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Newcomers Guide

            Edmonton Newcomers Guide   1
2   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Message from
His Worship
Stephen Mandel
Welcome to Edmonton,
Alberta’s capital city.

We’re pleased you’ve made Edmonton your home.

Edmonton is alive with energy and opportunity. We
are a growing economic powerhouse where business
thrives and more than a million lives enjoy the freedom
to explore, experiment, experience, excel and expect
the most out of every day.

The City of Edmonton offers some of the finest
municipal services you will find in the world:
• One of the world’s best waste management
  and recycling programs.
• Water treatment that provides clean and
  drinkable tap water.
• Programs for youth, seniors, families and
  people with special needs.
• Recreational facilities and well maintained parks,
  as well as the largest urban park in North America
  in our river valley.
• Community policing for a safe and healthy community.
• Emergency services and prevention programs.
• First class attractions and facilities.

We hope you will feel welcome, find friends and
become part of our community.

This guidebook is to help you find the services you
need to get settled.

Welcome home to Edmonton.

Mayor Stephen Mandel

                     Edmonton Newcomers Guide         3
This guide is intended to provide an overview of information that will help new arrivals to
Edmonton settle sooner.

It is by no means exhaustive in its information.

New arrivals to Edmonton are encouraged to go to the Citizen and New Arrival Information
Centre, main floor of City Hall or call 311 for more information.

movetoedmonton.com provides information to newcomers to Edmonton. Go to
that website for more information on living, working and playing in the capital city.
edmonton.ca provides information on living in Edmonton. It is the official City of
Edmonton website.
Edmonton Public Library branches offer free Internet access.

Call 311 if you have a question about a City service or program. If you do not speak
English, please tell the 311 agent what language you speak. An interpreter will be
called to help you in speaking with the 311 agent. If you are calling from outside of
Edmonton call 780-442-5311 to reach 311 service.

Not all organizations listed in this guide offer translation services. Please have someone
with you who can help translate for you.

Welcome to Alberta Guide provides more information on living in Alberta.
Get it at www.alis.gov.ab.ca/welcometoalberta.ca

                                                                      Citoyenneté et       Citizenship and
                                                                      Immigration Canada   Immigration Canada
This guide was produced with the assistance of a grant from Alberta
Employment and Immigration and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

4    Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Table of Contents
About Edmonton                                  6

Living in Edmonton
   Aboriginal Services in Edmonton              8
   Education                                    8
   Health and Medical Services                  9
   Housing                                     11
   Immigrant Services                          12
   Individual and Family Services              13
     Child Care                                13
     Seniors’ Services                         14
   Law and Human Rights                        14
   Recycling                                   15

Moving Around Edmonton
   Driving                                     16
   Public Transit                              17

Community Safety in Edmonton
   Bylaws                                      18
   Crime Stoppers                              18
   Emergencies                                 18
   Edmonton Police Service                     18
   Fire Rescue Services                        19
   Safedmonton                                 19
   Victim Services                             19

Working in Edmonton
   Social Insurance Numbers                    20
   Finding Work                                20

Municipal Government
   City Council                                22
   Civic Elections                             22
   Civic Boards and Agencies                   22
   Ward Map                                    23
   Other Orders of Government                  23

Enjoying Edmonton
   Arts and Culture                            24
   Community Leagues                           24
   Culture and Community Groups                24
   Edmonton Favourites                         24
   Festivals                                   25
   Public Library                              25
   Sports and Recreation                       26
   Volunteering                                26
                    Edmonton Newcomers Guide    5
About Edmonton
Edmonton was a gathering spot for Aboriginal tribes who camped, hunted, fished
and visited on the shores of the North Saskatchewan River.

The city of today began to grow after 1795 when the Hudson’s Bay Company
established a fur trading post in the area.

More people began to move here over the years. In 1904, Edmonton was
declared a city. A year later Edmonton was named the provincial capital of Alberta.

Today, Edmonton is the heart of a region of more than one million people.

