GLOBAL STUDIES SYLLABUS
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Course Title: Global Studies

Course Description:
Provides students with interdisciplinary knowledge of the social sciences along with the skills and attitudes
necessary to meet responsibilities as citizens of their community. To prepare students to live in an increasingly
interdependent and complex global society. This course will also focus on developing skills necessary for success
on the FCAT.

Course Outline:

          1st 9 Weeks:                2nd 9 Weeks:                3rd 9 Weeks:               4th 9 Weeks:
        Intro.To Geography          Latin America               Africa                   South Asia
        The United States           Europe                      Southwest Asia           East Asia
                                     1st Semester Exam           FCAT                     2nd Semester Exam

Textbook: World Geography, McDougal Littell

Grading Scale:

                              1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Nine Weeks Grading Scale
                       Tests                                             20%
                       Quizzes                                           20%
                       Homework & Projects                               25%
                       Classwork                                         25%
                       Employability Skills (Participation in class)     10%

                       = 9 Weeks Grade                                  100%

                                            Semester & Final Grades
 1st 9 Weeks Grade            40%         3rd 9 Weeks Grades      40%               1st Semester Grade        50%
 2nd 9 Weeks Grade            40%         4th 9 Weeks Grades      40%               2nd Semester Grade        50%
 1st Semester Exam            20%         2nd Semester Exam       20%
 = 1st Semester Grade                     = 2nd Semester Grade                      = Final Grade

Materials List (Not Provided by Teacher):
  Pens & Pencils                                             Floppy or pin drive
  Three ring binder (1 ½ to 2 inch)                          Small Personal Pencil Sharpener
  Notebook paper                                             Highlighters
  Tab dividers for binders                                   Dictionary (Bi-Lingual highly recommended)
  Colored pencils for maps, charts, etc.

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 Because a major focus of this course is reading in the content area, we will focus heavily on vocabulary.
   Therefore, a dictionary is highly recommended. This is the student’s responsibility.
 All lecture notes, projects, journals, class-work and homework, etc. will be done with the utmost care in
   neatness, legibility and proper appearance.
 All school policies will be followed for attendance, tardiness, honor code, and discipline. Please read your
   student handbook to familiarize yourself with these policies.
 Follow the procedures, rules and rituals of the classroom. Come to class prepared. The teacher is NOT
   responsible for pens, pencils or paper at any time.
 Homework is to be done and turned in on time.
 There is NO obligation from the teacher to accept make-up work from students with unexcused absences
   including test or quizzes.
 Remember - Good attendance and preparedness for class equals good grades. If you come to class prepared
   to work and learn you will succeed.

Extra Credit: Extra credit opportunities will be given throughout the year. No Extra Credit will be given if original
credit is not done.

Make-Up Work: Students have the same number of days as they were absent plus one day to make up all work.
Students are responsible for obtaining make-up work on their own time. If a student has an unexcused absence or
is skipping, make-up work is not obligatory.

Tardy Policy: Students late to class will not be allowed into class without a pass from the Attendance Office. All
classrooms will be locked at the sound of the tardy bell.

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    Be courteous to everyone.                      Be on time to class.
    Come to class prepared.                        Raise hand before speaking.
    No gum, candy or food.                         Follow directions the first time they are given.
    No drinks.                                     Respect for property of teacher and fellow students.
                                                    Adhere to the Student Code of Conduct

                                       WHEN YOU ENTER THE CLASSROOM:
1.   Come in quietly.
2.   If you were absent, go to the “Assignments” folder and get your make-up work.
3.   Sit in your assigned seat.
4.   Take out your notebook and start on Warm-Up on the projector or the board.
5.   Write daily objective in your planner.

                                                 WORK TIME:
1. Do the classroom assignment.
2. If you have a question, put the cup on your desk and continue working.
3. When you are finished with the class assignment, begin working on the homework, read the book, study
   vocabulary, or work on Essay.
4. Do NOT talk or disturb others.

1.   Review the day’s lessons.
2.   Five (5) minutes before the bell rings straighten out your desk and clean your area.
3.   Clean the floor and your desk (Paper towels and cleaner available).
4.   Wait for your desk area and row to be inspected.
5.   When your group/row is called you may leave.

Every class starts with 400 Points. The class with the most points at the end of the QUARTER receives:
     May sit where they want for two days.
     May bring drinks to class for those two days.
     May have any other reward according to the teacher’s discretion.

The class with the most points at the end of the SEMESTER receives:
    Educational Film.
    May bring drinks and snacks during film.
    May sit where they want for one week.
    No homework for 2 – 4 days.

                        CONSEQUENCES for Not Following Class Rules/Procedures
First Time                Warning.
Second Time               Points subtracted.
Third Time                Points subtracted and an Intervention.
Fourth Time               Points subtracted and Parents Contacted.
Fifth Time                Points subtracted and Referral to the Administrator.
Severe Disruptions        Student sent to Administrator with Referral, and/or Parents contacted.

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Please sign the acknowledgement below and bring back to school by Friday. Please do NOT cut form.
I look forward to a wonderful and successful year. Thank you.

I, ________________________ the parent/guardian of
       (Parent Name)

__________________________, acknowledge that I have read the
      (Student Name)

2006-2007 Global Studies Syllabus, Classroom Procedures, Classroom Rules and Interventions List. I
understand that the rules, rituals and routines that are presented must be followed for a successful

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TEACHER NAME: Mrs. S. Gissy     _____                   __

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