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					Need more traffic, opt in leads and sales?
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By Daryn Zack Owner of
      Wordpress blogs and video marketing:
Ask any SEO pro who gets people more website traffic
 for a living and they'll tell you that two of the MOST
  powerful ways to generate traffic online is by using
                   Blogs and Videos!

 In case you didn't know...The reason why Wordpress
 blogs are SO powerful is because blogs are meant to
have new content added to them on a continual basis.
 When you add information, the search engines send
     their “spiders” to crawl your blog and index it.

When you use a regular website that never changes, it
  tends to just sit in the search engines. This WILL
NOT help you, in fact it will hurt you, because you will
 keep falling lower and lower in the rankings and you
                   do NOT want this!

 In fact, if you're not on at least page 2 of Google,
   your website is not even getting seen! Just think
   about your own browsing habits. When you do a
  search for what you're looking for, do YOU ever go
   past page 2 or 3? We already know the answer is
                      probably no.

   Well, neither will YOUR customers that might be
searching for what you're selling. Having a Wordpress
       blog WILL help you get better rankings.
  Blogs can get YOU loads of FREE TRAFFIC! While
  others are paying big bucks for expensive Pay Per
 Click ads and other types of advertising, YOU can be
cleaning up with NO cost traffic! This is THE biggest
                    benefit of all

 PLUS- You can add banners to promote your affiliate
offers, you can add opt in forms to build your list, you
can sell ad space once you get a lot of traffic, you can
 use them to be your central “hub” where people can
  come see what you're up to! The opportunities are
 almost endless and they are THE PERFECT WAY to
           brand yourself as a professional!!

 NEXT, let's talk about the power of video. No doubt
you've seen them everywhere and they are only going
  to become even more common place. Not far from
    now, you're likely to not even see much text on
websites because they will be dominated by videos.

  Like blogs, the search engines will QUICKLY index
videos because they know they are popular and tend
 to have lots of content. So when you use a KILLER
combination of these two, you just cannot go wrong!

OK so now you know “WHY” to use blogs and videos,
  so now lets tell you about a couple more KILLER
        benefits we haven't mentioned yet.
          After we've built your NEW blog...

  We can add certain plug ins that will supercharge it
 and allow the search engines to go even more nuts!!
When you have the right plugins, you can see your opt
          ins, leads and sales grow quickly.


We can show YOU ways to have YOUR content AUTO
POSTED so you won't have to. While you're sleeping,
working or playing, your blog can be growing on it's
     own and getting TONS of FREE traffic!


 We can point YOU to a specific plug in that can help
get your videos indexed lighting fast in Google as well!
    Folks, we can be like your very own one stop
                 shopping resource!

  COME CHECK US OUT NOW while you're here!
    Bookmark our website and tell a friend.

  We know you'll be pleased and guarantee
            your satisfaction

 Check out our samples and pricing
and by all means please contact us if
  you have ANY questions-Thanks

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today- All orders are built on a first
     come first served basis.


         Daryn Zack-Owner

Description: builds attention grabbing blogs and custom videos. We can add custom plugins to help you get great search engine rankings.Come see our great pricing.We offer quick turn around times and guarantee your satisfaction