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									                             DIRECTORATE OF FILM FESTIVALS
                           (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting)
                                     Government of India

                              56th NATIONAL FILM AWARDS FOR 2008

S.       Name of Award      Name of Film   Awardee                 Medal                   Citation
No.                                                             & Cash Prize
 1    BEST FEATURE FILM   Antaheen         Producer:           Swarna Kamal    For lyrical blend of technical
                                           Screenplay Films                    devices in the right proportion
                          (Bengali)        Pvt. Ltd.           Rs              to depict shifting human
                                                               2,50,000/-      relationships in an urban
                                           Director :                          scenario.
                                           Aniruddha Roy 
 2    INDIRA     GANDHI A Wednesday        Producer:           Swarna Kamal    For slick and searing exposure
      AWARD FOR BEST                        UTV Motion                         of the tension below the normal
      FIRST FILM OF A (Hindi)              Pictures            Rs              rhythm of life and the angst of
      DIRECTOR                                                 1,25,000/-      the common man in Mumbai.
                                           Director :  
                                           Neeraj Pandey 
 3    BEST POPULAR FILM Oye Lucky !        Producer:           Swarna Kamal    For its intelligent treatment of
      PROVIDING         Lucky Oye          UTV Motion                          an off-beat subject that makes it
      WHOLESOME                            Pictures            Rs              different within the popular
      ENTERTAINMENT     (Hindi)                                2,00,000/-      format.
                                           Director : 
                                           Dibakar Banerjee

 4    NARGIS DUTT AWARD Aai Kot Nai        Producer:           Rajat   Kamal   For its honest look at a burning
    FOR BEST FEATURE                      Rajen Bora                          problem in Northeast India, its
    FILM ON NATIONAL (Assamese)                               Rs              attempt to break down artificial
    INTEGRATION                           Director :          1,50,000/-      boundaries and     giving it a
                                          Manju Borah                         human and aesthetic appeal.
5   BEST FILM ON FAMILY   Little Zizou    Producer:           Rajat   Kamal   For its witty and intelligent
    VALUES                                Jigri Dost                          handling of the conflicts and
                          (English,       Productions         Rs              convictions confronting     the
                          Gujarati)                           1,50,000/-      Paris community.
                                          Director :
6   BEST FILM ON SOCIAL   Jogva           Producer:           Rajat   Kamal   For hard hitting comment on
    ISSUES   SUCH    AS                   Shripal Morakhia                    the victims of age old social
    PROHIBITION, WOMEN    (Marathi)                           Rs              customs.
    AND CHILD WELFARE,                                        1,50,000/-
                                          Director :  
    ABUSE, WELFARE OF                     Rajeev Patil 
7   BEST    FILM     ON   Jianta Bhoota   Producer:           Rajat   Kamal   For sensitive portrayal of
    ENVIRONMENT                           Akshay Kumar                        exploitation of innocence in the
    CONSERVATION/         (Oriya)         Parija              Rs              name of development.
    PRESERVATION                                              1,50,000/-
                                          Director :  
                                          Prashanta Nanda  

