Furniture Design in Scandinavia by bmo99796


									DIS                       Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                                           Summer 2010

Furniture Design in Scandinavia
Program Description   •                Syllabi                           •                      Day-to-Day Calendar

                               Overall Calendar ................................................................................... 2
                               The Program ......................................................................................... 3
                               Academic Procedures and Regulations ................................................5
                               Regulations and Safety Precautions .....................................................7
                               AD Administration ................................................................................. 8
                               FDS Faculty ........................................................................................ ..9
                               Studios, Lecture Rooms, And Offices .................................................10
                               Facilities .............................................................................................. 11
                               Libraries .............................................................................................. 12
                               Computer ............................................................................................ 13
                               Design Studio and Workshop ............................................................. 14
                               Furniture Design in Scandinavia .........................................................17
                               Lectures and Field Studies ................................................................. 18
                               Study Tour ...........................................................................................23
                               Architecture and Design Program Student Names and Faces ...........25
                               Schools Represented in the AD Programs ......................................... 30
DIS                                            Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                      Summer 2010

Overall Calendar • Summer 2010
    Su 27
    Mo 28                                                                                                      26
    Tu 29    Arrival and Orientation                           Arrival and Orientation
    We 30    Opening / Cph. history                            Intro to the Furniture Prog. / Faculty work
    Th 1     All day field study to PP/Fritz Hansen
    Fr 2     Lec: Materials / Intro to paper / Visit to DKDS / Lec: Scand. Furn.                   DIS party
    Sa 3     Field study on own
    Su 4
    Mo 5     Studio               Lec: Scan   Arch./ Journal   Borco and T-Square handout                      27
    Tu 6     All day field study to Kolding
    We 7                                    Lec:Designers own work                        Studio
    Th 8     Presentation of preliminary design              Presentation of preliminary design
    Fr 9     Dep. for Sweden/Finland tour
    Sa 10
    Su 11
    Mo 12                                                                                                      28
    Tu 13
    We 14
    Th 15
    Fr 16                                                      Return from Study tour
    Sa 17
    Su 18
    Mo 19    Lec: Drawings at 1:1 scale - small groups         Studio continued                                29
    Tu 20    Studio/develop working drawings                   Studio continued
    We 21    Studio/develop working drawings                   Research paper due in AD office
    Th 22    Studio/develop working drawings                   Studio continued
    Fr 23    Studio/develop working drawings                   Studio continued
    Sa 24
    Su 25
    Mo 26    Safety intro for workshop / preparing material    Safety intro for workshop / preparing           30
    Tu 27    In workshop                                       In workshop
    We 28    In workshop                                       In workshop
    Th 29    In workshop                                       In workshop
    Fr 30    In workshop                                       In workshop
    Sa 31    In workshop                                       In workshop
    Su 1     In workshop                                   In workshop
    Mo 2     In workshop            Sewing tutorial        In workshop                                         31
    Tu 3     In workshop                                   In workshop
    We 4     In workshop                                   In workshop
    Th 5     In workshop                                   in workshop
    Fr 6     In workshop                                   In workshop
    Sa 7     In workshop                                   In workshop
    Su 8     In workshop                  Chair deadline   Clean up workshop
    Mo 9     Presentation of chair                         Presentation of chair                               32
    Tu 10    Presentation of chair                         Presentation of chair
    We 11    Sketchbooks due in AD office                  Final Exam
    Th 12    Preparation of exhibit       Sketchbooks ready for pickup                 Opening of Exhibit
    Fr 13    Exhibit                                       Exhibit
    Sa 14    Exhibit                                       Exhibit
    Su 15    Exhibit Take down exhibit / Last day of DIS Program

DIS           Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                 Summer 2010

The Program
                   The Furniture Design in Scandinavia program is designed for upper
                   level and graduate students majoring in industrial design, interior
                   design, architecture, art, or students with other relevant backgrounds.
                   The program is a package combining a lecture course, studio work,
                   field studies, and study tours.

                   The program is developed in cooperation between Denmark’s Design
                   School, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, and
                   DIS • Danish Institute for Study Abroad.

                   The furniture workshops are located at Denmark’s Design School.
                   Students will have ther studio space at DIS along with the following
                   facilities: information desk, student lounge, mailbox, e-mail, library, and
                   computer labs.

                   The FDS program is composed of the following elements:
                   • Lecture series
                   • Field studies
                   • Visual journal
                   • Design Studio and Workshop
                   • Study tour to Sweden and Finland

                   The objective of the Furniture Design in Scandinavian program is to
                   give students a thorough introduction to furniture design in Denmark/
                   Scandinavia and its historical, cultural, and technical background, as
                   well as to enable students to see and understand the object (furniture)
                   in its context (building).

                   The course is comprised of several distinct yet integrated elements:
                   lectures, discussions, assignments in studio, building of models,
                   analytical sketching, study tours, and presentations.

                   The summer program awards a total of 9 semester credits.
                   • design studio and workshop - 6 credits
                   • lectures on the history, theory, and practice of Scandinavian
                      furniture design, Visual Journal, field studies, and study tours -
                      3 credits

DIS                      Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                   Summer 2010

The Program, continued
                              This course will address the following themes:
                              • Danish / Scandinavian / European furniture history in the
                                20th century.
                              • analytical studies of Danish chairs through freehand sketches,
                                text, and drawings.
                              • the design process - from concept to prototype.
                              • presentation techniques for design projects.
                              • actual design and construction of a piece of furniture.
                              • field studies to furniture factories/workshops, design offices,
                                showrooms, and museums.
                              • study tour to Sweden, and Finland with visits to factories/workshops,
                                design offices, showrooms, and museums as well as examples of
                              • recording of the studies in a comprehensive Visual Journal
                                with notes, sketches, analysis, etc. (preferably 5.5” x 8.5” or larger).
                              • exhibition of all work done throughout the course.

                              The course will end with evaluation and issue of program certificate.

                              All program elements and study tours are mandatory. Details can
                              be found in this booklet under day to day activities. As field studies
                              are integrated in the program, students are expected not only to
                              participate, but to perform actively and apply field work.