Edmontonians are proud of their city. It is clean, attractive and friendly.

Edmonton is a great place to live, learn, work, play and invest.

6    Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Edmonton is:
• A city with the number one rated health care system in Canada.
• A city with a broadly diverse population representing more than
  60 ethnic and cultural groups.
• The 2007 Cultural Capital of Canada.
• A City with the second highest quality of life among major Canadian cities.
• Canada’s greenest city with the largest stretch of urban parkland in
  North America.
• The country’s sunniest city (2300 hours per year) with up to 17 hours
  of sunshine a day at the peak of summer.
• A city with a climate rated number 37 out of 100 Canadian cities
  for mildness.
• Canada’s Festival City with more than 30 major festivals year round.
• A city with a dynamic and highly rated education system with
  universities, colleges and public education.
• A city with a network of 150 community leagues providing sports, recreation,
  culture and educational opportunities.

                                                         Edmonton Newcomers Guide   7
                                     Living in Edmonton

                                         Aboriginal Services in Edmonton
                                     The City of Edmonton’s Aboriginal Relations Office
                                     helps ensure that city services meet the needs of
                                     Aboriginal people and organizations.

                                     They will give you an Aboriginal Guide to
                                     Edmonton that gives you information about City of
                                     Edmonton services specific to Aboriginal people.
                                     Call                                          311

Learning English
There are a number of places in Edmonton where you can learn English, or upgrade
your current English language skills, such as:

    Catholic Social Services Learning Assessment,                       780-424-3545
    Referral and Counselling Centre
    Cultural Connections Institute                                      780-944-0792
    Edmonton Catholic Schools Adult ESL                                 780-944-2000
    Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers                             780-423-9678
    Metro Continuing Education                                          780-202-2003
    Norquest College                                                     780-644-6013

Public Education
Education in Alberta is free until age 20. Every child under the age of 16 years must
go to school.

You have a choice of:

    Edmonton Public Schools                                             780-429-8000
    Edmonton Catholic Schools                                           780-441-6000
    Francophone School Board                                            780-440-1631
    Charter and private schools – Alberta Education                     780-427-7219

Under the rules of the provincial School Act, parents may educate their children at
home, but they must follow a set pattern of studies.

    Call Alberta Education                                              780-427-7219

8      Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Post-Secondary Education
Edmonton has some of the finest universities and colleges in North America.

Athabasca University (Distance learning)                               780-788-9041
Concordia University College                                           780-479-8481
King’s University College                                              780-465-8334
MacEwan College                                                        780-497-5040
Norquest College                                                       780-644-6000
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)                        780-471-6248
University of Alberta                                                   780-492-3111

       Health and Medical Services
Health services in Edmonton are provided by Alberta Health Services.
For 24-hour information about health care services, health topics, family doctors
taking new patients and more:
Call HealthLink Alberta                                                780-408-5465

Hospital Emergency Services
Emergency wards should be used if a person’s life is at risk.
If you need an ambulance to take the sick or injured person to the hospital
Call                                                                                911

Hospital Locations
Grey Nuns Community Hospital                                1100 Youville Drive West
Misericordia Community Hospital                                   16940 - 87 Avenue
Northeast Community Health Centre                                  14007 - 50 Street
Royal Alexandra Hospital                                   10240 Kingsway Avenue
Stollery Children’s Hospital                                       8440 - 112 Street
University of Alberta Hospital                                     8440 - 112 Street

Walk-In Clinics
Many clinics in Edmonton offer medical services to people who do not have an
appointment to see a doctor. These are called walk-in clinics. Look in your telephone
Yellow Pages under “Clinics” or “Physicians & Surgeons”   .

                                                      Edmonton Newcomers Guide            9
Public Health Centres
Public health centres provide a variety of services including child immunizations, new
baby care, health and wellness clinics and more. Services may vary from one clinic to
another. Call for information.