8   BEST CHILDREN’S       Gubbachigalu    Producer:           Swarna Kamal    For imaginative portrayal of a
    FILM                                  Media House                         magic world that exists in the
                          (Kannada)       Studio              Rs              minds of children.
                                           Director :  
                                           Abhaya Simha 
9   BEST ANIMATION FILM   Roadside Romeo   Producer:         Swarna Kamal   For its technical achievements
                                           Aditya Chopra                    to further the craft of
                          (Hindi)                            Rs             animation    for   mainstream
                                           Director :        1,00,000/-     audience.
                                           Jugal Hansraj 
                                           Tata Elxsi/VCL 
10   BEST DIRECTION       Naan Kadauul   Bala               Swarna Kamal    For its powerful handling of an
                                                                            extraordinary      subject  that
                          (Tamil)                           Rs              focuses on marginal characters
                                                            2,50,000/-      with great convection.
11   BEST ACTOR           Jogva          Upendra Limaye     Rajat Kamal     For his restrained yet powerful
                                                                            depiction     of    a    complex
                          (Marathi)                         Rs 50,000/-     character.
12   BEST ACTRESS         Fashion        Priyanka Chopra    Rajat Kamal     For convincing portrayal of a
                                                                            whole range of emotions within
                          (Hindi)                           Rs 50,000/-     a single character.
13   BEST SUPPORTING      Rock On !!     Arjun Rampal       Rajat Kamal     For his moving performance as
     ACTOR                                                                  a musician trying to rise above
                          (Hindi)                           Rs 50,000/-     personal tragedy.
14   BEST SUPPORTING      Fashion        Kangana Ranaut     Rajat Kamal     For compelling portrayal of a
     ACTRESS                                                                down and out supper model
                          (Hindi)                           Rs 50,000/-     that enriches the impact of the
15   BEST CHILD ARTIST    Thanks Maa     Shams Patel        Rajat   Kamal   For his very natural depiction
                                                                            of a street child thrown into an
                          (Hindi)                           Rs 50,000/-     unusual situation.
16   BEST MALE PLAYBACK   Jogva          Hariharan          Rajat Kamal     For his soulful rendition
     SINGER                                                                 reflecting    the     agony   of
                          (Marathi)      For the song       Rs 50,000/-     unfulfilled emotions.
                                           “ Jeev Dangla 
                                         Gungla Rangla 
17   BEST FEMALE          Antaheen       Shreya Ghoshal     Rajat   Kamal   for  her wide ranging rendition of 
     PLAYBACK SINGER      (Bengali)                                         human emotions 
                            &           For the song         Rs 50,000/-
                          Jogva         “Pherari Mon…..” 
                          (Marathi)      &  
                                        “Jeev Dangla 
                                        Gungla Rangla ” 
18   BEST                 Antaheen      Avik                 Rajat   Kamal   For the poetically captured
     CINEMATOGRAPHY                     Mukhopadhyay                         visuals   with inspired use of
                          (Bengali)                          Rs 50,000/-     light and shades to enhanced
                                        Lab: Filmlab,                        the mood of the film.
19   BEST SCREENPLAY      Gandha        Sachin Kundalkar     Rajat   Kamal   For its remarkable integration
                                                                             of three different plots using
                          (Marathi)                          Rs 50,000/-     the sense of smell at as a liet
                                                                             motif to focus sensitively on
                                                                             human relationships.
20   BEST AUDIOGRAPHY     Gandha        Pramod J.            Rajat   Kamal   For its use of dramatically
                                        Thomas                               scripted sounds to heighten th
                          (Marathi)                          Rs 50,000/-     mood of the film.
21   BEST EDITING         Firaaq        A. Sreekar Prasad    Rajat Kamal     For     aesthetically    weaving
                                                                             together unrelated sequences to
                          (Hindi)                            Rs 50,000/-     heighten the dramatic impact.
22   BEST ART DIRECTION   Firaaq        Gautam Sen           Rajat Kamal     For its perfect use of props and
                                                                             choice of colours to enhance the
                          (Hindi)                            Rs 50,000/-     ambience of a post-ri
23   BEST COSTUME         Jodha Akbar   Neeta Lulla          Rajat Kamal     For its painstaking detail to
     DESIGNER                                                                recreate the costume costumes
                         (Hindi)                             Rs 50,000/-     and jewellery of Mughal era.
24   BEST MAKE-UP ARTIST Naan Kadauul   Moorthy V.           Rajat Kamal     For its wide variety of make-up
                                                                             inputs to reflect the large
                   (Tamil)                      Rs 50,000/-   spectrum of characters.
25   BEST MUSIC    Jogva       Ajay and Atul    Rajat Kamal   For its well-researched use of
     DIRECTION                                                traditional and folk music to
                   (Marathi)                    Rs 50,000/-   reinforce the theme of the film.
26   BEST LYRICS   Antaheen    Anindya          Rajat Kamal   For its simple composition of
                               Bannerjee                      verses       to       contribute
                   (Bengali)            &       Rs 50,000/-   meaningfully to the film.
                               for the lyric 
27   SPECIAL JURY AWARD   Bioscope        Producer:         Rajat   Kamal   For its exciting revival of a
                                          National Film                     sincerely personal style to look
                          (Malayalam)     Development       Rs 50,000/-     back on a chapter of history.
                                          Director : 
28   BEST SPECIAL         Mumbai Meri     Govardhan         Rajat   Kamal   For its stunning use of technical
     EFFECTS              Jaan            (TATA ELXSI)                      effects of visual shorts to
                                                            Rs 50,000/-     mirror a man-made disaster.
29   BEST CHOREOGRAPHY    Jodha Akbar     Chinni Prakash    Rajat   Kamal   For    its  extravagant  and
                                                  &                         dreamlike     treatment    of
                          (Hindi)         Rekha Prakash     Rs 50,000/-     celebrations on a magnificent
                                          “Azeem‐o‐Shaan                    scale.
I     BEST ASSAMESE FILM Mon Jai          Producer:         Rajat   Kamal   For its honest exploration of
                                          Moirangthem                       ethical values confronting the
                                          Movies            Rs              youth.
                                          Director :  
                                          M. Maniram 
II   BEST BENGALI FILM    Shob Charitro   Producer:         Rajat   Kamal   Poetic    treatment     of    an
Kalponik   Reliance Big                    individual   sensitivities   in   a
           Pictures           Rs           crisis.
           Director :  
           Rituparno Ghosh 
III    BEST HINDI FILM     Rock On           Producer:          Rajat   Kamal   For an emotional       story   of
                                             Excel                              musical bonding.
                                             Entertainment      Rs
                                             Pvt. Ltd.          1,00,000/-
                                             Director :  
                                             Abhishek Kapoor 
IV     BEST KANNADA        Vimukthi          Producer:          Rajat   Kamal   For     exploring      different
                                             Navyachitra                        dimension of family ties.
                                             Creations          Rs
                                             Director :  
                                             P. Sheshadri 
 V     BEST MALAYALAM      Thirakkada        Producer:          Rajat   Kamal   For its poignant story of an
       FILM                                  Varnachithra                       actress told with sincerity and
                                             BIGSCREEN          Rs              conviction.
                                             Director :  
VI     BEST MARATHI FILM   Harishcnadrachi   Producer:          Rajat   Kamal   For its original of stylized
                           Factory           UTV Motion                         recreation of a slice of history.
                                             Pictures           Rs
                                             Director :  
                                             Paresh Mokashi 
VIII   BEST TAMIL FILM     Veranam Airam     Producer:          Rajat   Kamal   For its engaging depiction of a
                                             V. Ravichandran                    depiction of a father and son
                                                                Rs              relationship.
                                             Director :         1,00,000/-
                                 Vasudeva Menon 
BEST TELUGU FILM   1940          Producer:          Rajat   Kamal   For its courageous handling of
                   Lookagramam   N.C. Narasimham                    caste-based prejudices.
                                 Director :         1,00,000/-
                                 Narasimha Nandi 
31   BEST FEATURE FILM                  
     THAN           THOSE
     SPECIFIED          IN
     BEST ENGLISH FILM     Land Gold   Producer:        Rajat   Kamal   For its intense depiction of the
                           Women       Vivek Agrawal                    issue of honour killing.
                                       Director :       1,00,000/-
                                       Avantika Hari 
     BEST KOKBOROK FILM   Yarwng       Producer:        Rajat Kamal     For a meaningful story        of
                                       Joseph                           displaced people looking      to
                                       Kizhakechennadu  Rs              rebuild their lives.
                                       Director :  
     BEST TULU FILM       Gaggara      Producer:        Rajat Kamal     For its attempt to preserve
                                       M. Durganand                     traditional folk forms.
                                       Director :       1,00,000/-
                                        DIRECTORATE OF FILM FESTIVALS
                                      (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting)
                                                Government of India

