12th AP English LiteratureComposition 2010 Summer Reading

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					         12th AP English Literature/Composition 2010 Summer Reading

                               Invisible Man                  Ralph Ellison

                             A Farewell to Arms              Ernest Hemingway

       2010 Summer Reading Assignment for AP Literature/Composition

1. As you read, write 10 double-entry journals (DEJ) for each novel. Head each novel’s
10 entry DEJ with your name, Summer 2010, and the title of the novel, and then set up
each DEJ as shown below.

                        Text                                               Reflections
In this part of the journal, record main ideas of      Write your reactions to the quote or part of the
your reading that you find interesting, challenging,   novel you mention on the left. Your reactions can
and thought-provoking. These may include a             include your own opinions, disagreements,
summary of a passage from the novel or a quote         interpretations, or events in your life that the text
that you feel is significant. Be sure to include       entry reminds you of.
the chapter and page number.

You will need to find at least 10 quotes or passages
from the novel.

The purpose of the DEJ is to give you an opportunity to express your thoughts as you
read and become more involved with the novel. Doing a DEJ allows you to pick out the
parts of the novel that you think are important and to ask questions that you have
instead of just answering questions on a teacher’s study guide. Class discussions will be
based in part on your DEJ.

2. Next write a reflection essay for each book in which you do the following:
      1. State what you think is the book’s main theme. Be sure to show insight
         into the human condition.
      2. Support your statement with evidence from the book.
      3. Give your opinion of the theme. (Discuss whether you agree
         or disagree with what the book says about life.)
      4. Support your opinion with evidence from your own
         experiences and knowledge.

Each essay should be typed using 12 pt. Times New Roman or Calibri and should be at
least one page in length.

The DEJ and essay for each novel is due the first day of class in August.

Students will also have in-class assessments on the assigned books the first week of

If you have questions, you can email me at mepowell.howardhs@bibb.k12.ga.us