DIS          Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                  Summer 2010

Academic Procedures and Regulations
                  Students are to bring with them two previous projects of their own
                  choice, in any form (slides, photo copies, portfolios, etc.). These two
                  projects must be handed in to FDS faculty by Friday, July 2nd, before
                  16:00. They will be kept in the faculty office, used by the faculty for
                  reference purposes, and given back to students prior to departure.

                  Handouts, key card, and basic drafting equipment such as lamp,
                  parallel bar or T-square are provided by DIS. Students will be held
                  responsible for the above mentioned items and will be charged
                  replacement costs and expenses in the event that they are lost or
                  damaged. The cost of each item is listed below:

                  Replacement locker key:                         50 DKK
                  Replacement drawing surface (Borco):            200 DKK.
                  Replacement T-square:                           350 DKK
                  Replacement ID card:                            50 DKK.

                  Please note: Borco drawing surfaces are not to be used as cutting

                  Attendance at all scheduled classes is required, and each student is
                  individually responsible for all material covered or assigned in class.
                  Likewise, attendance at field studies and study tours is mandatory.

                  It is to be specifically noted that individual travel cannot take place
                  during the summer program on days scheduled for class instruction,
                  field sessions or official study tours.

                  Participation covers attendance, activity in class discussions, group
                  work, field study, study tours, and general contribution to the progress
                  of class work. Participation is not only expected, but required, and will
                  form part of the evaluation. There is no refund for non-participation in
                  study tours, field study sessions, or in other aspects of the academic

                  Students are responsible for handing in all course work on time and
                  should keep a copy of submitted papers. Assignments handed in after
                  the deadline will be awarded the grade “F” or downgraded according
                  to the instructor´s own schedule.

DIS                     Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                  Summer 2010

Academic Procedures and Regulations, continued
                             Students are responsible for ensuring that they are on time for
                             examinations and presentations. Failure to take an exam at the
                             indicated time and place will result in the grade “F”. In case of illness,
                             you must notify the DIS Academic Counsellor prior to the start of the
                             exam, and provide a doctor´s statement of illness.

                             DIS instructors must turn in original copies of those student papers or
                             exams which constitute the major evaluation basis for course grades.
                             This is in accordance with the requirement in Danish higher education,
                             that original exam material be securely stored for at least one full
                             year. If you have questions concerning your final grades after you
                             have returned to your home, you should write to the DIS Academic
                             Counsellor as soon as possible.

                             After the semester, DIS issues a Final Grade Report, which is the
                             transcript of your participation in the program courses. This Final
                             Grade Report is prepared in three copies:

                             • The original is certified and sent immediately to your coordinating
                               university, after which it can be forwarded to your home school;

                             • A student´s copy will be sent to you at your permanent mailing
                               address (unless you provide an envelope with another address);

                             • A Records Copy is kept on file at DIS so that we can send certified
                               copies to other universities upon receipt of your written request.

                             Your final grades will be withheld if you owe money to
                             DIS • Danish Institute for Study Abroad.

DIS           Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                    Summer 2010

Regulations and Safety Precautions
                   The following rules are to protect students’ safety, work, and personal
                   belongings, and to ensure the continued right to use the facilities at
                   Denmark’s Design School and DIS.

                   In relation to the studios and workshops some points are of particular
                   • Follow the guide lines given by workshop assistants and faculty
                      during introductions
                   • Report suspicious persons or events to the DIS staff
                   immediately. The AD Office number is 3376 5488
                   • In case of emergency, call phone number 112 and/or the DIS
                      emergency line 4096 9894..
                   • Evacuate building immediately upon alarm or if directed by
                      DKDS/DIS staff.

                   Only FDS students, faculty, and staff are allowed in studios and
                   workshops at Denmark’s Design School.

                   The studio at DIS is open to FDS students 24/7 and the workshops
                   at DKDS are open to the FDS students 07:00 - 22:00, seven days
                   a week from July 26 to August 8th. No one is allowed in the DKDS
                   workshops between 22:00 and 07:00.

                   FDS students will have a key-card and access code for both the
                   workshop space at DKDS and for the gate and entrance to stairway B
                   at DIS. All doors and gates must be closed at all times.

                   The last person to leave in the evening is responsible for:
                   • closing all windows
                   • turning off all lights, electrical fixtures, and machines
                   • turning off the computers and machinery

                   Keep the studios and workshops clean and tidy to reduce the danger
                   of fire.

                   Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in classrooms and
                   workshops. Parties are not permitted in any of the facilities.

                   Student bicycles are not allowed inside buildings or in the courtyard of
                   Vestergade 5 and 7.

DIS                         Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                     Summer 2010

The Administration
        Johanne Riegels Østergård           (JRØ) Arkitekt M. A. A. (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen,
        AD Program Director                 1997). Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design
                                            (Columbia University, New York, 1998). Employment at architec-
        Malmmosevej 149                     tural offices in Prague and Copenhagen. Employment at Bernard
        2830 Virum                          Tschumi Architects New York and Juul & Frost Copenhagen. With
        work: 3376 5452                     DIS since 2002. Assistant Program Director of Architecture and
                                            Design 2004. Program Director of Architecture and Design since
        mobile: 2447 6549                   2008.

        Eva Frederiksen                     (EF) Arkitekt, M. A. A. (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen,
        AD Assistant Program Director       1976). Practicing architect with leading Danish architectural design
                                            offices since 1976. Own design office since 1996. Six month stud-
        Skovvej 95                          ies in Japan 1978. Adjunct Professor at Denmark’s Design school
        2920 Charlottenlund                 since 1987. With DIS since 1995. Assistant Program Director of
        work: 3963 5678                     Architecture and Design since 2008.
        mobile: 2425 2740

        Erik Skoven                         (ES) Arkitekt M.A.A. (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen,
        AD Senior Consultant                1974). Private practice and research in landscape architecture;
                                            work in private and public planning offices. Lecturer at the Royal
        J.A.Schwartz Gade 16                Academy of Fine Arts. Visiting Professor, University of Oregon,
        2100 København Ø                    Spring 1984. Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley, 2002. Guest lecturer
        work: 3376 5486                     at numerous universities in the USA and Canada. With DIS since
                                            1978. Director of Architecture and Design from 1984 to 2008.
        mobile: 2961 5440                   Senior Consultant to Architecture and Design since 2008.