                                   56th NATIONAL FILM AWARDS FOR THE YEAR 2008
                                                 Non - Feature Films
S. No.       Name of Award           Name of Film   Awardee                  Medal                           Citation
  1      Best Non-Feature film    AFSPA 1958        Producer:         SWARNA        A courageous depiction of the non -
                                                    Bachaspa Timayun  Rs 1,00,000/- violent resistance of the people of Manipur
                                                    Sunzu &                         to protest against a legislation, which
                                                    Haobam Paban                    undermines the values of self respect and
                                                    Kumar                           the fundamentals of democracy. The
                                                                                    documentation process by various crews
                                                    Director :                            and the way it is chronicled offers multiple
                                                    Haobam Paban                          perspectives.
  2      Best First Non-Feature   VITTHAL           Producer:             RAJAT           A sensitive portrayal of the latent violence
         Film of a Director                         Vinoo Choliparambil   Rs 1,00,000/-   building up in a child against the ritualistic
                                                    &                                     social norms which are forced on him. The
                                                    Manu Pushpendran                      filmmaker demonstrates maturity and
                                                                                          dexterity in handling the script and the
                                                    Director :                            actors, bringing out the complexity of a
                                                    Vinoo Choliparambil                   child’s mind trapped in a world of adults.
3   Best                    BOLIAY PITAIER     Producer:            RAJAT          A film which uniquely depicts the long
    Anthropological/Ethnogr SOHOKI SOOTAL      Altaf Mazid, Zabeen  Rs 50,000/-    arduous struggle of a community to build
    aphic Film                                 Ahmed &  Susanta                    check dams using their indigenous
                                               Roy                                 engineering skills. An experiential journey
                                                                                   which transcends documentation and
                                               Director :                          makes the viewer participate in the
                                                Altaf  Mazid                       process.
4   Best                     THE               Producer:             RAJAT         Traversing vast stretches of time and
    Biographical/Historical ASSASSINATION      Films Division        Rs 50,000/-   geographical space, this film deftly puts
    Reconstruction/Compilati OF RAJIV GANDHI –                                     together strands of information,
    on film                  A                 Director :                          perception, evidence and historical
                                               R. Krishna Mohan                    contexts to reconstruct a compelling
                                                                                   narrative about the gruesome
                                                                                   assassination of a world leader.