 Bonnie Doon                   8314 - 88 Avenue                        780-413-5670
 Castle Downs                  108 Castle Downs Road                   780-413-5787
 Eastwood                      7919 - 118 Avenue                       780-413-5645
 Millwoods                     7525 - 38 Avenue                        780-413-5685
 North Central                 9228 - 144 Avenue                       780-413-5600
 North East                    14007 - 50 Street                       780-413-5020
 Twin Brooks                   1110 - 113 Street                       780-413-5630
 West Jasper Place             9720 - 182 Street                       780-413-5700
 Woodcroft                     13221 - 115 Avenue                      780-413-5720

Multi-Cultural Health Brokers Co-operative Ltd.
The centre provides support to families with children and to families about to have a
child. It also has community programs for immigrants and refugees of all ages. Many
programs are offered in different languages.

 Call                                                                  780-423-1973

The Support Network
A service providing free, anonymous help with life’s problems. The service is open
24 hours a day. The people you talk to on the telephone do not judge you. They listen
and give you information on social health and government support services available
through the many agencies located in the community.
 Call                                                                            211

10   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Edmonton has a variety of housing from single family homes to apartments,
condominiums to townhouses.

Buying a home
If you are thinking about buying a home, you may want to call a real estate agent.

Call Edmonton Real Estate Board                                         780-451-6666

To find rental properties, check the classified ads in local newspapers or watch for
“For Rent” signs as you move about the city.

When you find a place to rent, you will have to pay a security deposit. Get a receipt
for your security deposit. After you pay this deposit the landlord can not rent that
house or apartment to anyone else. Pay your rent on time and get a receipt. If you
don’t pay on time you could be evicted.

If you and your landlord have things you cannot agree on:

Call Landlord and Tenant Advisory Board                                              311

For assistance in finding rental housing or affordable housing, call:

Capital Region Housing Authority                                        780-420-6161
CRHA 24-hour Information Line                                           780-428-8200
City of Edmonton Housing services                                                    311
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers                                 780-424-7709

Note: Whether you rent or own your home, you should consider buying property insurance
to protect your personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, electronics, etc. from
fire, theft or other damage or loss.

                                                        Edmonton Newcomers Guide        11
     Immigrant Services
Immigrant services are funded by the federal and provincial governments and
provided by non-profit agencies in the community. These agencies can help you
access support services, education programs, interpretive services, employment
programs and more.

 ASSIST Community Services Centre                                   780-429-3111
 9649 - 105A Avenue
 Catholic Social Services – Immigration                             780-424-3545
 10709 - 105 Street
 Changing Together: A Centre for Immigrant Women                    780-421-0175
 3rd Floor, 10010 - 105 Street
 Citizen and Immigration Canada                                   1-800-242-2100
 Edmonton Immigrant Services Association                            780-474-8445
 Suite #201, 10720 - 113 Street
 Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers                            780-424-7709
 11713 - 82 Street
 Millwoods Welcome Centre for Immigrants                            780-462-6924
 7609 - 38 Avenue
 Multi-Cultural Health Brokers Co-op Ltd.                           780-423-1973
 10867 - 97 Street

 Centre d’accueil et d’éstablissment Edmonton                      780-669-6004
 #50-8627 rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury
 L’Association canadienne-Française de l’Alberta                    780-466-1680
 Bureau 303, 8627-91 rue
 L’Alliance Jeunesse Famille de l’Alberta Société                   780-440-2621
 Bureau #100, 8925-82 Avenue

12   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
    Individual and Family Services
Child Care
Leaving children under 12 years old alone in the home can be considered neglect under
Alberta law.

Edmonton has many for-profit and not-for profit day care centres, after school care
centres and family day homes.

All childcare facilities in Alberta must be licensed and supervised by trained workers.

Alberta Children’s Services                                             780-427-0444

You can also visit or call one of the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood and Community
Development Sites.

