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       E x e c u t i ve C a r e e r Su m m a r y
Accomplished, seasoned, PMP and ITIL v3 certified Project Manager passionate and enthusiastic about
project management, process improvement, quality assurance and customer/client satisfaction.  PM skills
include using industry standard PM tools (MS Project, Project InVision) and methodologies (PMBOK, CMMI,
Waterfall, Iterative);  leading cross-functional and geographically diverse teams on highly visible projects in
fast-paced and ever changing environments;  collaborating with project teams to create high-level and
detailed estimates;  develop and maintain project plans and schedules;  manage scope, identify / monitor
/ manage risks; issue and change management;  develop comprehensive test plans based on
requirements;  perform business process mapping;  identify areas for improvement;  monitor/track
project and provide regular project status reporting;  develop, train and ensure compliance to process 
and quality assurance standards.  Committed to delivering quality projects that meet the business needs.
  High-performance leader with a keen ability to build and cultivate business relationships and
cohesive teams.  A rich experience from executing a variety of project types.

        C r i t i c a l Ski l l Se t

   PMP and ITIL Certifications           Manage Competing Priorities                Project Proposal Development
   Cross Functional                      Project Management Office                  Process Improvement
    Communication                          (PMO)
   Requirements Management               Strong Analytical Skills                   Project Stakeholder
    and Traceability                                                                   Management
   Industry Standard Tools               Industry Standard Methodology              Scope Management
   Meeting Facilitation                  Project Monitor and Tracking               Problem Solving
   Project Status Reporting              Excellent Interpersonal Skills             Work Breakdown Structure
   Strong Written / Verbal               Project Planning                           Change / Problem
    Communication Skills                                                               Management
   System Development Life               Business Processing Mapping                CMMI Assessments Team
    Cycle (SDLC)
   Risk / Issue Management            Quality Assurance and Control                 Team Management
   Develop and Deliver Training       Collaboration (Internal /                     Strong Leadership Skills
   Conflict Management             Build / Cultivate Business                       Self-starter and Team Focused
   High Performance Leader         Coach / Mentor / Train Teams                     Sense of Humor
   Positive Attitude and Flexible  Known to “Gets-Things-Done”                      Dedicated to Employer / Client
   Highest Levels of Honesty, Integrity, Ethics, Judgment and Maturity
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               Pr o f e s s i o n a l E m p l o y m e n t H i s t o r y

Project Manager/Analyst-Senior 1997 – 2009           EDS (PMD - Project                                   Notes
Management Delivery organization) NOTE: EDS IS NOW HP ENTERPRISE SERVICES
Manage projects that meet strategic business goals and objectives for Fortune 500 clients
and EDS internal initiatives        Reason for Leaving: Reduction-in-force across entire company
                                                                                                             Candidate plans, directs and coordinates
                                                                                                             activities of projects to ensure that goals or

   Clients: Kellwood, Southwestern Bell, Granite City Steel (US Steel), Workforce                            objectives of projects are accomplished within
                                                                                                             prescribed time frame and funding
                                                                                                             parameters. May report to a director and may
   Management System, Wellmark, Alliant Energy, General Motors, Earth                                        have supervisors reporting to this position.
                                                                                                             NOTE: ERI's findings based on Experience.
                                                                                                             Reviews project proposal or plan to determine
   Grains/Sara Lee, Solutia, Express Scripts, Cardinal Health, Marathon Oil and                              time frame, funding limitations, procedures
                                                                                                             for accomplishing projects, staffing
   U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.                                                                               requirements, and allotment of available
                                                                                                             resources to various phases of projects.
                                                                                                             Establishes work plan and multi-disciplinary
                                                                                                             staffing for each phase of project, and
Organization    Title                     Roles / Responsibilities                           Years           arranges for recruitment or assignment of
                                                                                                             project personnel. In larger organizations may
Project                                   Project Mgmt, PMO, QA SME, Incident,                               have the responsibility of managing project

                Project Manager /                                                                            supervisors/leaders assigned to specific

Management                                Change and Problem Management, Proj           2005 - 2009          projects? Candidate confers with project staff

                Analyst-Senior                                                                               to outline work plan and to assign duties,
                                                                                                             responsibilities, and scope of authority.
Delivery                                  Coordination, Trainer, Call Center                                 Candidate may manage sub-contractors and
                                                                                                             their workforce. Directs and coordinates
Application                                                                                                  activities of project personnel to ensure

                                          Proj Mgmt, Process Improvement(PPI), PMO,                          project progresses on schedule and within

Service         Project Analyst-Senior                                                  2002 - 2005          variation limits.