5   Best Arts/Cultural Film   KARNA MOTCHAM Producer:                RAJAT         Using powerful imagery and ironical
                                            MGR Film & TV            Rs 50,000/-   juxtaposition, the film depicts the life of a
                                            Institute                              Koothu artist. With subtlety, it captures
                                                                                   the frustration and the hopelessness of a
                                               Director :                          performer whose art is a misfit in a
                                               S. Murali Manohar                   changing cultural world.

6   Best Scientific Film       TRIP            Producer:             RAJAT         The film with a simple, almost
    (including method and                       Film & Television    Rs 50,000/-   lighthearted, treatment evolves into a
    process of science,                        Institute of India                  powerful message of conservation. Using
    contribution of Scientists                                                     an unconventional music track and
    etc.)/ Environment
                                               Director :                          animation, the film jolts the viewer to re-
    on Film (including
                                               Emmanuel Palo                       look at waste and pollution.
7   Best Promotional Film LOST AND FOUND    Producer:         RAJAT           Using a bottle as a metaphor for a journey
    (to cover tourism,                      Harshavardhan G.  Rs 50,000/-     of discovery, the filmmaker finds an
    exports, crafts, industry,              Kulkarni, Kirti                   innovative style to explore various
    etc.)                                   Nakhwa & Amitabh                  locations through people and their
                                            Shukla                            experiences, challenging the classical
                                                                              promotional style of selling tourism.
                                            Director :  
                                            Harshavardhan G. 
8   Best Agriculture Film (to THE LAND OF   Producer:           RAJAT         With breath taking images of the higher
    include subject related to RUPSHUPAS    Films Division      Rs 50,000/-   Himalayas and the nomadic people living
    and allied to agriculture                                                 in this harsh climate and terrain, the film
    like animal husbandry,                  Director :                        effectively explores the relationship of the
    dairying etc.)
                                             A.K. Sidhpuri                    Rupshupas with their livestock and how
                                                                              critical it is for their survival.
9    Best Film on Social      THE FEMALE NUDE    Producer:            RAJAT         A compelling portrait of a woman who
     Issues (such as                              PSBT                Rs 50,000/-   rises above her circumstances in an
     prohibition, women and                                                         unconventional way, carving out a position
     child welfare and dowry,                    Director :                         for herself irrespective of how others view
     drug abuse, welfare of &
                                                 Hemjyotika & Devi                  her.
     the handicapped etc.)
                                                 Prasad Mishra 
                                                                                    The journey of two adivasi women from
                            BURU GAARA                                              Jharkhand, finding their identity and
                                                 Producer:                          dignity using language - one through
                                                 PSBT                               poetry and the other through grassroots
                                                                                    journalism. The film creates a space
                                                 Director :                         where the narratives of the women
                                                 Shriprakash                        emerge as powerful tales of their struggle
                                                                                    for empowerment.
10   Best                      POLIO VS. POLIO   Producer:          RAJAT           An innovative campaign for the
     Educational/Motivational/ VICTIMS            Gulshan Sachdeva  Rs 50,000/-     eradication of polio - the film follows the
     Instructional Film                                                             polio afflicted who take the initiative for
                                                 Director :                         mass awareness by going door to door.
                                                 Aman Sachdeva 