        Tamar Shafrir                       (TS) Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design (University
        AD Program Assistant                of Virginia). DIS Architecture and Design Program, Fall 2006.
                                            Architecture Intern, Gensler, London, UK 2008-2009. Architecture
        Vesterbrogade 77, 1 th.             Intern, Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Zürich, Switzerland, 2007. With
        1620 Købehavn V                     DIS since 2009.
        work: 3376 5422

        Michael Huang                       (MH) Bachelor of Art in Architecture (Yale University). DIS
        AD Program Assistant                Architecture and Design Program, Summer 2008. Intern
                                            (Fashion), Rag & Bone, Summer 2007. Intern (Jewelry), Philip
        Ågade 122,,
                                            Crangi/Giles & Brother, Summer 2007. With DIS since 2010.
        2200 Kbh N
        work: 3376 5442
        mobile: 2851 1573

        Dustin Brugmann                     (DBR) Bachelor of Art in Architecture (Miami University). DIS
        AD Program Assistant                Architecture and Design Program, Spring 2009. Research and
                                            development of a spontaneous mind. With DIS since 2010.
        Humlevang 19
        2740 Skovlunde
        work: 3010 9324
        mobile: 3097 3262

        Emma Sullivan                       (EMS) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, University of
        AD Program Assistant                Connecticut 2010. DIS Textile Design Program, Summer 2009.
                                            Recipient of DIS’ Textile Design Award for Overall Excellence in
                                            Scholarship. Intern (Graphic Design) Department of Environmental                          Protection 2008. Graphic Designer, University of Connecticut
                                            Design Center 2009-2010. With DIS since 2010.

DIS                        Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                           Summer 2010

FDS Faculty
       Erling Christoffersen               Cabinetmaker, 1974. School of Applied Art, Copenhagen,1979. Royal
       Cabinetmaker                        Academy of Fine Arts, The School of Architecture, Dept. of Interior and
                                           Furniture Design, Copenhagen, 1982. Own office, 1979. Member of Design
       Arkitekt M.A.A.
                                           Group SE. Co-founded exhibition group ”Møbelgruppen af 1983”, 1983.
                                           Professor at School of Architecture, Dept. of Interior and Furniture Design,
       Kalundborgvej 237                   1986-1989. Partner in Design 134 1989-2002. Professor Denmark’s Design
       4300 Holbæk                         School, Copenhagen, 1989-2005. Visiting professor University of Oregon
       mobile: 2165 2191                   2005 High school teacher, Stenhus Boarding School since 2006. Workshops
                                           at University of Victoria 2001, 2004, 2009. With DIS since 1998.
       Rasmus Fenhann                      Cabinetmaker, 1996. Denmarks Design School, 2003. Employed at
       Designer M.D.D.                     Nanna Ditzels design office 2003-2004, Associate professor at
       Workshop Supervisor                 Denmarks Design School, 2005-. Established own studio and
                                           workshop since 2003. Work focuses mainly in commissions and
       Classensgade 65, 1. mf.             exhibition pieces in wood. See for more
                                           information. With DIS since 2009
       2100 København Ø
       mobile: 2654 0604

       Gudmundur Ludvik Gretarsson         Carpenter; teknical school of Hafnarfjordur, Island, 1992. Sculptor,
       Designer M.D.D.                     Icelandic academy of the arts, 1999. Designer, Denmark’s Design
                                           School (Department of Furniture Design), 2002. Co founded ETC
       Veneer Workshop Supervisor          design studio in Copenhagen, 2002. Professional background
                                           combines craftsmanship as well as art and design. He has ex-
       Nygårdsvej 15                       hibited at several Scandinavian design fairs and galleries and is
       7100 Vejle                          awarded for some of his works. With DIS since 2007.
       mobile: 2627 7472

       Lars Hansen                         Cabinetmaker 1993. From 1994 to 1999, foreman at POVI
       Cabinetmaker                        furniture restoreration workshop. Supervisor/teacher at Denmark’s
                                           Design School woodshop 1999-2006. From 2006 to present,
       Workshop Coordinator                consultant and test responsible at Danish Technological Institutes
                                           furniture lab. See
       Nitivej 13                          With DIS since 1999.
       2000 Frederiksberg
       mobile: 7220 2390
       Flemming Steen Jensen               Arkitekt, M.A.A. Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen,
       Arkitekt M.A.A.                     1983. Denmark´s Design School 1979. Associate professor at
                                           Denmark´s Design School 1986-2004. Own office since 1983 and
                                           partner in Design 134 since 1989. Member of the Design group
       Kløverprisvej 57                    SE. With DIS since 1998
       2650 Hvidovre                       The Design Studio 134 has exhibited works at multiple national
       tel.: 3675 7530                     and international exhibitions, and is the recipient of many national
       mobile: 4093 7530                   and international awards. With DIS since 1998

       Hee Welling                         University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland 2001. Danish
       Designer M.D.D.                     Design School, Copenhagen, 2003. Founded Hee Welling Design
                                           Studio in 2003. With Danish Design School since 2004. With DIS
       Metal shop supervisor               since 2005. Exhibitions:
                                           Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy; IMM, Cologne, Germany; 100%
       Randersgade 74,                Design, London; Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sweden; ICFF, New
       2100 København Ø                    York, USA; Living Style, Tokyo, Japan; CIFF, Copenhagen, Den-
       mobile: 2681 5166                   mark; Stylepark, Frankfurt, Germany; Designers Saturday, Oslo,
                                           Norway; Brussels Furniture Fair, Belgium.
       Nils-Ole Zib                        Designer and Cabinetmaker. BA in Culture Geography, (University of
       Cabinet maker and designer          Copenhagen 1980). Apprentice diploma as cabinetmaker 1986. Associate
                                           professor at Denmarks 1996-2002. Own studio since 1986. Member of
                                           the Design group Møbelgruppen 1985-95. Award from Designfonden and
       Vallebovej 5                        Ellen & Knud Dalhof-Larsens fond 1998. Exhibited at furniture-fairs and in
       4654 Faxe Ladeplads                 museums in Denmark and abroad. Designing for Berga Form AB, IKEA and
       Mobile: 40 11 15 99                 Källemo AB of Sweden, Effect Furniture of Denmark, Mallinson Design of UK
                                           and Bethel Furniture Stock, Maine, US. With DIS since 2004.