                                          PIV Admin, QA SME, Trainer                                          Environment to identify potential issues that

                                                                                                             may impact the quality of services, interfere
                                                                                                             with the organization's ability to manage its
                                                                                                             risks, and/or create opportunities to address
Application                                                                                                  these issues more effectively. Interacts
                Information Specialist-   Proj Mgmt, Process Improvement(PPI), PMO,                          effectively with senior leadership to articulate

Service                                                                                 2000 - 2002          issues and propose potential solutions.

                Senior                    PIV Admin, QA SME, Trainer                                         Researches potential solutions and helps

Delivery                                                                                                     design and deliver projects that successfully
                                                                                                             address the issues identified. Develops,
                                                                                                             launches, drives, and tracks comprehensive
Application                                                                                                  programs, and analyzes and measures the
                                          Proj Mgmt, Applications Development,                               effectiveness of these programs. Candidate

Service         Information Analyst                                                     1997 - 2000          supports the program management processes

                                          PMO/PPI, QA SME, Trainer                                           of integration, scope, schedule, budget,

Delivery                                                                                                     quality, resources, communication, risk, and
                                                                                                             procurement. Candidate assists with project
                                                                                                             initiation, estimation, planning, requirements
                                                                                                             gathering, analysis and design, technical
                                                                                                             reviews, integration, implementation,
   Significant Accomplishments:                                                                              operational turnover, and project closing.
                                                                                                             Monitors project commitments, ensures
                                                                                                             development and approval of planning
      Achieved legally mandated date and PC-based solution requirement by                                   documents, reviews technical requirements,
                                                                                                             and determines resource allocations.
                                                                                                             Recommends corrective actions, participates
       replicating mainframe Long Distance Authorization functionality to a PC-                              in the formal project change control process,
                                                                                                             and attends technical reviews. Tracks and
                                                                                                             escalates action items, monitors project
       based application, data conversion (ETL), established and managed call                                delivery and client satisfaction, and
                                                                                                             communicates with all appropriate levels of
       center support                                                                                        management including directors, general
                                                                                                             managers, managers, subject matter experts,
                                                                                                             and clients. Candidate acts as a consultant to
                                                                                                             the department and division management,
      Facilitated business process mapping for Contract Management function                                 customers, and client organizations on specific
                                                                                                             and strategic areas. Candidate prepares highly
                                                                                                             complex and detailed analysis in support of
       of two merging companies providing full functionality but eliminating                                 major programs, projects, contracts, or
                                                                                                             business unit and corporate goals. Candidate
                                                                                                             provides data collection, analysis of data,
       redundancy                                                                                            presentations and reporting, database
                                                                                                             administration, project assessment, and
                                                                                                             creation and maintenance of templates,

      Established Check 21 Print Site by go-live date for enterprise wide                                   forms, and processes. Develop and deliver
                                                                                                             project presentations Assemble/build project
                                                                                                             teams set project quality set performance
       testing and implementation, managed the day-to-day print site operations                              standards ensure compliance to performance
                                                                                                             standards create/maintain project master
                                                                                                             plan monitor/report project financials
                                                                                                             monitor/report project status Project

      Jump-started the Oracle 8i to 10g upgrade project, developed project                                  Manager, PMP, Project Management, Software
                                                                                                             Development Manager, MS Project, SDLC,
                                                                                                             Software Development Lifecycle, web-based
       schedule, established project meetings with all stakeholders, coordinated                             software, budget, timeline, milestones, project
                                                                                                             initiation, project scope, project charter,
                                                                                                             project planning, MS Visio, Resource
       testing                                                                                               Identification, Resource Allocation, Task
                                                                                                             Definition, RUP, Agile, PMBOK, Waterfall,

