KHS English III AP by pyz17071


									Abstract                Bombast                Digression
ad hominem              Burlesque              Dilemma
ad populum              Cacophony              Dionysian
Adage                   Canon                  Documentation
Allegory                Caricature             Dramatic irony
Alliteration            carpe diem             Dystopian
Allusion                Catachresis            Elegy/ elegiac
Ambiguity               Catharsis              Ellipsis
Anachronism             Chiasmus               Elliptical structure
Anadiplosis             Chronological          Empathy
Analogy                 Circumlocution         Enthymeme
Anaphora                Cite                   Epic
Anecdote                Claim                  Epigram
Annotation              Classic/ classical     Epiphany
Antagonist              Clause                 Equivocation
Antecedent              Climax                 Ethos
Antimetabole            Close reading          Euphemism
Antistrophe             Colloquial/ism         Euphony
Antithesis              Common ground          Epithet
Aphorism                Comparison/ contrast   Eponymous
Apollonian              Complex sentence       Exegesis
Apology                 Conceit                Explication of text
Aporia                  Concession             Expose
Apostrophe              Concrete (detail)      Expository
Appeal to authority     Confidant/ante         Facts
Appeal to ignorance     Conflict               False dichotomy
Appeal to pity          Connotation            (either/or)
Appositive              Consonance             Fantasy
Archaic diction         Context                Farce
Archetype               Coordination           Figurative language
Argument                Counterargument        Figure of speech
Aristotelian triangle   Credible               Fragment
Artificial setting      Crisis                 Frame
Assertion               Criticism              Genre
Assonance               Critique               Hamartia
Assumption              Cumulative sentence    Harangue
Asyndeton               Cynic                  Homily
Attitude                Declarative sentence   Hortatory
Audience                Deduction              Hubris
Authority               Denotation             Humanism
Bard                    Dénouement             Hyperbole
Bathos                  Descriptive detail     Idyll/ idyllic
Begging the question    deus ex machina        Imagery
belle lettres           Dialectic journal      Imperative sentence
Bias                    Diction                in medias res
Bildungsroman           Didactic               Indirect quotation
Induction             Paradox                 Sentence variety
Inference             Parallelism             Sentiment/al
Invective             Paraphrase              Setting
Inversion             Parody                  Simile
Irony                 Pastoral                Simple sentence
Juxtaposition         Pathetic fallacy        Slippery slope
Kenning               Pathos                  Source
Kitsch                Pedantic                Speaker
Lampoon               Periodic sentence       Straw man
Litotes               Persona                 Stream of consciousness
Logos                 Personification         Style
Loose Sentence        Pleonasm                Stylistic devices
Lyrical prose         Point of view           Subject
Malapropism           Polemic                 Subjective
Maxim                 Polysyndeton            Subordinate clause
Mechanics             post hoc; proctor hoc   Subordination
Melodrama             Predicate               Subplot
Metaphor              Premise; major, minor   Subtext
Metaphysical          Pronoun; antecedent     Syllepsis
Metonymy              Propaganda              Syllogism
Microcosm             Prose                   Symbol
Middle English        Protagonist             Synecdoche
Missing the Point     Proverb                 Synopsis
Mock epic             Pseudonym               Syntax
Mock solemnity        Pulp fiction            Synthesize
Mode                  Pun                     Tautology
Modifier              Purpose                 Tenor and vehicle
Montage               Realism                 Theme
Mood/ atmosphere      Red Herring             Thesis
Moral                 Refute                  Thesis statement
Motif                 Reiteration             Tone
Muse                  Repetition              Topic sentence
Myth                  Retraction              Tragedy
Narration             Rhetoric                Transcendental
Naturalism            Rhetorical modes        Transition
Nominalization        Rhetorical question     Trope
non sequitur          Rhetorical shift        Understatement
Objective             Rhetorical stance       Utopian
Occasion              Rhetorical triangle     Verbal irony
Ode                   Rhyme                   Verse
Old English           Rhythm                  Verisimilitude
Omniscient narrator   Romance                 Voice
Onomatopoeia          Sarcasm                 Weak analogy
Oxymoron              Satire                  Whimsy
Pacing                Scheme                  Wit
Parable               Sentence structure      Zeugma

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