DIS                                                  Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                        Summer 2010

Studios, Lecture Rooms, Adm. Offices
                                Vestergade 5 and 7                                           Vestergade 10

                                                                                                                         10 B-38   Storage Room
      5-40   AD Studio (MW)                                                                                              10 B-36   Meeting Room
      5-41   AD Studio (MW)                                                                                              10 A-33   TDS Lecture Room
                                                                                                                         10 A-34   Meeting Room
                                                                                                                         10 A-35   Meeting Room
                                                                                                                         10 A-30   Lecture Room
                                                                                                                         10 A-32   FDS Lecture Room
                                                                                                                         10 A-31   Computer Lab

                                                                                                                        10 B-24 FDS Studio (EC)
      5-31   AD Studio (BC)                                                                                             10 B-25 FDS Studio (NZ)
      5-32   AD Studio (BC)
      7-30   AD office
      7-31   Lecture Room
      7-32   Johanne Østergård
      7-33   Meeting Room

                                                                                                                         10 A-11   TDS Studio
      RR     Reading Room                                                                                                10 A-12   AD Lecture Room
      LIB    Library                                                                                                     10 A-13   Storage Room
      5-20   AD Studio (PM)                                                                                              10 A-14   AD Lecture Room
      5-21   AD Studio (PM)                                                                                              10 B-15   Lecture Room
      5-25   DIS Computer Lab
      5-28   Registrar
      5-29   Registrar
      7-21   FDS Studio (FJ)
      7-22   AD Meeting Room

                                                                        Ve s t e
      5-10 AD Studio (CN)
      5-11 AD Studio (JC)
      7-11 AD Studio (CN + HH)
      7-12 AD Meeting Room
                                                                                     The Architecture and Design studios are located
                                                                                     in the DIS main bldg Vestergade 5 and 7 and in
                                 Ve s
      FD   Front Desk                   terg                                         Vestergade 10 stair A.
      5-06 IT Help Desk                        ade
                                                                                     Access to studios in Vestergade 5. Enter through
                                                                                     the gate Vestergade 5 continue through the
      WC     Water Closet                                                            courtyard to Stair C.

                                                                                     Access to studios in Vestergade 7. Enter through
                                                                                     the gate Vestergade 5 continue through the
                                                                                     courtyard to Stair C.

                                                                                     Access to studios in Vestergade 10. (Vester 10
                                                                                     A-21 ) Enter through stairwell A to 2. level.

DIS                                          Furniture Design in Scandinavia                              Summer 2010

                                  Nordhavn        Location of Workshop
                      Design School               The Furniture Design in Scandinavian program utilizes the workshop at
                                                  Denmark’s Design School

                                                  One may access the Design School via public transportation from the DIS
                                                  area by taking S-train Line E or B from Vesterport or Line A from Nørreport
                                                  to Nordhavn. From there, follow the map in the left pannel to the Design
                                                  school located at Strandboulevarden 47

                                                  The program is taught by the following instructors as a team.
                                                  Lectures, design studio and workshop:            Flemming Steen Jensen
                                                                                                   Erling Christoffersen
              DIS                                                                                  Nils-Ole Zib
                                                  Study tour to Sweden/Finland                     Flemming Steen Jensen
                                                                                                   Erling Christoffersen
                                                                                                   Nils-Ole Zib

                                                  Assistant in the wood workshop                   Lars Hansen

                                                  Assistant in the lamination workshop             Gudmundur Ludvikson
                                                                                                   Rasmus Fenhann

                                                  Assistant in the metal workshop                  Hee Welling

Nordhavn to Denmark’s Design School

The DIS buildings, Vestergade 7

DIS                                   Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                  Summer 2010

                                           Your professors will advise you of the best library facilities for each
                                           class. However, the following list will be helpful to all AD students:

DIS Library                                Vestergade 7, 1st floor
                                           1456 København K
                                           Monday through Friday 9:00 - 20:00
                                           Saturday 12:00 - 16:00
                                           The DIS library is only a reference library, meaning that it mainly
                                           consists of books related to DIS courses, Denmark and Scandinavia.

Kunstakademiets Arkitektskoles Bibliotek   The Royal Academy Architecture Library (KASB)
                                           Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 50
                                           1434 København K
                                           Monday through Friday 9:30 - 16:00
                                           Closed Saturdays and Sundays, and July 19 - 24

Danmarks Kunstbibliotek                    The Library of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
                                           Kongens Nytorv 1
                                           1007 København K
                                           Periodicals department and reading room open as follows:
                                           Monday through Thursday 13:00 - 17:30
                                           Friday 13:00 - 16:00
                                           Architecture drawings:
                                           Monday through Thursday 13:00 - 17:30
                                           Friday 13:00 - 16:00

Kunstindustrimuseets Bibliotek             Library at the Museum of Art and Design
                                           Bredgade 68
                                           1260 København K
                                           Library and reading room open as follows:
                                           Tuesday through Friday 11:00 - 17:00
                                           Closed for all of July

Hovedbiblioteket                           Main Municipal Library.
                                           Krystalgade 15
                                           1172 København K
                                           Library and reading room open as follows:
                                           Monday through Friday 10:00 - 19:00
                                           Saturday 10:00 - 14:00

DIS              Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                 Summer 2010