      Obtained client approval for server & application performance real-time                               Iterative, methodology

       dashboard project by developing/presenting a comprehensive project
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                                    EDS Work Experience (con’t)
   Project Management Office (PMO) experience:
       Established call center instance in Europe to meet client go-live date;
        as part of the production support PMO, developed processes and
        procedures, deployed tools and trained global organization on Incident,
        Problem, Root Cause & Change Management
       Supported 9 project managers for Legacy Network Shutdown program by
        maintaining their project schedules, ensuring timely updates of the project
        status, issues and risks, conducted weekly status reporting to EDS /client
        management teams
       Managed 3 large EDS enterprise projects for several internal
         o Orchestrated QA program turnaround by developing a robust Quality
            Function program improving process maturity across the organization
         o Deployed a new tool to replace expiring time-tracking tool to 5
            organizations (created “quick reference guides” and delivered training
            on tool use)
         o  Trained and deployed new proprietary process and project
            management methodology to the organization (based on PMBOK and
            CMMI level 5 compliant)

Project Manager / Development Manager 1973 – 1997                              Venture Stores, Inc.          Notes
Manage application development and production support projects that meet strategic
business goals and objectives                NOTE: COMPANY IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS
   Applications Experience: Inventory, Merchandise Price Control, Financial, Purchase
   Orders, Receiving, Distribution, Marketing, Point-of-Sale, Planogram, Store Operations.
Title                             Roles / Responsibilities                                        Years
IT Development / Project          Project management and team management for                   1986 - 1997
Manager (Apps Dvlp / Prod Supt)   applications development teams
Senior P/A                        Programmer Analyst with highest knowledge level for          1984 – 1986
                                  programming and applications; mentor / train others
Lead P/A                          Programmer Analyst with strong knowledge level for           1979 – 1984
                                  programming and applications; mentor / train others
Programmer/Analyst                Programmer Analyst develop and maintain of assigned          1977 – 1979
Programmer Trainee                Perform assigned programming tasks                           1977 – 1977
Program Librarian                 Provide support for the application developers by writing    1976 - 1977
                                  code, developing JCL, running tests, promoting code to
Application Specialist            Job setup for nightly execution, perform edit verification   1974 – 1986
                                  and problem solving
Control Clerk                     Perform batching of data, filing of documents, resolve       1973 – 1974
                                  stores’ missing data issues, distribute reports

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……Venture Stores, Inc Work Experience (con’t)
Significant Accomplishments:                                                                        Notes
                                                                                                       Perform program and project support activities

     Lead Project Manager for company’s largest project ever, the Individual                          Program/Project Management Office (PMO) for
                                                                                                       the application services client teams by driving
                                                                                                       program and project management best
      Store Pricing project. Standardized pricing throughout the enterprise (store                     practices, policies, procedures, and processes.
                                                                                                       Track/report the project’s health-check/status
      signage and shelves, Point-of-Sale and distribution centers. Coordinated /                       of projects and manage escalations. Ensure
                                                                                                       that program and project management
      interfaced across all IT Apps and Ops teams and all business function                            processes are applied consistently and
                                                                                                       effectively across all assigned initiatives.

      departments.                                                                                     Create and apply standardized project
                                                                                                       management methodologies, including project
                                                                                                       definition, planning, risk management, project

     Managed “private-label” credit card program conversion, development and                          control and change management to ensure a
                                                                                                       repeatable project delivery process.
                                                                                                       Collaborate with senior management to
      implementation. Project added revenue and retained customers                                     establish program and project priorities and
                                                                                                       ensure IT initiatives align with business goals

     Automated capture of markdowns taken at POS for special circumstances                            and objectives. Create templates/tools for
                                                                                                       project planning, delivery, management,
                                                                                                       tracking, communication and key performance
      (Lucky Customer, Valued Customer, Senior Discount, competitive shop)                             metrics. Monitor, track and report on the
                                                                                                       status of process improvement program

