a Shaman. If you want to
know EXACTLY where to go, what quests to do, etc, click here. Stop wasting your
time doing pointless quests! Power level your Shaman in just a few days with the
ultimate Shaman leveling guide.

Shaman Leveling Guide

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