PACS                                                              11410 - 149 Street
White Oaks                                                       12222 - 137 Avenue
Jasper Place                                                      10030 - 167 Street
Clareview                                                     600A Hermitage Road
Kennedale                                                           12830 - 58 Street
Circle Square                                                  11808 - St. Albert Trail
Mill Creek                                                    221 Bonnie Doon Mall
Mill Woods                                                    #110, 6203 - 28 Avenue
Call                                                                               311

Youth Services
Some community organizations provide programs for young people for learning,
support or fun.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Edmonton                                        780-422-6038
Big Brothers Big Sisters Society of Edmonton                            780-424-8181
YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association)                                780-428-9469
YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association)                              780-423-9922

                                                       Edmonton Newcomers Guide         13
Seniors’ Services
City of Edmonton Programs for Seniors

 Edmonton Seniors Homeowner Grant                                                   311
 Stop Elder Abuse                                                        780-471-1122
 Spring-cleaning help for seniors                                        780-496-8200
 Snow-shovelling help for seniors                                        780-496-8200

Other Providers

 Edmonton General Community Outreach Program                             780-482-8163
 S.A.G.E. (Seniors Associations of Greater Edmonton)                     780-423-5510
 Central Lions Seniors Centre                                            780-496-7366
 Northgate Seniors Centre                                                780-496-7355
 Senior Citizens Information Service                                     780-423-5510

     Law and Human Rights
Canadian Legal System
People who live in Canada must know and obey the laws of this country. There are
two types of law:
• Criminal Law: Protects all members of society. Covers many offenses including
  murder, assault, theft, fraud, trafficking and possession of illegal drugs, driving
  while impaired by alcohol or drugs, etc. People charged with any of these
  crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
• Civil Law: Settles private arguments or disputes about such things as property
  ownership, contracts, etc. Individuals pay their own court costs in civil disputes.

Legal assistance is often required in daily life, such as when purchasing a home,
signing a contract or in other legal matters.

To find a lawyer:
 Call Law Society of Alberta’s Lawyer Referral Service                    780-228-1722

Legal aid is available for people with low incomes.

 Call Legal Aid Alberta                                                   780-427-7575

14   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Human Rights
The Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act protects Albertans
against discrimination in any manner based on race, religion, colour, gender, age,
ancestry, place of origin, marital status, family status, source of income, physical
disability, mental disability or sexual orientation. If you feel you have been treated
unfairly based on any of the qualities above:

Call The Alberta Human Rights                                            780-427-7661
and Citizenship Commission

Family Law
The laws in Canada do not permit violence against anyone, including members of
your own family. It forbids physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuse against
spouses, children and elders. If you suspect someone is being abused, by law you
must report it.

Helpful phone numbers:

Child Abuse Hotline                          1-800-387-5437 (confidential reporting)
Seniors’ Abuse Help Line                                                 780-545-8888
Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton                                        780-423-4121
Edmonton Police Service                                                  780-423-4567


You can recycle paper, cardboard, metals, glass and plastics. Use a blue bag if you
live in a house, duplex or fourplex. Participate in the Blue Bin Program if you live in
an apartment, condo or townhouse. You can also take your recyclables to a variety
of community recycling depots located around the city. For your recycle collection
schedule or for the addresses of recycling depots:

Call                                                                                311

                                                        Edmonton Newcomers Guide          15
                                Moving Around
                                In Edmonton most roadways are numbered.
                                Avenues run east and west, streets run north and
                                south. The address will tell you where to look. For
                                instance 6812 - 101 Avenue is at 68 Street (the first
                                two numbers of the address) and 101 Avenue.

                                Even numbered buildings are on the north side of
                                avenues and the west side of streets. Newer areas
                                have named roadways. An Edmonton street map
                                will be helpful in these areas.

                                To operate a car, truck or van, you need a driver’s
                                license and insurance and registration on your vehicle.
                                 Call Alberta Transportation           780-427-7013

                                To obtain an Alberta Drivers License or register
                                your vehicle you must go to a private registry
                                business. They are listed in the Yellow Pages under
                                “License and Registry Services”  .