                                                                                                       against budget, timelines and scope for
      Developed new functionality in Advertised Merchandise system to                                  program/project teams, stakeholders and
                                                                                                       leadership. Evaluates and mitigates overall
      automatically create purchase orders for items that were to be “on-sale” to                      program risks. Forecast the potential impact of
                                                                                                       program initiatives and enhancements. Create

      ensure the items were in-stock during the advertised week.                                       and improve the delivery and results of
                                                                                                       programs/projects by developing
                                                                                                       program/project management requirements

     Modified application to allow individual stores to have items at different                       management and change management best
                                                                                                       practices, processes, tools and techniques.
                                                                                                       Lead, train and mentor service delivery
      prices and in different statuses, allowing changes in demographics and                           teams.

      seasons improving customer satisfaction and moving merchandise in and out
      as needed
     Designed, developed and implemented a system to automate the
      markdown / clearance of aged merchandise ensuring it is cleared out to make
      room in the stores for new merchandise improving merchandise flow
     Modified the purchase order process to automatically redistribute the on-
      order quantity for each store based on store sales to reduce store out-of-
      stocks resulting in higher customer satisfaction
     Significantly reduced time and resources required for store personnel to
      perform store critical functions reducing store payroll costs, improving accuracy
      and improved customer satisfaction
     Increased accuracy by working with technical support team to design and
      develop a “transmission control system” to ensure all activity transmitted to
      and from distributed systems was applied in sequence and auto-alert failed
     Enhanced application processing and maintainability to reduce run-times
      which extended the need to upgrade the mainframe processor

        Pr o f e s s i o n a l C e r t i f i c a t i o n s

             Project Management Professional (PMP)                                                 Notes
             ITIL v3 Foundation
             Project InVision – Certified Administrator
             Microsoft Project 2010 (in-progress)

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Washington University at St. Louis (CAIT-Center for the Application of Information                             Notes
Certificate of Advance Studies – IT Service Management and Prevailing Technologies
Curriculum: ITIL v3, SharePoint, HTML, Oracle/SQL, Agile Requirements, Business Finance & Budget; Object
Oriented Analysis & Design, Intro to JAVA

Continuing Education: (1973 – 2010) Washington University at St Louis, various vendors
and internal company courses developed by EDS and Venture.
Curriculum included: Technical and professional courses for project management, resource management,
computer programming, technical skills, training/presentation delivery and personal development

Southwestern Illinois College Associates Degree – Computer Science & Computer

            T o o l E x p e r i e n c e / Pr o f i c i e n c y


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       Pr o f e s s i o n a l R e c o gn i t i o n

    Performance Bonuses: (2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999) –                     Notes
     these bonuses were in addition to annual increases
    Special Recognition: Igniting the EDS “Process Engine” in the New Millennium
     Conference (2001) for submitting an idea of attending the conference sessions
     virtually via video conference calls rather than in person allowing more people to
     attend but not incur travel costs.

    Customer Service Quality Award (1995) for day-to-day operational support of
     Financial applications.

    Executive Sales Support Awards (1993, 1991, 1986, 1983, 1978) for project
     delivery of critical business directives that reduced operating expenses,
     increased market share, increased customer satisfaction, provided greater
     system flexibility and maintainability, increased productivity, reduced shortage
     and improved accuracy.

    YWCA Leadership Award (1988)

Project Management Institute [PMI]                                                               Notes
       Project Management Institute [International Chapter]
       Project Management Institute [St. Louis Chapter]
       Project Management Office Special Interest Group [PMOSIG]

Microsoft Project User Group [MPUG]
       Microsoft Project User Group [International Chapter]
       Microsoft Project User Group [St. Louis Chapter]

CASA Volunteer – (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
…a voice in the courts for abused and neglected children
      [in St. Clair and Monroe Counties of Illinois]

NOTE: Secret Security Clearance (obtained April 2005, currently inactive); also passed all previous substance abuse
and background checks for employment. Substance abuse and background check was required for my volunteer work
as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) a voice in the courts for abused and neglected children.

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