Emergency Forestry Conservation Reserve Program (EFCRP) by fso11775


									               Emergency Forestry Conservation Reserve Program (EFCRP)
                    Funding available through the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA)

What Does This Fund? Site preparation and replanting or restoring of tree stands damaged on non-
industrial private forestland by the hurricanes of 2005.

Can I Apply? You must be a private non-industrial forestland owner who:
    Had at least 35 percent loss to merchantable timber from the 2005 hurricanes.
    Was the owner or leaser of the land at the time of loss.
    Will have control of the land for the length of the EFCRP contract (10 years).

Cost-share is not provided for rehabilitation and reforestation in yards, parks, commercial areas, urban
areas, etc. Owners who principally engage in primary processing of raw wood are not eligible. A producer
must have owned the land at least 12-months.

How and When Do I Apply? You will need to apply at your local FSA office. Applications are currently
being accepted from July 17th to October 20th, 2006.

Will I Be Selected? Eligibility will be determined by Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) who will
conduct site visits to determine value loss of merchantable timber which must be at least 35% when
comparing the pre and post disaster values of the merchantable timber of the tract.

MFC will also provide information to assist in the ranking of sites on a per-acre benefit index. Priority will
be given to applications that optimize environmental benefits. The ranking factors are:
     Prevention of soil erosion
     Improvement of water quality
     Restoration of wildlife habitat—associated with type of habitat restored, density of cover and
       enhancement for wildlife
     Mitigation of economic loss caused by hurricanes—percent loss and economic impact per acre.

Applications will be reviewed, ranked, and selected during three ranking periods: July 17th-August 25th;
August 28th-September 22nd; and September 25th-October 20th. Non-selected applications will be rolled
over into succeeding ranking periods for consideration. For the final ranking period, FSA will select the
most desirable applications, subject to funding. Accepted EFCRP offers must have conservation plans
developed and approved by December 31st, 2006.

How Much Assistance Can I Get? Selected participants may receive up to 50 percent approved cost-
share assistance. They will also receive either:
     10 annual rental payments (starting one year from the effective date of the approved contract)
     A discounted, one-time lump sum rental payment (within 30 days of the effective contract date).

Rental rates are based on existing CRP rental rates of the county where the property is physically located.
    Rental payments will not exceed $50,000 per year/per person (if you have an existing CRP at
        $25,000 you will be limited to $25,000/year).

Emergency Forestry Conservation Reserve Program – cont.

Can I Be Reimbursed For Completed Work? Maybe. You could be considered for funding &
reimbursement if:
     You started work after the authorization for this funding was signed (December 30, 2005),
     MFC can determine that you were eligible to receive cost-share (35% loss on tract basis) and that
       the work completed would fall under your conservation plan of operations (CPO), and
     You have documentation on money spent

   You must still apply. FSA will not consider your request for reimbursement for work previously
   completed without submittal of a formal application and supporting documentation.

Can I Be Reimbursed for Work I Did Myself? Maybe. You could be considered for funding &
reimbursement of work you completed if:
     You started work after the authorization for this funding was signed (December 30, 2005)
     MFC is able to determine that you were eligible to receive cost-share (35% loss on tract basis), and
       that the work completed would fall under your CPO
     You sign a statement legally certifying the number of hours spent on rehabilitation or reforestation.
       Receipts and invoices for additional labor hired or equipment rented / contracted may be used to
       support the level of reimbursement.

   You must still apply. Cost-share will be based on a standard labor rate, as established by the local
   County Committee, and will also be calculated based on the level of forestland damage (light, medium,
   high) and how that would impact needed removal and rehabilitation efforts.

Can I Still Apply for Other Federal Funding? Maybe. Read more about the other federal programs to
determine if another program might better fit your needs. Talk with staff at your FSA office to discuss
eligibility issues. You can apply for both ECP-F and EWP or EFCRP and EWP if you meet the eligibility
and participation requirements. You can not register for both ECP and EFCRP (must chose one or the
other). You can not receive funding through multiple programs for the same work and you can not
simultaneously have two contracts on the same acreage.

What’s Required?
   If your application is selected, MFC will work with you to develop a tree planting prescription plan.
      NRCS will then write a conservation plan of operations (CPO) which will outline management
      activities that will need to be completed on your property (such as prescribed burning, nesting
      enhancements, etc.).
   The enrolled land must remain under contract for 10 years and be maintained according to the
      management plan.
   Harvesting timber from the enrolled land during the contract period is not permitted, unless
      approved by FSA as normal maintenance of forestland. If harvesting occurs, you will forgo annual
      rental payment for that year on that acreage.

I Need More Information: Contact your local FSA office (list enclosed). A more detailed fact sheet is
available at http://www.fsa.usda.gov/pas/publications/facts/html/efcrp06.htm

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