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									AP French Literature
Readiness Profile & Course Expectations

Prerequisite: Completion of French IV with a grade of “C” or higher. Normally
completion of AP French Language is required

Course General Description:

This course prepares students to take the AP Literature Exam. The program is intended
to develop proficiency in analyzing and interpreting literary texts in French. This course
places an emphasis on reading literature, vocabulary and thematic, poetry and text
analysis. It also emphasizes the composition of French essays on a variety of literary
topics requiring critical thinking, comparisons and contrasts.

Student Background:

Students entering AP FRENCH LITERATURE should have a command of the
following concepts:

   •    All grammar presented in French III and AP Language
   •    A rich French vocabulary
   •    Strong ability in reading comprehension of literary excerpts in French and ability
        to analyze literary texts.

Questions students should be able to answer when entering AP FRENCH

1. Est-ce que c’est ton cahier? Non, ce       2. (qui/que/dont) Voilà la fille ___ est dans
n’est pas le ___, c’est ___ de ma sœur.       ma classe de maths.
3. Si nous avions le temps, nous (aller) au   4. Read and analyze a literary text in
cinéma avec vous.                             French.

Course Content:
In AP FRENCH LITERATURE, students will study:

    •   A sampling of works from 5 centuries of French literature, from the 1500s
        through today. Texts chosen by the College Board include poetry, novels and
        plays from various literary schools and the syllabus changes every two years
        according to changes dictated by the College Board.
    •   Authors include Voltaire, Baudelaire, Molière, Maupassant, but are not limited to
        French authors. Works from Canada and Africa are also included.
    •   Advanced vocabulary to prepare students for readings, class discussion and
        writing assignments.

In AP FRENCH LITERATURE, students will engage in the following:
    • Critical analysis of literary texts
    • Keep a reading log
    • Actively participate in class discussions
    • Conduct socio-cultural research on Francophone authors

Workload Expectations:

   •   Students will be expected to spend an average of approximately 1-1.5 hours
       outside of class on homework for each class period, preferably done in shorter
       daily sessions.

   •   AP French Literature maintains a demanding pace. Students can expect to
       receive college credit either by success on the AP Exam or by the ability to place
       into intermediate college French courses. Each semester will have approximately
       4 tests and several quizzes.

Questions students should be able to answer upon completion of AP FRENCH

1. Est-ce que c’est ton cahier? Non, ce          2. (qui/que/dont) Voilà le livre ___ tu m’as
n’est pas le ___, c’est ___ de ma sœur.          parlé.
3. Essay topics require critical or analytical   4. Comment in French about an authors
thought and a knowledge of literary texts        intent when writing a passage, the themes
covered during the course.                       of major works, etc.

See www.collegeboard.org for the course description AP French Literature.

Other indicators of potential success in AP FRENCH LITERATURE include:

   •   Critical thinking skills and maturity of thought and attitude.
   •   Ability to express oneself in French at an advanced level.
   •   Self-discipline and maturity. The ability to work independently.
   •   A genuine commitment to developing one’s proficiency in French.


The following will assess student achievement:

Exams and Quizzes 50%
Projects and Writing Assignments 20 %
Homework 15%
Class and Oral Participation 15%

Grading Scale:

100-98%A+            89-88% B+     79-78% C+   69-68% D+
97-93% A             87-83% B      77-73% C    67-63% D
92-90% A-            82-80% B-     72-70% C-   62-60% D-
                                               59% or lower

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