DIS computers         Throughout the DIS facilities there are computers for common use by
                      all students. In Vestergade 10 A-31 and 10 B-35 there are computers
                      that have graphic programs such as AutoCAD, Rhino 4, Adobe CS4
                      Suite, and Sketchup, as well as scanners, plotters and printers.
                      Studios are equipped with wireless airports and ethernet connections
                      for access to the internet and network. Any inquiries regarding
                      computers including registering your personal laptop can be directed
                      to the IT department (Vestergade 5.07) or found on the IT home page

Printing costs        There is a small charge to print at DIS. The charges are per sheet,
                      not per page, so you can save money by printing on both sides of the
                      paper. The fees are as follows:

                       A4 Black and White - 50 øre
                       A3 Black and White - 1 DKK.
                       A4 Color - 2 DKK
                       A3 Color - 4 DKK

                      At the beginning of the semester, each student will receive 200 DKK
                      credit to their account. After the 200 DKK credit has been used, you
                      can add more money to your account at the Front Desk.

                      You can check your balance by going to the IT home page and
                      entering your user name and password.

                      Remember: You will not be able to print if your account has zero
                      balance, and if the Front Desk and library are closed you will not be
                      able to add money, so please plan ahead.

                      When you are printing to the color printer it will print in black and white
                      by default. If you would like it to print in color, please remember to
                      change it in the print menu.

Plotting              DIS has two plotters available to AD students for plotting out their
                      projects. There is a flat fee of 75 DKK for all plots.

                      Plotter Tips:
                      Make sure to select the correct paper size for the plot. Help us save
                      Save the document as a JPEG or PDF
                      Make sure that the horizontal dimension is less than 100cm
                      Do not make the resolution higher than 150dpi
                      Change the mode so it is CMYK, NOT RGB

DIS          Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                  Summer 2010

Design Studio and Workshop
                  The objective of the design studio and workshop is to further students
                  capabilities in:
                  •   conceptual development
                  •   refinement of a concept
                  •   production of working drawings
                  •   building of model in scale 1:1
                  •   craftsmanship
                  •   communication through exhibition of own works
                  The aim is to familiarize the students with the process of furniture making
                  by means of the design and building of an actual prototype for a chair.

                  In earlier times the chair was a status symbol (the throne, the “high”
                  chair). Today the chair has become a common commodity and acts
                  as an integral element in our culture. We have chairs for almost all
                  purposes: dining chairs, conference chairs, desk chairs, lounge chairs,
                  resting chairs, kitchen chairs, garden chairs, café chairs, bar chairs,
                  beach chairs, etc.

                  The factors determining the design of a chair can be subdivided into four
                  elements: the aesthetic, the function, the cost, and the market.

                  The aesthetic or architectural factors again may be subdivided into
                  exterior and inherent. The exterior factor is the interplay between space
                  and object, the artistic attitude to the context in which the chair is to be
                  placed. The inherent factor is, apart from the functional and geometric
                  constraints, determined by the characteristics of the chosen material,
                  dimension, and geometric form. The structural possibilities in a given
                  material are likewise dependent upon how the joints (connections)
                  are designed. The detail of the chosen joint determines the overall
                  expression. The “classic” chairs are all based on technological
                  development and through the technique used, they acquire a
                  characteristic clarity. In other words the details determine the structural
                  form and thereby the overall expression.

                  The functional factors depend on issues such as use and ergonomics -
                  how comfortable the chair is, how it is to be handled, how it is cleaned,
                  how the chair positively as well as negatively influences its surroundings.

                  The cost factors relate to the choice and amount of material, as well as
                  production method. In the given assignment the amount of material is
                  finite and the method of production is determined by the student’s skill
                  and the machinery at the workshop.

DIS                     Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                Summer 2010

Design Studio and Workshop, continued

                             The market factors are subdivided into contract and private market.
                             The contract market has a demand for durability and strength, both in
                             regard to surfaces as well as to construction. Furthermore, this market
                             has functional requirements, in regard to issues such as stacking and
                             transport. The private market has fewer constraints. The design may be
                             more personal and expressive.

                             The assignment
                             The assignment is the design and building of an object for sitting made
                             from a given amount of material: either a piece of wood 1600 x 200 x
                             38 mm or 6 meters of steel pipe, 10 m of steel rod or 8 m2 of veneer.
                             In addition to gluing and welding, only string or textile may be used.
                             The program for the chair is individual and decided by the student.
                             Hence, it is possible to work conceptually or to re-interpret a well known
                             type of chair. Through its construction, the chair must have a visual and
                             structural clarity, and consequently express the conceptual idea.

                             Introduction to assignment       We       Jun 30       11:15 - 12:00
                             Presentation of concept          Th       July 8       09:00 - 17:00
                             Final Presentation               Mo-Tu    Aug 9-10     09:00 - 17:00
                             Photography of all chairs        Mo-Tu    Aug 9-10     09:00 - 17:00
                             Final Exam                       We       Aug 11       13:30 - 15:30
                             Opening of Exhibition            Th       Aug 12       16:00

                             Due to workshop capacity, students are divided into a morning group
                             and afternoon group with workshop hours 07:00 - 14:30 and
                             14:30 - 22:00 respectively. Groups are identified by W1 and W2 (Wood
                             1 and Wood 2), St1 and St2 (Steel tube 1 and Steel tube 2), Sr1 and
                             Sr2 (Steel rod 1 Steel rod 2), and V1 and V2 (Veneer 1 and Veneer 2).
                             In the first workshop week (July 26 - July 30) the W1, S1, T1, and V1
                             are in the workshops in the morning, and W2, S2, T2, and V2 in the
                             In the second workshop week (August 2-6) the W2, S2, T2, and L2
                             are in the workshops in the morning, and W1, S1, T1 and L1 in the

                             Evaluation is based on: concept, execution of concept (craftsmanship
                             and construction), drawings, process, participation, and presentation.

