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									                                 Introduction to Business
                                         GEB 1011
                                          Fall 2005
Instructor: Edith Strickland, CPA
Telephone: 201-8350
Office: 243 TPP             Email:

Textbook: Business a Changing World, 5th Edition., Ferrell and Hirt, Irwin McGraw- Hill,
      Publisher, 2005.

Supplementary Readings: The Wall Street Journal, Money, Consumer Reports, Business
      Week, Inc. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, and other personal finance general
      business Periodicals available at the library.

Course Objectives: The general objectives of this course are to:
       1.    Introduce the student to the field of business and prepare for more advanced study of

       2. Provide the student with a basis for understanding and differentiating between free,
          partly planned, and completely planned economies and for understanding why
          capitalism is conducive to the development and growth of business.

       3.    Provide the student with a historical perspective of the development of the economic
            system in the United States and the dynamic affect on business of the social and
            political system.

       4. Provide the students the opportunity to understand the ethical and social
          responsibilities required of the freedoms granted by a free market economy.

       5. Provide students the opportunity to understand the functions of productions,
          marketing, finance, and management and how they relate.
Grading and Assignments
The semester grade will be determined from four units that represent 80% of your course grade
(consisting of tests, presentations, case studies and assignments announced in class). You will be
preparing a stock project that is 10% of your course grade. You will be participating in Case
Studies posted to Discussion Board that are 10% of your grade. This course has a mandatory
final exam. TCC’s final exam policy is adopted as explained on page 35 of the TCC Catalog
2004-2005. The final exam must be taken at the scheduled time as listed in the schedule of
classes or a grade of F will be assigned for the course. Without proper approval, a missed final
exam will result in a course grade of F. Leaving town early, airplane tickets or cruises are not
viewed as a reasonable excuse and will result in a course grade of F. Please note the time and
day of your scheduled final exam and mark your calendars – make travel plans that will permit
you to take the final exam at the scheduled time. The complete final exam schedule is available
on the TCC homepage at for Fall

In addition to tests given, assignments and quizzes are a part of each unit’s test score. Therefore
consistent attendance can greatly improve your course grade. Absences or late assignments will
adversely affect your unit test score. For example, a test may consist of 25 multiple choice
questions at 3 points each, which equals 75%. The other 25 test points would be earned on
quizzes, case studies, group projects, learning community assignments, promotional campaign
presentation or assignments. There will be a few opportunities to earn bonus points, these
opportunities will be explained in class, so be sure your are present and understand what you
must do to earn bonus points/dollars. The activities are designed to teach you material that you
will take beyond the classroom and I view them as essential to your future success. As a result, I
cannot tolerate students disrupting the class by talking, cell phone usage, noise or otherwise
distracting other students.

The following grading scale will be used:

A=100-90%      ($900,000-$1,000,000)
B= 80-89.9%    ($800,000 – 899,999.99)
C= 70-79.9%    ($700,000 – 799,999.99)
D=-60-69.9%    ($600,000 – 699,999.99)
F=0-59.9%      (Below $600,000)

Class Participation
It is of utmost importance to attend every class session and participate in the class activities.
Over 90% of the material in this course is actively learned in the classroom setting. Your grade
for each unit will be a combination of group presentations, learning community assignment and
test points. It will be difficult to do well in this class if you are not attending. If you must miss a
class contact a classmate before the next session to be sure you are prepared and do not miss a
quiz, project, presentation or test. Your success in the business world will be based upon your
ability to arrive on the job, focused and prepared to work hard. You must present yourself in a
professional manner on time and complete all projects by the deadline.

Withdrawal and Incomplete Policy
       You may be withdrawn for non-attendance. If you determine that you need to withdraw
from this course, it is your responsibility to officially withdraw; do not assume that I will
administratively withdraw you if you quit attending. The last day to withdraw this term is
November 8, 2005. Failure to officially withdraw will result in an “F”. The Florida State Board
of Education Rules allow for only three attempts to pass any course. You may not withdraw or
be withdrawn for any reason if this in your third attempt in this course. See the Counseling and
Financial Aid Office for more details Incompletes are very rare and will only be given in dire
unforeseen circumstance that arise at the end of the term and will require written substantiation.
Incompletes are seldom granted, usually in case of hospitalization, military duty or car wrecks
with documentation from the appropriate authority.
Make-up Work:. Class attendance is extremely important in this class. We have many active
learning exercises, case studies, videos, speakers and discussions that will broaden your horizon

of understanding beyond your textbook. If you are not present to participate in these discussions,
your understanding of business may not fully develop. The dynamics involved cannot be re-
created. As a result, any missed quizzes and any in-class work may not be made up, and late
assignments will not be accepted. Also, any assignments offered for bonus points must be turned
in by the due date. If you miss class, contact a classmate to get the assignments and notes so that
you will be prepared upon your return. Tests 1, 2 or 3 will be made up by taking a cumulative
makeup exam during class on Friday December 9, 2005. The cumulative makeup exam can
be counted in place of only one missed exam. If more than one exam is missed, a zero will be
assigned for any additional missed exams. This will be the only opportunity to make up
any missed exam – do not miss this date! The final exam must be taken at the scheduled time
unless a change is approved by the Dean of the TPP Division. Without proper approval, a
missed final exam will result in a course grade of “F”.

Teaching and Learning Statement:
My efforts in this class are designed to create a learning environment for all students which
promotes, encourages, and fosters higher order thinking skills and critical thinking skills that are
grounded in an understanding of the fundamental concepts of business. You will be participating
in class discussions and case studies and problems on the Web Assisted Site applying the
fundamentals and resources you have learned in this course.

