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					                                                                                                                                               Version 7
                             Generic Risk Assessment – Part A                                                                                  May 2008

Assessment summary details                                                             Reference:                           JSS 55
Division                                Journalism                           Departments                 Newsgathering, TV and Radio
                                                                                                         Programmes, Online, Nations &
                                                                                                         Regions news programmes, Global
                                                                                                         News Division.
Series / Production / Unit              Journalism Safety Series             Programme / Area            All news gathering work on location
                                        for gathering news and                                           for BBC News programmes
                                        news programme work on                                           including multimedia productions
                                        location                                                         e.g. TV, Radio and Online.
Responsible Manager                     BBC Journalism Board                 Contact office              BBC Safety. Internal: 0464
Address / tel.                                                               Address / tel.
                                        BBC Safety Journalism                                            External: +44(0) 370 411 0464
Date assessment created                 Series created May 2008              Sign-off status             Corporate Generic Risk Assessments

Risk assessment title                   Environmental Risk
Simple name for reference purposes
Outline of risk assessment              Journalists and programme makers can visit areas or individual locations in the UK and internationally there
Summary of what is proposed             is a small risk that their presence on site or work can cause harm to the environment by leaving items or
                                        substances, creating environmental pollution or disturbing vulnerable flora or fauna.
                                        This advice relates to work on location only, underlying considerations e.g. selection of vehicles and
                                        procurement of equipment are managed through departmental and Corporate routes.
                                        Liaise with hosts to ensure any local environmental risk assessments and controls are followed.
Overall risk level (when all controls   Report any environmental incidents through the myRisk accident reporting system.
are in place)

                                        Low                                   Medium                               High
Assessment start date                   May 2009                             Review / End date           May 2010

Country location                        UK and International                 Hostile / travel            If location at which the activity takes place is
                                                                             advisory?                   in a HE or travel advisory area, further risk
                                                                                                         assessment and consultation with BBC
                                                                                                         Safety must take place.
Location details                        Variable

Key crew / team                         Individuals working at News locations are responsible for acting responsibly at all times in regard to
Roles, responsibilities, competencies   environmental impact.

Attachments                             Link to Gateway: Environment issues
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Assessor                                Newsgathering and Safety JSG         Assessor safety             Chartered Safety Practitioners (CIOSH) and
                                        Team                                 competence                  experienced News location managers.
Person drafting risk assessment
Authoriser / Job role                   Stephen Gregory                      Date signed-off             May 2008
Person responsible for sign-off         Head of BBC Production Safety
Distribution                            Assessment is communicated through Journalism Safety Guide [JSG] and is available on BBC Gateway site.
Who gets a copy of the assessment

Comments log
Who by               Date / time        Comments                                       Assessor response                            Date/ time
                     received                                                                                                       responded
Louise Bisdee        June 09            Risk rating added and light revision in line   Incorporated into risk assessment            June 2009
                                        with 2nd Ed of JSG and current contact list

                                                                                                                                                                                    Version 7
                                   Risk Assessment Form – Part B                                                                                                                    May 2008

  What are you doing?            Who is involved?       Environmental effect             How are you going to prevent this happening?
Activity title:                Journalists, programme   Damage to vulnerable sites        Take advice from managers / custodians of site or the environment agency.
                               makers, staff and        or sites of special scientific
     Visiting area or          freelancers.             interest
    location to cover
Description:                                            Damage to local                   Remove rubbish from site or dispose of in appropriate bins and recycling facilities.
Journalists and programme
                                                        environmental                     Avoid damage to local vegetation and environment when parking and setting up position.
makers cover stories and
events where their presence                             Spills of fuel from               Vehicles and equipment maintained in a safe condition.
may have an environmental
                                                        generators or vehicles            Park away from vulnerable water sources.
                                                                                          Use spill kit in vehicle.
                                                        Fumes                             Minimise time spent with vehicle engine running whilst stationary.
Limitations / restrictions:                             Nuisance noise                    Position vehicles and equipment considerately to minimise nuisance noise.
A pre activity recce is not
always practical; so teams
must make additional ‘on the
spot’ decisions when on
location and tell the RO or
deployer of increased risks
and any new controls.
Sites of special
environmental importance
may require additional

 Action Plan: Communicate results of risk assessment through Journalism Safety Guide.