DIS                     Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                Summer 2010

Design Studio and Workshop, continued

                              Shipment to the US
                              Students can pay $300 to DIS to arrange shipment of their chair to
                              the US at the end of the semester. Please note, shipment will take
                              at least eight weeks. In order to secure the fixed price DIS can only
                              ship chairs to the following destinations:
                                      Brooklyn, New York
                                      Chicago, Illinois
                                      Eugene, Oregon
                                      Manhattan, Kansas
                                      Rochester, New York
                                      St. Louis, Missouri

                              At each destination one of the students shipping their chair will be
                              chosen as the addressee on the shipment. This is purely for delivery
                              purposes. Those students combined in each shipment should make
                              arrangements for pickup thereafter. Students need to supply DIS
                              with their contact info (name, address, e-mail, phone number).

                              Payments must be made via by 12:00
                              noon on August 8.

DIS                                     Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                Summer 2010

Furniture Design in Scandinavia
                                             The Furniture Design in Scandinavia Lecture course provides a
                                             general view of furniture design in Scandinavia with special emphasis
                                             on Denmark. Current and historical conditions of furniture design are
                                             presented and the underlying design theories and methodologies are
                                             introduced. Furthermore, aspects of Scandinavian industrial design,
                                             interior design and architecture are included. The course comprises
                                             lectures, field studies, and study tours. As an important part of the
                                             course students will develop a Visual Journal to record and analyze
                                             the topics presented.

                                             Final exam
                                             The final exam consist of 4 questions allowing students to elaborate
                                             on their understanding of scandinavian Furniture Design, through
                                             small sketches and critical essays.

                                             Research paper: Analyze a piece of furniture designed by a
                                             Scandinavian designer of this century.
                                             The paper should be your own personal analysis and address:
Useful links                                 • form/shape: composition, proportions, lines, etc. as seen in
SE Design                                      relation to material, construction and form.                             • construction: joints, dimensions, static principles in relation to the
Danish Architecture Center                     materials’ form and function.                                   • function: ergonomics, comfort, handling etc. in relation to form,
Danish Museum of Art and Design                construction and material.                   • material: strength, hardness, structure, tactility and color as seen in
                                               relation to form construction and ergonomics.
Danish Crafts
                                             • general comments regarding the selected furniture piece and its
                                               relation to the space and other furniture.
Danish Design Center                         • the place and influence of the selected furniture in art history and                                     furniture history.
Furniture and Interior Industry Assn.        • brief notes on other works of the designer.
                                             The paper must be of minimum five and maximum seven pages, plus
                                             illustrations. There must be clear bibliographic references.
                                             Introduction: Fri, July 2 at 11:15. -
                                             Due date: no later than We, July 21 at 9:00 in the AD office.

                                             Visual Journal
                                             Students are expected to independently visit, describe and analyze
                                             objects from the showrooms, museums etc. (see left). Entries are to
                                             be entered in the Visual Journal and evaluated as part of the course.

                                             Evaluation will be based on:
                                             • A two hour final exam                        40%
                                             • Research Paper                               30%
                                             • Visual Journal                               10%
                                             • Participation and performance in class       20%

DIS                                    Furniture Design in Scandinavia                               Summer 2010

Lectures and Field Studies
date                     time            topic
We     June 30      9:30 - 10:15         Opening of semester - Introduction to the Summer Programs
Location: Annex B, Studiestræde 6        All Arch, Interior Arch, Urban Design, Pre-Arch, and Furniture and staff
                    10:30 - 11:30        A History of Copenhagen
Location: Annex B                        Guest Lecture: Carsten Pape, DIS Professor of “Copenhagen: History and
                                         Contemporary Issues.”
                                         An outline of the main stages of the history of Copenhagen from its
                                         emergence in the 12th century to the present, focusing on the city’s evolving
                                         morphology – urban plan and urban fabric – and the underlying drivers of
                                         change: commercial, military and, not least, ideological. What is the basic
                                         structure of Copenhagen, why does it look the way it does, and what notions
                                         of urban planning govern the city’s development today?

                                         Required readings:
                                         James Vance, Jr.: The Continuing City: Urban Morphology in Western
                                         Civilization, Baltimore and London 1990, pp. 20-26 (“Morphological
                                         Adaptation”)(Text is uploaded to DIS Forum)
                                         Museum of Copenhagen: The Story of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, City
                                         Museum, 1984, pp. 3-7 (“The City” )(Text is uploaded to DIS Forum)
                    11:35 - 13:05        Lunch provided by DIS
Location: DIS Vestergade 7, Lounge 7
                        13:15            Walk to Stormbroen (Guided by AD Interns)
                    13:45 - 14:45        Field study by boat of the Copenhagen Harbor
                                         Starts at Stormbro and ends at Stormbroen.
                    15:15 - 16:15        Introduction to the Furniture Design in Scandinavia progam
                    16:30 - 17:30        Introduction to faculty work
                                         Flemming Steen Jensen, Nils-Ole Zib

Th     Jul 1         08:00 - 17:00       Field Study to Furniture Manufacturers
Bus leaves from Frue Plads               PP furniture (
Bring drawing tools and lunch!           Fritz Hansen furniture (
                                         Bagsværd Church
                                         Grundtvigs Church
                                         Return to Frue Plads
Fr     Jul 2
                    09:00 - 10:30        Materials and Joints. in three groups according to material.
Location: 10-A32 (EC)                    Lec.:Solid Wood: Erling Christoffersen, Steel: Flemming Steen Jensen
          10-A31 (FSJ)                   Laminated veneer: Nils-Ole Zib
          10-A14 (NOZ)                   • properties and suitable types of wood and steel and lamination for
                                         • principles of joinery
                                         Required readings:
                                         About Solid Wood (binder #5), About Steel Tube and Bar (to be handed out)
                                         About Laminated Wood (binder #6)

                    10:30 - 12:00        Field Visit to DKDS workshops
                    13:30 - 14:30        Introduction to faculty work
Location: 10-A32                         Erling Christoffersen

                    14:45 - 16:45        Scandinavian Furniture Design in the 20th Century
                                         Lec.: Nils-Ole Zib

DIS                                    Furniture Design in Scandinavia                              Summer 2010

