FINANCE DEPARTMENT
           SNOW POLICY


The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedures to be followed concerning the curtailing of services
within the department in the event of snow.


The Finance Department will remain open during snowstorms.


The policy, as described here, applies only to staff within the Finance Department. For further information
on the Disruption of Classes/Services by Snow, as it applies to all members of UBC faculty and staff, please
refer to UBC Policy #68 (


Services may be curtailed to essential services levels in response to the conditions.


The Vice President, Academic and Provost and the Vice President, Administration and Finance will make
the decision whether to curtail non-essential services.

The Assistant to the Vice President of Administration and Finance will communicate the decision to the
AVP Finance who will then be responsible for the distribution of the decision to all members of Finance.

Communication of the decision to all members of Finance will occur by either of the following methods:

  -        The decision will be communicated in an e-mail message and distributed to FSALL.
  -        The decision will be recorded on the Director of Financial Services and Administrator, Finance’s
      voicemail. Employees may phone in to either work number 604-827-5018 or 604-822-8464 to hear
      the recorded decision.

Detailed Procedures for Essential Services
Those individuals assigned as essential services for their areas (designated by their supervisor) are expected
to work during snow closures.

A member of staff who is expected at work but unable to come because of snow is expected to advise their
supervisor as soon as possible.
In cases where a member is unable to come to work because of snow, or is delayed in getting to work, the
member of staff may receive compensation for the day by using vacation time or accumulated time owing,
or may make arrangements with their appointed manager to make up the time.

Procedure for Non-essential Staff
Members of staff that have not been designated as essential may choose to stay home during snow closures.
They may arrange with their appointed manager to make up the time (if scheduling permits), take a
vacation day, use accumulated time owing, or to take the day off without pay.

Additional Information
In the event of deteriorating conditions during a person’s normal workday, the AVP Finance has the
authority, upon receiving the communication originating in the President’s Office, to permit staff who are
not designated as essential services to leave early without loss of pay.


This policy was created on January 5, 2004.

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