Environmental Studies Testing Kits by swl18050


Environmental Studies Testing Kits
          for Limnology

   Seven-Parameter Test Kit
   Ideal for Field Tests
   Comes Complete with Rugged Carrying Case

Limnology Testing Kit
A complete kit designed for
on-site study of freshwater
environments: ponds, lakes,
rivers, streams and marshes.
Includes water sample
collecting bottles, test result
report forms, and three

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 Direct Reading Titrator Tests—Limnology                        Model No.                Price     Description
 Test              Method            Range           # Tests
 Carbon dioxide    Neutralization    0-50 ppm        50 tests   WTLO-5902-01              $405     Limnology test kit
 Dissolved oxygen Azide modification 0-10 ppm        50 tests   R-WTLO-5902-01             133     Reagent refill kit
                   of Winkler method
 Hardness          Complexometric    0-200 ppm       50 tests   Direct Reading Titrator Tests—Water Pollution
                                                                Test               Method            Range                       # Tests
                                                                Alkalinity         Neutralization    0 to 200 ppm                50 tests
 Octet Comparator Tests—Limnology                               Carbon dioxide     Neutralization    0 to 50 ppm                 50 tests
 Test       Method             Range                 # Tests    Chloride           Argentometric     0 to 200 ppm                50 tests
 Nitrate &  Cadmium reduction/ 0.2-1.0 ppm           50 tests   Dissolved oxygen Azide modification 0 to 10 ppm                  50 tests
 Phosphate  Ascorbic acid      0.2-1.0 ppm           40 tests                      of Winkler method
 pH         Wide range         3.0-10 pH             50 tests   Hardness           Complexometric 0 to 200 ppm                   50 tests
 Silica     Molybdosilicate    0.5-10 ppm            50 tests
                                                                 Octet Comparator Tests—Water Pollution
                                                                 Test      Method              Range                            # Tests
                       WTWPDO-5917-01                            Ammonia   Nessler             1.0 to 8.0 ppm                   50 tests
                                                                 Nitrate & Cadmium Reduction/ 0.2 to 1.0 ppm                    40 tests
                  for Water Pollution Detection
                                                                 Phosphate Ascorbic Acid
                                                                 pH        Wide Range
                                                                                               0.2 to 1.0 ppm
                                                                                               3.0 to 10 pH
                                                                                                                                50 tests
                                                                                                                                50 tests
                                                                 Silica    Molybdosilicate     0.5 to 10 ppm                    50 tests
                                                                 Sulfide   Pomeroy             0.2 to 20 ppm                    50 tests
   Eleven-Parameter Test Kit
   Ideal for Environmental Studies
   Comes Complete with Rugged Carrying Case
                                                                To Order (Specify Model Number)
                                                                Model No.                  Price     Description
Water Pollution Detection Testing Kit                           WTWPDO-5917-01              $520     Water pollution test kit
This outfit measures 11 key parameters that signal              R-WTWPDO-5917-01             212     Reagent refill kit
contamination of natural waters by pollution.                   Kit contents vary. Each kit comes complete with everything necessary to
The best choice for environmental studies.                      perform the specified test.
                                                                Ordering Example: WTLO-5902-01, limnology test kit, $405.

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