Lectures and Field Studies, continued
date                     time            topic
                                         Required readings:
                                         The Chair In The Space - The Space In The Chair: Erik Krogh, 1984
                                         (DIS 76) (Binder #3)
                                         Offspring, Per Mollerup, Mobilia 315/316 1983 pp. 7-9, 21-30, 31-40,63-70.
                                         (DIS 76) (Binder #4)
                                         Suggested readings and references:
                                         Design 134:
                                         DK furniture manufacturers assoc.:
                                         SE exhibition:
                                         Design Crafts:

Fr     Jul 2        16:45 - 17:15        Introduction to research paper
                                         see page 17 for assignment
                    17:30 - 20:00        DIS Welcome party for all AD summer students
Location: DIS Vestergade 7, Lounge 7

Sa     Jul 3                             Field Study on Own (open hours listed)
                    10:00 - 15:00        Classic Furniture (
                    11:00 - 16:00        Hay Furniture (
                    11:00 - 17:00        Museum of Art and Design (
                    10:00 - 15:00        Paustian (
                    10:00 - 14:00        Rud Rasmussen (

Mo     Jul 5        09:00 - 11:00        Studio with faculty
                    11:40 - 13:00        Scandinavian Architecture / Sweden Finland preparation
Location: 10-A32                         Lec.: Peter MacKeith
                                         Through examples by: Alvar Aalto, Erik Gunnar Asplund, Sigurd
                                         Lewerentz, Erik Bryggman, Pekka Pitkänen, Eliel Saarinen.
                                         Required readings:
                                         Towards a critical Regionalism: Six Points for an Architecture of
                                         Resistance. Frampton, Kenneth: pp. 76-89 (on DISforum)
                                         The Eyes of the Skin, Juhani Pallasmaa, In: Architecture and Urbanism,
                                         1994 (in library)
                                         Suggested readings:
                                         Niels-Ole Lund, Nordic Architecture, The Architectural Theories of the
                                         Period. p 278-291 (in the library)
                    13:15 - 15:10        Introduction to Sketchbook - Journal & Travel Sketching
                                         Lec.: Courtney Coyne-Jensen
                                         Phenomenological aspects of studying the built environment first-hand –
                                         drawing and experiencing architecture – and how this can translate into an
                                         invaluable form of design-research praxis.
                                         • Quick sketching, note-taking and sketch-measuring.
                                         • Bring sketchbook, paper (A4 format) and pencils.
                                         Required readings:
                                         Crowe and Laseau. Visual Notes for Architects and Designers, New York
                                         1983, pp. 1-13, 35-49 (on DISforum)
                    15:15 - 17:00        Borco and T-square handout in studio 5.31

Tu     Jul 6         07:30 - 20:00       Field Study to Kolding
Bus leaves from Frue Plads               JM Rør (
Bring drawing tools and lunch!           Midform (
                                         Trapholt (
                                         return to Frue Plads
DIS                                Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                 Summer 2010

Lectures and Field Studies, continued
date                   time          topic
We     Jul 7       10:45 - 12:15     Designer’s own work
                                     Furniture Designer Tina Christensen will show and explain her work.
Th     Jul 8       09:00 - 17:00     Individual Presentation of concept for chair
Location: 10-A35                     Flemming Steen Jensen, Erling Christioffersen
Location: 10-A34                     Tina Christiansen and Nils-Ole Zib
                                     Guest Critic: Myonggi Sul, Pratt Institute

Jul 9 - Jul 16                       Study tour to Sweden and Finland
Sites and Lectures in Sweden:        Gamla Stan (the old city)
                                     Ikea headquarters in Älmhult
                                     Källemo, guided tour of showroom
                                     Modern Museum
                                     Arch: Rafael MoneoFocus: Swedish and international 20th century art
                                     Museum of Architecture:
                                     Showrooms in Stockholm
                                     Stockholm Subway
                                     Stockholm Subway stations (various artists)
                                     Focus: Art in public places - Public furnishing
                                     The Swedish National Museum
                                     Focus: exhibit on The Modern Form - 1900 - 2000 - Studies of furniture
                                     The Vasa Museum:
                                     Film about the ship
                                     The Woodland Cemetery and Chapels
                                     Arch: Erik Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz
                                     Focus: from classicism to functionalism

Sites and Lectures in Finland:       The Senate Square
                                     Alvar Aalto Home and office - Tour
                                     Focus: Aalto design
                                     Designforum, Artek, Fiskars, Iitala, Arabia, Marimekko, Vuokko
                                     Focus: Finnish design showrooms in Helsinki city center
                                     Finlandia Hall - concert hall and conference center
                                     Arch.: Alvar Aalto
                                     Focus: Aalto Design - architecture, furniture, lighting, industrial design
                                     Home and office of Eliel Saarinen, Armus Lindgreen, and Herman Geselius
                                     Arch.: Saarinen, Lindgreen and Geselius
                                     Focus: National Romanticism and the Gesamtkunstwerk

DIS                                Furniture Design in Scandinavia                              Summer 2010

Lectures and Field Studies, continued

date                   time          topic
                                     Kiasma Art Museum
                                     Arch.: Steven Holl
                                     Focus: Contemporary Design
                                     Lasipalatsi - Theaters and restaurants, 1936
                                     Arch.: Kokko, Rewell, Riihandäkim
                                     Focus: Early functionalism
                                     Paimio Sanatorium
                                     Arch: Alvar Aalto

Mo     Jul 19      09:00 - 10:30     Working Drawings and Dimensioning of Chairs
Locations:                           in Relation to the Sitting Posture at 1:1 Scale
10-A32                               Solid Wood: Erling Christoffersen
7-31                                 Steel: Flemming Steen-Jensen
10-A14                               Laminated Veneer: Nils-Ole Zib
                   10:45 - 16:00     Develop Working Drawings in studio
                                     faculty: Flemming Steen-Jensen, Erling Christoffersen, Nils-Ole Zib

Tu     Jul 20      9:00 - 17:00      Develop Working Drawings in studio
                                     faculty: Flemming Steen-Jensen, Erling Christoffersen, Nils-Ole Zib