                                In Alberta, everybody in the vehicle must wear a
                                seatbelt. Children under 18 kg (40 lbs) must be
                                seated in an approved child safety seat.

                                Drivers must know the rules of driving in Alberta.
                                You can still get a ticket even if you do not know
                                the law.

                                It is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol
                                or drugs. It is also against the law to have an open
                                container of alcohol in a vehicle. Fines or
                                temporary loss of driver’s license can result.

                                When a police car, ambulance or fire truck has its
                                lights and siren on, move to the side of the road
                                and slow down and stop as soon as you are able.

16   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Edmonton has many traffic circles. When you enter a traffic circle the car in the
inside lane has the right of way. They must signal that they want to move out of the
circle ahead of the cars on the outside lane. The cars on the outside lane must yield
to them.

If you want to go through at least two exits (halfway) of a traffic circle, drive in the
inside lane. Turn your signal on when you want to leave the traffic circle. Look over
your shoulder to make sure the car on your right is letting you through.

If you want to go just one exit on a traffic circle, stay in the outside lane. Turn on your
signal when you want to exit.

     Public Transportation
The City of Edmonton runs buses and trains that get you around the city. Buses
serve most routes and a light rail transit line (LRT) runs from north Edmonton
(Clareview) to South Edmonton (South Campus).

 Transit Information                                                                  311
 BusLink                                                                   780-496-1600

For transit information and schedules go to www.edmonton.ca

Edmonton Transit also operates DATS, a transit service for persons with disabilities.

 Call                                                                      780-496-4567

Taxis are another form of transportation. All taxis charge the same rate and have
meters that measure the time and distance of trips. Phone numbers for taxi
companies can be found in the phone book.

                                                         Edmonton Newcomers Guide          17
                                Community Safety
                                in Edmonton
                                City of Edmonton bylaws protect the health, safety
                                and welfare of residents as well as promote community
                                standards. They include a variety of concerns such
                                as smoking, snow removal, messy yards, parking,
                                animal control, licensing and zoning regulations.

                                Call                                            311

                                    Crime Stoppers
                                This non-profit organization works with the
                                Edmonton Police Service to solve crimes through
                                anonymous tips from the community.

                                Call                        1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

                                When you need immediate help to reach police,
                                fire and ambulance services.

                                Call                                            911

                                    Edmonton Police Service (EPS)
                                EPS services include crime prevention, maintenance
                                of social order, law enforcement and public safety
                                through community policing, a partnership between
                                the police and residents.

                                Non-emergency calls                  780-423-4567

18   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
     Transit Watch
Transit Watch is a public awareness and education campaign that encourages staff and
customers to become involved in staying alert and working together to maintain a safe
transit environment. Report suspicious activity on Edmonton Transit property.

 Call                                                                       780-442-4900

     Fire Rescue Services
The City of Edmonton’s Emergency Services responds to Edmonton’s emergency needs
with fire rescue, emergency medical response and disaster services.

 Non-emergency calls                                                                   311
 Emergency calls                                                                       911

Through Safedmonton the City of Edmonton works with community partners to connect
residents with tips, tools and resources to build a safe and caring community.

 Call                                                                                  311

     Victim Services
This group of volunteers helps people through the trauma of being a victim of crime, lending
emotional support, helping prepare for court and drafting victim impact statements.

 Call                                                                       780-421-2218

                                                          Edmonton Newcomers Guide        19
                                Working in
                                    Social Insurance Numbers
                                You require a social insurance number (SIN) to work
                                in Canada. For information on how to get a social
                                insurance number:

                                Call Human                        1-800-206-7218
                                Resources Canada

                                    Finding Work
                                Edmonton offers many opportunities for employment.
                                For assistance in looking for work, call:

                                ASSIST Community                   780-429-3111
                                Services Centre
                                Edmonton Mennonite                 780-424-7709
                                Centre for Newcomers -
                                Career Services Information
                                Norquest Career Services           780-644-6755
                                Acces-Emploi                       780-490-6975
                                City of Edmonton              www.edmonton.ca

