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									UBC Okanagan School of


 Welcome to the School of Engineering
   Introductions

   Library

   Administration

   Academic

   Registration
              Administrative notes

 Teaching Assistantships
  – TA’s are BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU)
    governed by the collective agreement between UBC
    and BCGEU
  – There is a set number of hours allocated to each
  – Pay checks are deposited directly into bank account
    around the 7th and 22nd of each month
  – TA’s can have access to UBC Email, printing and
    photocopying if authorized by their supervisor
               Administrative notes

 Research Assistantships
  – RA’s are a Non-union position

  – Job duties and pay rate is assigned by the professor

  – Pay checks are deposited directly into bank account
    15th and last day of each month
  – RA’s can have access to UBC Email, printing and
    photocopying if authorized by their supervisor
                  Administrative notes

 Offices
  – Student keys are to be kept secure and not loaned
    or given to others
     –   You will receive an email notification from Karen
         Seddon when the keys are available for pick-up
 –   Ensure all windows and doors are locked when you
 –   Please keep your offices clean
 –   Graduate offices are located Portables I, K, & M
 –   Salto Access Card - to access gym (washrooms)
                      Administrative notes

 Payroll
  – Required documents to initiate pay:
     –   Domestic students:
         –   Direct Deposit form
         –   Social Insurance Number
         –   TD1 BC and TD1 Federal tax forms
     –   International students:
         –   Direct Deposit form
         –   Confirmation of Social Insurance Number Application
         –   Study Permit & Passport
         –   TD1 BC and TD1 Federal tax forms
 –   UBC Employee ID is initialized
                   Administrative notes

 Self-serve payroll advice access
 –   UBC Staff and Faculty Online Self Serve Payroll
     – Secure website http://www.msp.ubc.ca/
     –   You will need to verify Date of Birth, Social Insurance
         Number, and UBC Employee ID
 –   Campus Wide Login (CWL) http://www.cwl.ubc.ca/
                 Administrative notes

 Accounts
 -   You will receive email notification from Karen
     Seddon regarding your Novell account and UBC
     Email account information
 -   Please review the information regarding accounts at
                     Program Summary

 MASc
    Courses should be completed within the first year (18 credits
     of coursework)
    Annual progress review by end of June each year
    Must register for seminar (ENGR 596) each term and
     attend. Students present one seminar (usually in the last
     long term before graduation).
    Should defend thesis by about 2 years.
        See UBC web site for thesis format etc.
                   Program Summary

 Ph. D.
   Course selection is done with supervisor and graduate chair

   Usually total 36 hours between Masters and Ph. D. (if 24
    credit hour masters then take 12 more credits at Ph. D) but is
    up to the committee and student.
   A progress review will be held yearly (usually complete by June
    each year).
                       Program Summary

 Ph. D.
   Qualifying Exam/Proposal Defence
         Usually around 18-24 months.
     Two part Exam
       Qualifying
         Oral question period of fundamental theory of the background
          behind the student’s research area.
       Proposal Defence
         written research proposal and oral proposal defence
                   Program Summary

 Ph. D.
   Seminars
     Must register for seminar (ENGR 596) each term
     Must present two seminars before graduation.
                    Program Summary

 Ph. D.
   Dissertation
     Prepared and defended before 6 years after start of Ph. D. program
     Usually by about 4 years, totally dependant on student and
     Internal committee reviews dissertation, after changes are made it
      goes to an external examiner then the oral defence.
       See UBC web site for more exact info and format etc.
               Academic Progress

 All students must obtain a minimum grade of 68%
 (B-) in each course taken for credit as graduate

 All students must show progress towards their
 research (yearly reviews).
               Student governance

 UBCSUO website http://www.ubcsuo.ca/
 GSS website http://www.gss.ubc.ca/
 BCGEU – employment conditions for RAs and TAs

   Graduate Studies
     Elected engineering graduate student representative –
      Mohammad Islam
                     Administrative Notes

 Tuition and Fees
   Ph.D Students
      Tuition is paid for
      Student fees must still be paid by the student on time to avoid late
    MASc. students
        Must pay their tuition and fees on time to avoid late charges.

    Questions regarding tuition fees, scholarships, etc. should be
     directed to the College of Graduate Studies in ART 360

 Log into the Student Service Centre:
       https://www.auth.cwl.ubc.ca/auth/login?serviceName=ytestssc&s
 See the following website on step by step process on
 how to register:
       http://web.ubc.ca/okanagan/gradstudies/studentsinfo/register.ht
 All graduate courses are listed in course list ENGR 5*
 Consult with your supervisor on which graduate
  courses to take
 Must register in thesis and seminar each term
 UBC O student Card
         official student identification.
         library card.

         cash card for campus services.

         netware account for logging into on-campus computers and
          for printing.
    UBC O Student Card Services in the University Centre
 Health Care
    There are two programs
      Basic coverage
        BC MSP (Canadians) and iMED (International)

        iMED covers students until they are eligible for the BC MSP

        http://www.david-cummings.com/imed/

        MSP – must fill out form online (resp. for premiums)

        https://www.health.gov.bc.ca/exforms/msp/enrolment.html

      Extended Coverage
        http://www.ubcsuo.ca/page139.htm

    Can add family members through the web sites.

 Dr. Debbie Roberts             Maria Graziano
    Portable C                     Portable S
    250.807.8722                   250.807.9647
    Deborah.roberts@ubc.ca         Maria.graziano@ubc.ca

    Current students web
    http://web.ubc.ca/okanag

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