French explorer of the St. Lawrence River

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					French explorer of the
  St. Lawrence River.
  Area of the Western
Hemisphere from Mexico to
The act of establishing a
  colony in a new area.
 People who settle in a distant
land but who are ruled by their
          native land.
  The study of the land,
resources and people of an
Group by which an area
       is ruled.
The representative
assembly in colonial
   The first permanent English
settlement. It was established in
     colonial Virginia in 1607.
The branch of government
 which makes the laws. A
     lawmaking body.
  The ship on which the
    Pilgrims came to
Plymouth, Massachusetts
         in 1620.
 Document signed upon
 the Mayflower in 1620
     which set up a
government ruled by the
Dutch founder of New
Water passage through or
around North America. It
       didn’t exist.
English people who sailed
     from Holland to
Plymouth, Massachusetts
         in 1620.
A belief that one race is
  superior to another.
  The ability to practice a
religion without interference
    from the government.
When people are elected to
  make the laws for a
Houses / villages of a group in
         a new area.
Forcing others to work for you.
Leader of Jamestown colony
 who helped it to survive by
enforcing rules making people
  work in order to get food.
    Series of islands in the
Caribbean Sea, North of South
 America and east of Mexico
     and Central America.