11   Best Exploration/      SHINGNABA            Producer:         RAJAT            The film is an inspiring portrayal of an HIV
     Adventure Film (to                          Bachaspa Timayum  Rs 50,000/-      positive person who dramatically
     include sports)                             Sunzu                              transforms his life and becomes a
                                                                                    champion body builder. A first person
                                                 Director :                         narrative, it provides a new perspective on
                                                 Bachaspa Timayum                   AIDS and our understanding of sports.
12   Best Investigative Film   DISTANT           Producer:           RAJAT         The film evokes painful memories of
                               RUMBLINGS         Ms. Rongsenkala     Rs 50,000/-   World War II as experienced by people of
                                                                                   North East India, after the Japanese
                                                 Director :                        invasion. Through war wreckages found in
                                                 Bani Prakash Das                  the jungles and first person accounts, the
                                                                                   film stitches together a moving story of
                                                                                   affected families long forgotten.

13   Best Animation Film       PRINCE AND THE    Producer:           RAJAT         A well knit theme-oriented film, complemented
                               CROWN OF          Children’s Film     Rs 50,000/-   by 2D graphics and a restrained colour
                               STONES            Society of India                  palette. A strong message about leadership
                                                                                   emerges through the film making it relevant to
                                                 Director :                        the contemporary times.
                                               Gautam Benegal 
                                               Animator : Gautam 
14   Special Jury Award        Director of     Rajesh S. Jala     RAJAT            Constrained by the stifling and searing
                               CHILDREN OF THE                    Rs 50,000/-      world of children working in cremation
                               PYRE                                                grounds, the film helps them to recreate a
                                                                                   world of their own. The director captures
                                                                                   rare reflexive moments of the children and
                                                                                   makes the viewers live their pain, joys and
15   Short Fiction Film    STATIONS         Producer:             RAJAT          The film weaves a complex contemporary
                                            Film & Television     Rs 50,000/-    form of expression, through fragmented
                                            Institute of India                   stories of a few sparsely connected lives in
                                                                                 transit, over an omnipresent dark urban reality
                                                                                 of economic disparity, alienation, and bad
                                            Director :  
                                            Emmanuel Palo 
16   Best Film on Family   APPUVIN         Producer:              RAJAT          The film scores with a very tender story
     Values                NAYAGAN- SPOTTY A.V. Anoop             Rs 50,000/-    that transforms into a moving portrayal of
                           (My Hero)                                             a child’s attachment to her toy and her
                                            Director :                           grandfather’s dilemma when he loses it. A
                                            Madhavan                             sensitive film that offers fresh insights into
                                                                                 a child’s imagination and needs.

17   Best Direction        THREE OF US      Director :            SWARNA        With immense sensitivity, the film offers a
                                            Umesh Kulkarni        Rs 1,00,000/- slice of life of a physically challenged person,
                                                                                which transcends into a telling cinematic
                                                                                practice of minimalism and control. A poetic
                                                                                exploration that breathes the indomitable spirit
                                                                                of these real characters playing themselves,
                                                                                way above its bleak mise-en-scene.
18   Best Cinematography   THREE OF US      Lab:                   RAJAT         With amazing discipline and sensitivity,
                                            Filmlab, Mumbai        Rs 50,000/-   the cinematography provides an intimate
                                                                                 insight into the lives of a small family,
                                            Cameraman:                           living in a confined space, with exquisite
                                            Shariqva Badar Khan                  use of composition, rhythm, lensing and
                           &                                                     lighting.
                                            Lab:                                 Using highly sophisticated texture and
                           WHEN THIS MAN    Adlabs, Mumbai                       tonal work, with deep anticipation into the
                           DIES             Cameraman:                           flow and narrative of the film, the
                                            Jayakrishna                          cinematography strives to redefine ways
                                            Gummadi                              of image making and experience.