Conduct and Responsibilites:
My responsibility is to teach you a tremendous amount about the exciting business world. Your
responsibility is to learn the material. Business etiquette demands prompt attendance to all
meetings, agenda items thoroughly researched and prepared to discuss all elements involved. As
a business instructor I expect proper business etiquette in this class. You will be amazed how
useful the skills learned will be in your future success. You should read the text before the class
it is to be discussed. Come to class prepared to take notes and discuss issues related to the
concepts in each unit. The class activities are designed with the assumption you have learned the
information in your text and the sessions build on that knowledge using higher order thinking
skills. The learning environment is of utmost importance to me so I expect you to show courtesy
and thoughtfulness to others.

This classroom is a cell-phone free zone. Please participate in the lively class discussions, but
take the private conversations outside of the classroom. I cannot tolerate students disrupting the
class by talking, cell phone use, noise or otherwise distracting other students. College policy
states disruptive classroom behavior could lead to dismissal from class and/or the college.

Academic Misconduct

Any student who is found to have committed acts of dishonesty including cheating on any
assignment or plagiarism will receive a 0 on that assignment. If you cheat on an exam you will
receive a 0 for that exam/course as indicated by the case. Read Article IV of Student Handbook,
pages 29-37.

Web Enhanced or Web Assisted Course
This class is web assisted. Assignments will be available on the web as well as the syllabus,
helpful web sites, Eagle Business Schedule and other helpful links. Critical concepts will be
posted to assist you in preparing for your exam. Case Studies will be assigned throughout the
semester and your grade will be determined by a discussion posting. You may access the web
assisted site by going through these steps:
TCC Homepage click on Distance Learning click on Access to Web
Assisted Courses click on GEB 1011 Ref # from your course You should be able to log in with
your username and password (same as EagleNet). Click on the buttons to your left
Assignments, Syllabus, Lectures to open each content area. You should visit this site often for
helpful information. It will not replace class lectures, but will be a valuable tool for you this
semester. The Discussions and Case Studies will be found under the “Discussion Board” button
to the left. The assigned case studies will be announced in class and will be 10% of your course

TCC Mission Statement
Tallahassee Community College is an open-admission, comprehensive community college. Its
mission is to provide excellence in teaching and learning through educational programs that
promote the intellectual, social, and personal development of students; assist them in developing
the ability to think critically, creatively, and reflectively; and prepare them for productive and
satisfying lives.

Semester Schedule: The following is a daily class schedule. Announcements in class may
change a test date depending upon the needs of the class. If you miss class contact a classmate
to be sure you are prepared for the next session.

       Unit 1 - Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Trends August 29-Sept 30
       The Dynamics of Business and Economics (Chapter 1 )
       Business in a Borderless World (Chapter 3)
       Business in a Borderless World (Chapter 3)
        Managing Information Technology and E-Business (Chapter 4 )
Sept 28       11:00 Eagle Business Society Distinguished Lecture Meet in
              Legislative Museum Bonus time!

Sept 30      Unit 1 Test - Chapters 1-4 Don’t be late - Essay exam will be
       administered. You must come prepared with a #2 pencil.

Unit 2 - Chapters 5, 14, 15, 16 October 3 - 31
       Business Ownership: Starting a Small Business and Managing Financial
       Options for Organizing Business (Chapter 5 )
       Accounting and Financial Statements (Chapter 14 )
       Form of Business Case Study
       Money and Financial System Chapter (15)

       Financial Management and Security Markets (Chapter 16 )
       Entrepreneur Case Study
Oct 26 11:00 Eagle Business Society Distinguished Lecture Meet in
SU Ballroom Bonus time!!!
       Stock Market Portfolio Case Study
Oct 31 Test 2 Chapters 5, 14, 15, 16 Don’t be late - Essay exam will be
       administered. You must come prepared with a #2 pencil.

Unit 3 - Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Nov 2 -21
         Business Management: Empowering Employees to Satisfy Customers
       Motivating the Workforce (Chapter 10)
       Motivating the Workforce Case Study
***November 8th is the last day to withdraw for the Semester
           The Nature of Management (Chapter 7 )
           Chapter 8 Organization, Teamwork and Communication
           Chapter 9 Case Studies Production & Operations Management
           Chapter 6 Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Franchising (Chapter 6 )

Nov 21 Unit 3 Test - Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9 &10 Don’t be late - Essay exam will be
      administered. You must come prepared with a #2 pencil.

Unit 4 -      Chapters 11, 12 & 13 Nov 23 – Dec 9
              Marketing and Human Resources
       Bryers Case Study
       Customer-Driven Marketing & Strategy Chapter 12 & 13
       Chapter 12 & 13 - Promotional Campaign Handout
              Presentations of Marketing Promotion Campaign Group Projects

$25,000 (25%) PER DAY!!!!

December 9 Cumulative Makeup Exam for missed Tests 1, 2 or 3


Ref # 36511 MWF Class that regularly meets at 10:10 Final Exam will be on Friday,
December 16 at 9:30 AM in the regular classroom

Ref # 36510 MWF Class that regularly meets at 11:15 Final Exam will be on Monday,
December 12 at 10:00 AM in the regular classroom.

**Final Exams must be taken at the regular time or you will receive a course grade of F
according to the TCC Policy. Full exam schedule may be viewed at


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