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									                          World Expo 2010 Shanghai China

       Announcement on Solicitation of Exhibition Conceptual Design of

                           the China National Pavilion

     Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination (hereinafter referred to as “the
Bureau”) is authorized by the Leadership Group for Preparation of China Pavilion of
World Expo 2010 Shanghai China to solicit, on the principles of being “open, fair and
just”, exhibition conceptual design of the China National Pavilion of Expo Shanghai
(hereinafter referred to as the “Project”) from the public. Relevant matters thereof are
hereby announced as follows:

I. Purpose

Fully demonstrating the magnificence of Chinese culture and highlighting the
thematic idea of the National Pavilion of China——“Chinese Wisdom in Urban
Development”, so as to make the China Pavilion be a major eye-catcher of World
Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

II. Qualification of the applicant

1. The applicant shall be legal establishment with valid existence either in China or
   in other countries and regions around the world.

2. The applicant shall possess the financial capability to take on the project.

3. The applicant shall have positive social images and commendable business

4. The applicant shall have the qualification, experience and expertise in conducting
   exhibition design for large thematic exhibitions; or have the experience in
   delivering large thematic exhibitions through consortium with qualified peers.

III. Solicitation Procedures
1. The Bureau issues this Announcement on the day of December 10th 2007;

2. The applicant shall deliver the application documents to the Bureau by registered
   mail, courtier service or face to face, not later than 17:00 (Peking time) December
   18th (hereinafter referred to as the “Deadline”). Delivery time of the application
   documents is the time of THE BUREAU’s signing for receipt. The applicant
   documents to be delivered shall include:

     (1) Basic information of the applicant;

     (2) Materials proving the applicant’s experience in conducting large thematic
         exhibition design in the past five years, either individually or jointly with
         other firms;

     (3) The list, qualification and vocational experience of leaders in this project;

     (4) Copies of cooperation agreements, letters of intent or the like documents in
         case of joint application.
         All application documents shall be submitted in hard copies (five copies)
         printed on A4 paper plus one electronic copy. All the printed copies shall be
         stamped with official seals of the applicant.

3. After the Deadline, the Bureau will examine the qualification of the applicants and
   provide A Briefing of Project (including thematic content, terms of reference and
   requirements on exhibition design) to those qualified before January 10th 2008;
   qualified applications shall hand in their exhibition conceptual designs by March
   31st 2008;

4. The Bureau will shortlist about 10 candidates by April 15th 2008.

IV. Notes

1. The applicant shall bear all the expenses incurred by participation in the

2. The applicant shall submit further relevant documents to the Bureau as requested
   by this Announcement or by the Bureau in the future.

3. The applicant shall not compromise interests of the Bureau and those of other
   applicants through collusion or other improper conducts.
4. The applicant shall ensure that the application documents and other information it
   submits to the Bureau are genuine and complete.

5. Without a written approval granted by the Bureau, the applicant shall not, at any
   time, place or in any way, reveal to a third party or lead the latter into reasonable
   belief that it has a connection with World Expo 2010 Shanghai China and the
   Organizer, which in fact is non-existent.

6. In case that an applicant submits false, fabricated or misleading information or
   documents, or violates stipulations of the Bureau, or breaks the guarantee, promise
   or declarations of its own, the Bureau is authorized to terminate its candidacy for
   selection and recruitment. The firm(s) involved shall bear corresponding legal
   responsibilities for the defamation or financial loss brought on the World Expo
   2010 Shanghai China and the Organizer.

V. Declarations

1. Any and all contents of this Announcement shall not be interpreted as the Bureau's
   commitment to reach any type of agreement with the applicants.

2. The Organizer will not return the application documents to the applicant.

3. This solicitation process is governed by relevant laws and regulations of the
   People's Republic of China.

4. The Bureau is responsible for the interpretation and explanation of all the matters
   not yet covered herein.

VI. Contacts

Pavilions Exhibition Department

Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination

Room 301, Building No.7, No.3588, South Pudong Road, Shanghai, China, 200125

Contact person: Gong Huibin, Zhang Li

Tel: 86-21-22062803 / 22062460
Fax: 86-21-22060117

Email: zhanglee@expo2010.gov.cn

                                  Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination

                                                        December 10th 2007

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