Geology 12 Relative-Absolute Dating Quiz 8-6

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					        Geology 12 Relative-Absolute Dating Quiz 8-6
You require the Geological Time Scale and the Development of Life Through
Time chart

Refer to the following: I: Geologic Columns, II: Geological Time Scale, III: Fossil
1. Where in Column 2 of the Geologic Columns does an unconformity definitely
   A. W
   B. X
   C. Y
   D. Z

2. There are two beds missing between a coal bed., and the bed directly above
it. A time break of this type is known as a(n)
     A. joint.
     B. strata.
     C. cross cut.
     D. unconformity.

3. The geological term given to the erosion surface shown is a(n)
   A. joint.
   B. fault.
   C. irregularity.
   D. unconformity.

4. Which features must be present if beds are missing between layers of rock?
   A. an unconformity
   B. a discontinuity
   C. a contact
   D. a strata

5. A buried erosion surface is called
   A. an unconformity.
   B. a fault.
   C. a syncline.
   D. a monocline.

Use the diagram to answer this question

6. The cross section diagram represents a(n)
   A. unconformity.
   B. normal fault.
   C. syncline.
   D. batholith.
   E. geosyncline.

Use the geologic cross section diagram to answer this question.
7. In the diagram, which letter indicates the location of a surface which must be
an unconformity?
   A. W
   B. X
   C. Y
   D. Z

8. In a quarry section, some Cenozoic rock strata are lying directly on top of
Paleozoic strata. Which of the following features is present between the strata?
    A. A stratum.
    B. A contact bed.
    C. A discontinuity.
    D. An unconformity.

9. An erosional surface that represents a break in the depositional record is
known as
   A. Sea bottom
   B. Land surface
   C. Depositional surface
   D. Unconformity
   E. Strata

10. What name is given to the erosion surface and time break between the
metamorphic rock and sedimentary rock.
   A. Planar fault
   B. Unconformity
   C. Joint
   D. Discontinuity

11. Which one of the following terms refers to an exposure of bedrock which
shows steeply dipping rock layers overlain by horizontal beds?
   A. An irregularity.
   B. A disconformity.
   C. A nonconformity.
   D. An angular unconformity.

12. Which of the following is true of unconformities?
    A. They are always recognizable because beds above and below, slope in
different directions.
    B. Their formation commonly results from metamorphism.
    C. They represent time-breaks in the geologic record.
    D. all of the above

Use the diagram to answer this question.

13. Which letter on the above time line represents the period when the Rocky
Mountains were built?
   A. W
   B. X
   C. Y
   D. Z

14. In the late 1800s, Lord Kelvin estimated the age of the earth to be 20 to 40
million years. This estimate was based on the time it would take a totally molten
Earth to cool to its current state. The major flaw in this analysis was that Kelvin
did not know about
    A. unconformities.
    B. crustal insulation.
    C. heating by the sun.
    D. radioactive heating.

15. Fossils are very rare in Precambrian rocks because
   A. Precambrian rocks are rare
   B. Precambrian organisms were very small
   C. Precambrian organisms had soft shells
   D. Rocks of later eras crushed the fossils