                                Alberta Employment and Immigration

                                Edmonton - Argyll Centre (South)*
                                Argyll Centre
                                6325 Gateway Boulevard
                                Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5H6
                                Call                             780-644-2827
                                                    *Service available in French

                                Edmonton - Canada Place (Central)*
                                Main Floor, 9700 Jasper Avenue
                                Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4C1
                                                     *Job Kiosks available ONLY
                                                   *No in-person service available

                                Edmonton - City Centre (Central)
                                Main Floor, 10242 - 105 Street
                                Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3L5
                                Call                           780-415-4900
20   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Edmonton - Fort Road (North)
200, 13415 Fort Road
Edmonton, Alberta T5A 1C6
Call                                                 780-415-9831

Edmonton - Northgate Centre (North)*
2000 Northgate Centre
9499 - 137 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5E 5R8
                                           *In-person service only*

Edmonton - Meadowlark Mall (West)
120 Meadowlark Shopping Center
15710 - 87 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5R 5W9
Call                                                 780-415-8116

Edmonton - Westcor Building (West)
200, Westcor Building
12323 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 4A9
Call                                                 780-415-6500

                                       Edmonton Newcomers Guide       21
                                in Edmonton
                                     City Council
                                Edmonton’s civic government is made up of the
                                Mayor and twelve Councillors who are elected
                                every three years. Two councillors are elected in
                                each of Edmonton’s six wards (see map)*. All
                                people vote for a mayor.

                                City Council appoints a City Manager to oversee
                                the City of Edmonton Administration, ensuring it
                                follows Council direction in the provision of services.

                                City Council and its committees usually meet
                                several times each month. These meetings are
                                open to the public.
                                * As of this printing, Edmonton’s ward system is under
                                  review. Go to edmonton.ca for more information.

                                 Call                                              311

                                     Civic elections
                                To vote in a municipal (civic) election, you must be
                                a Canadian citizen, 18 years or older and have lived
                                in Alberta for six months.

                                     Civic Boards and Agencies
                                The City of Edmonton has established a variety of
                                boards and agencies to deal with matters such as:
                                •	assessment
                                •	subdivsion	and	development	appeals.
                                •	vehicles	for	hire
                                •	economic	development
                                •	housing
                                •	services	for	persons	with	disabilities
                                •	preservation	of	the	city’s	history
                                •	and	a	number	of	other	decision-making	and	
                                  advisory boards.

22   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
City Council values the input of citizens appointed to these boards. Any person
interested in the present and future direction of the city can apply to serve on a board.

 Call                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    311

     Edmonton Ward Map

                 EDMONTON                                                                                                                                                                                     259 AVE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              33 ST NE
                                                                                                             188 AVE                                                             58 ST

                                         N                                                                                                                                           Northeast
                                                                                      142 ST



                                                                                                                                      82 ST

                                        184 ST



                              137 AVE

        BIG LAKE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              33 ST NE

                                                                                                                        122 AVE
                                                                                                                                        86 ST

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      HIGHWAY 16
                                                                             149 ST

                                                                                                                       97 ST

                                                                                                                                              82 ST

                                                                                                           111 AVE
        231 ST

                                                                                                                                                                                           38 ST
                                                                                                                                                        CAPILANO DR 75 ST


                                                                                                                                                                                ON                   101 AVE

                                                                                                                                                                            98 AVE

                                                                                                                                                                                                   34 ST
                                                                                                            109 ST

                                                                                                                     82 AVE                                                                                SHERWOOD PARK FWY
                                                                                                                                                                             71 ST

          WHITEMUD DRIVE                                                                           UNIV                                               82 AVE
                                                                                                                ITY A                                                       76 AVE

                                                                                                                                     63 AVE                                 RD

                 215 ST

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        MERIDIAN ST




                   33 AVE SW
                                                                                               41 AVE SW

     Other Orders of Government
Under the Constitution of Canada, the Government of Canada makes laws for the
entire country, while each provincial or territorial government makes laws that apply
only in that province or territory.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Edmonton Newcomers Guide                                            23
                                Enjoying Edmonton
                                    Arts and Culture
                                Edmonton has a strong local arts community which
                                includes a symphony orchestra, art galleries, an
                                opera company, ballet and dance companies and
                                dozens of theatres offering all kinds of plays and
                                performances. Look for upcoming events in the
                                entertainment section of local newspapers.