19   Best Audiography      CHILDREN OF THE Re‐Recordist:           RAJAT         With multiple layers of sound, and the
                           PYRE            Mateen Ahmad            Rs 50,000/-   incessant crackle of funeral pyres that cease
                                                                                 to sleep, the film grips its audience with a
                                                                                 sense of entrapment around the life of
                                                                                 children working inside a cremation ground. It
                                                                                 is a telling example of digetic sound design
                                                                                 keeping its truth to the reality of the location.

20   Best Editing          STATIONS         Manoj Kannoth          RAJAT         A delicately interwoven edit of three sparsely
                                                                   Rs 50,000/-   connected contemporary urban tales of
                                                                                 alienation. Developing a rhythm with parallel
                                                                                 and simultaneous stories, the cutting sculpts
                                                                                 an extremely powerful contemporary form.
21   Best Music Direction   NARMEEN           Vipin Mishra       RAJAT          A sensitive and evocative musical score,
                                                                 Rs 50,000/-    with an amazing use of the violin
                                                                                ensemble, which is both a deeply personal
                                                                                and universal experience.

22   Best Narration/Voice   SANA KEITHEL     Elangbam Natasha   RAJAT           A gentle and intimate voice which leads you to
     Over                                                       Rs 50,000/-     a great treasure house of insights on markets
                                                                                run by women in Manipur.
23   Jury Special Mention   Child actor in   Child Actor: Aniket  Certificate   For his excellent portrayal of a young boy,
                            VITTHAL          Rumade               only          Vitthal, dealing with ritualistic norms
                                                                                forced on him and his struggle to contain
                                                                                the anger brewing within.
                                   DIRECTORATE OF FILM FESTIVALS
                              (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting)
                                        Government of India

                          56th NATIONAL FILM AWARDS FOR THE YEAR 2008
 S.    Name of      Name of Book      Awardee            Medal                       Citation
 No.    Award
  1  BEST BOOK    Bollywood           Publisher :      Swarna    Ganesh Anantraman sails down the
     ON CINEMA    Melodies                             Kamal     mainstream of Hindi film music but manages
                                      Penguin Books              to find rivulets of solace all his own. He
                  (English)           India Pvt. Ltd.  Rs 75,000 blends substance with style, taking care not
                                                                 to appear too profound or flimsy. He brings
                                      Author:                    out the lesser known aspects of popular
                                                                 Hindi film songs thereby infusing them with
                                      Ganesh                     fresh dignity. Ganesh delves into the ragas
                                      Anantharaman               of film songs, keeping some space for little
                                                                 banter between artists.
 2   SPECIAL      The Director’s      Ujjal          Certificate Ujjal Chakraborty gives a fresh insight into
     JURY         Mind                Chakraborty                the works of timeless luminaries. That is no
     MENTION                                                     mean achievement considering Ujjal talks of
                  (English)                                      works of some of biggest film makers. Rather
                                                                 then confusing the readers with technical
                                                                 jargon, Ujjal brings to the fore the ethos of
                                                                 film making, revealing the masterpieces of
                                                                 past Masters.
        2   BEST FILM   Altaf Mazid    Swarna      A straight laced expression marks Altaf
            CRITIC                     Kamal       Mazid’s works. His simple narration of
                                                   subjects is backed up by a researcher’s keen
                                       Rs 75,000   eye. He talks of the specific in a universally
                                                   acceptable manner. No flourishes, he focuses
                                                   on Assamese film industry with steadfastness
                                                   and perseverance. Quite appropriately too,
                                                   for an industry that is now celebrating its
                                                   Platinum jubilee.
                                                   R.K. Bidur Singh takes the readers to a state
                                                   little known to our film makers. He
                        R.K. Bidur                 understands cinema like few others, bringing
                        Singh                      with him an open mindset that accepts the
                                                   plurality of thought. He upholds the cause of
                                                   regional film makers and his ability to focus
                                                   on cultural relativity does not leave him even
                                                   when he talks of international cinema. He
                                                   loves films and it shows in his works.



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