We     Jul 21          9:00          Research Paper Due in the AD office

                   9:00 - 17:00      Develop Working Drawings
                                     faculty: Flemming Steen-Jensen, Erling Christoffersen, Nils-Ole Zib
                                     workshop assistants: Lars Hansen, Hee Welling, Rasmus Fenhann,
                                     Gudmundur Ludvik
                   13:15 - 13:45     Designer’s own work
Location: 10-A32                     Hee Welling

Th     Jul 22      9:00 - 17:00      Develop Working Drawings
                                     faculty: Flemming Steen-Jensen, Erling Christoffersen, Nils-Ole Zib
                                     workshop assistants: Lars Hansen, Hee Welling, Rasmus Fenhann,
                                     Gudmundur Ludvik
                   13:15 - 13:45     Designer’s own work
Location: 10-A32                     Rasmus Fenhann

Fr     Jul 23      9:00 - 17:00      Develop Working Drawings
                                     faculty: Flemming Steen-Jensen, Erling Christoffersen, Nils-Ole Zib
                                     workshop assistants: Lars Hansen, Hee Welling, Rasmus Fenhann,
                                     Gudmundur Ludvik
                   13:15 - 13:45     Designer’s own work
Location: 10-A32                     Gurmundur Ludvik

Mo     Jul 26      07:00 - 22:00     Workshop Safety intro/ Material Preparation
Location: DKDS                       in small groups throughout the day

Jul 27 - Aug 8     07:00 - 22:00     Workshop

Mo     Aug 2       12:00 - 14:00     Sewing Tutorial
Location: TBA                        Lec: Malene Kristiansen

DIS                              Furniture Design in Scandinavia                             Summer 2010

Lectures and Field Studies, continued
date                 time          topic
Su     Aug 8        15:00          Deadline for finished chair submission
Su     Aug 8     15:00 - 20:00     Workshop Clean-up

Mo     Aug 9     09:00 - 18:00     Final Presentation of Chairs
Location: DKDS                     Faculty and Guest critic
D104 and D109                      Photography of Chairs in photo studio immediately after your presentation.

Tu     Aug 10    09:00 - 18:00     Final Presentation of Chairs
Location: DKDS                     Faculty and Guest critic
D104 and D109                      Photography of Chairs in photo studio immediately after your presentation.

We     Aug 11       10:00          Sketchbooks Due in AD office
Location: DIS    08:30 - 10:00     Studio Clean-up
                 10:30 - 12:30     Exam for all FDS students
                                   In studio space

Th     Aug 12        09:00         Sketchbooks ready for pick-up in AD office
                 09:00 - 12:00     Preparation for Exhibition
                     16:00         Opening of Exhibit followed by reception for all DIS students

Fr     Aug 13    10:00 - 17:00     Exhbit open to the public

Sa     Aug 14    10:00 - 17:00     Exhibit open to the public

Su     Aug 15    10:00 - 17:00     Exhibit open to the public
                     11:00         Deadline for chair pick-up
                                   All chairs not registered for DIS organized shipment must be picked up.
                                   Any unclaimed items will be discarded immediately.

DIS           Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                 Summer 2010

Study Tour to Sweden and Finland
                   Tour A + B
                   To expose students to methods of manufacturing furniture, a variety
                   of furniture, ways of integrating furniture with the environment
                   (architecture), and examples of the design and architecture in parts of

                   An eight day study tour to Sweden and Finland with visits to furniture
                   factories, furniture museums, and contemporary and older architecture
                   where furniture is integrated with the interior design.
                   Furthermore, the tour will give an impression of Scandinavian history,
                   geography, and culture.
                   Students are required to do sketching for their journal and are
                   expected to develop initial concepts for their chair project.

                   Transportation is by private bus from Copenhagen through Sweden to
                   Stockholm. Travel to and from Finland will be on an overnight ferry.
                   Accommodation in youth hostels will be arranged for students.

                   Mandatory introduction lectures: Monday, July 5, 08:30 - 13:00
                   Location: DIS, 10-A32

                   Departure: Friday, July 9, 07:00
                   Location: Frue Plads, København

DIS                                 Furniture Design in Scandinavia                                Summer 2010

Supplies & Resources


                                                                      F    C


                                               L              E B
                                     DIS            A                              J


Art and Design Supplies         G. Skindhuset A/S                         L. Photografica ApS
(Kunst og Tegneartikler)           Skindergade 6                              Skindergade 41
A. Københavns Farvehandel ApS                                                33 14 12 15
   Badstruestræde 9                33 13 88 31
   33 11 16 81                                                            Off the Map, but Important!
                                Hobby Supplies (Hobbyartikler)
B. Stelling Farvehandel                                                   W. Carl Ras A/S
   St. Kirkestræde 1            H. Model & Hobby Aps
                                   Frederiksborggade 23                      Emdrupvej 22
   33 14 71 61                                                               København Ø
C. Tegnecenter                       33 14 30 10                   
   Store Kongensgade 21                                                      39 18 62 11
                                I. Panduro Hobby A/S
                                    Nørre Farimagsgade 74                 X. Baltic Bådudstyr
     33 63 90 33                                                             Århusgade 97
D. Tutein & Koch                     33 15 44 21                             København Ø
    Farvergade 8                                                             (ship suppliers)        Photographic (Fotohandlere)                  35 38 44 00
     33 13 36 33
                                J. Foto/C (Nikon)                         Y. Hightex
E. City Kunstnerartikler           Holbergsgade 5                            Furesø Parkvej 2
   Amagertorv 9, 1st floor                             Kongens Lyngby
   33 33 05 20                       33 14 24 14                             (felt suppliers)
                                K. Kontant Foto
Hardware (Isenkræmmere)                                                      45 85 17 88
                                   Købmagergade 44
F. Møller & Mammen                            Z. Hobby Butikken
   Gothersgade 42                    33 12 00 29                             Holmbladsgade 6                                                    København S
     33 14 05 40                                                             32 54 10 17


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