                                    Community Leagues
                                There are 150 community leagues in Edmonton.
                                They provide opportunities for neighbours to get to
                                know each other, share in social and sport activities
                                and work together to build healthy, safe communities.

                                Call Edmonton Federation             780-437-2913
                                of Community Leagues

                                    Cultural and Community Groups
                                Edmonton is proud of, and celebrates, its wealth of
                                diverse cultures. For information about ethno-
                                cultural organizations based in the city, contact an
                                immigrant serving organization.

                                    Edmonton Favourites
                                Some of Edmonton’s favourite activities are:
                                • Shopping at the Old Strathcona, Farmers’
                                  Market on Saturdays.
                                • Visiting Chinatown or Little Italy.
                                • Visiting the galleries and shops on 124 Street.
                                • Walking or biking on the river valley’s 150 km
                                  of trails.
                                • Enjoying a picnic in one of the many river
                                  valley parks.
                                • Visiting one of our major attractions.
                                • Attending professional sports events.
                                • Dining at one of Edmonton’s many restaurants.

24   Edmonton Newcomers Guide
Edmonton has more than 30 major festivals celebrating jazz, folk, blues and classical
music, theatre, dance, visual arts, street performers, ethnic food and fun. From New
Years Eve Downtown to Heritage Days in August, there is always something happening.
For more information                                                www.edmonton.ca

Edmonton’s parks are a safe environment for active living. The River Valley winds its
way along the North Saskatchewan River and through the heart of the city, featuring
natural areas, paved and natural trails and amenities. Wildlife sightings in the River
Valley are common so bring your camera or binoculars.
For more information                                                 www.edmonton.ca

    Public Library
Residents of Edmonton can get a library card from any branch. You will need to show
identification showing your current home address. There is a fee for the first adult
library card in the household. If you are unable to pay the basic fee, you will be given
a free membership for one year.

Materials are available in many languages. Check with the branch nearest you.


Abbottsfield-Penny                             Abbottsfield Mall, 3210 - 118 Avenue
Calder                           Kensington Shopping Centre, 12522 - 132 Avenue
Capilano                                            Capilano Mall, 5004 - 98 Avenue
Castle Downs                                             15379 - Castle Downs Road
Highlands                                                           6710 - 118 Avenue
Idylwylde                                                            8310 - 88 Avenue
Jasper Place                                                         9010 - 156 Street
Lois Hole                                                          17650 - 69 Avenue
Londonderry                           Londonderry Mall, 137 Avenue and 66 Street
Mill Woods                                Mill Woods Town Centre, 2331 - 66 Street
Riverbend                                         Rabbit Hill Road, Terwillegar Drive
Sprucewood                                                           11555 - 95 Street

                                                       Edmonton Newcomers Guide        25
Locations continued:

 Stanley Milner                        7 Sir Winston Churchill Square (downtown)
 Strathcona                                                        8331 - 104 Street
 Whitemud Crossing                                                  4211 - 106 Street
 Woodcroft                                                       13420 - 114 Avenue

     Sports and Recreation
The City of Edmonton operates a number of recreation centres, swimming pools and
offers a variety of programs and classes. The City of Edmonton also offers residents
use of its golf courses, parks and sports fields, along with Edmonton’s major
attractions such as the Valley Zoo, Fort Edmonton Park and the Muttart Conservatory.

 Call Community Services Department                                               311

Edmontonians are active volunteers, giving freely of their time to fundraise, work at
special events and serve as unpaid members of a board or committee. If you would
like to volunteer

 Call                                                                  780-732-6649

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