Capital Finance Advisory Council by qfc86623


									                       Capital Finance Advisory Council
                    Operating Procedures – adopted 7/16/08

Advisory Capacity: The Council shall serve in an advisory capacity and perform the
duties outlined in Section III of Executive Order No. 24-2007.

Attendance/Participation: Members are strongly encouraged to attend meetings. All
Council members may send a representative to attend a meeting on their behalf.

Quorum: At least eight voting members (including designated alternatives) will
constitute a quorum.

Voting: Each member has one vote. The Attorney General’s designee and the
Secretary of State’s designee may vote on their behalf. All other Council members’
representatives are not eligible to vote.

Meetings: The Council shall meet three times a year, or as determined by the Chair.

Support Staff: The Office of Finance and Budget of Department of Administration
(DOA) will provide administrative support to the Council.

Agendas: DOA staff will prepare agendas and make them available to members at least
one week before each meeting. The agenda will note all items that require Council
action. Members are encouraged to contact DOA staff with suggested agenda items.
DOA staff will attempt to make available all materials requiring discussion or action in
advance of the meeting.

Communications: Council meeting agendas will be posted on the state’s electronic

Expense Reimbursement: Eligible council members will be compensated $50 for each
day in which the member is actually and necessarily engaged in the performance of
Council duties [2-15-122(5), MCA]. Mileage, meals and lodging expenses will be
reimbursed according to 2-15-122(5), MCA.

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