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                                                 ABOUT US

                                                 The University of Calgary Petroleum & Energy
                TABLE OF CONTENTS                Society, formerly known as the University of
                                                 Calgary Petroleum Club, is a non-profit
                             About Us       1    organization run by students, with a fundamental
                                                 purpose to create an informed, knowledgeable and
                        What We Do          2
                                                 connected workforce in the oil and gas industry.

                 Technical Speakers         3
                                                 Our mission is to equip students with a solid
                                                 foundation of knowledge, experience and
                            Field Trips     3
                                                 networks so that they may have a competitive
    Events and Activities 2007/2008         4    edge when entering the oil and gas industry and
                                                 meet industry’s demand for a skilled new
               Value of Sponsorship         5    workforce.

      Exposure, Personal Interaction        5    We do this by organizing educational events,
           & Student Development                 field trips, technical lectures and tours and seek
                                                 to engage with industry professionals for
                 Sponsorship Levels         6    mentorship and potential networking.

               Budget Information           7    For the 2008/09 academic year,
                                                 we will have approximately 2500 associate,
                 How to Contribute          8    and 110 full time members. We also hope to
                                                 increase our membership further by reaching
                                                 out to students in other faculties.

                                                      Our aim is to enhance the educational

                                                 “    experience and promote personal
                                                      development of student members.                 ”
                Schulich School of Engineering
                         University of Calgary
                   2500 University Drive N.W.
                   Calgary, Alberta | T2N 1N4
                               t: 403.220.5752


   We are proud to recognize our sponsors from last year, without whom our activities would not
   have been successful.

             Shell Canada | Nexen Inc. | ConocoPhillips Canada
          Petroleum Society CIM | Fekete | Syncrude | Imperial Oil
                 Talisman Energy Inc. | Enerflex | CWLS | SPE
The University of Calgary and the Schulich School of Engineering Activity Fund

   Every year, the Petroleum & Energy Society organizes multiple activities ranging from
   technical presentations by industry professionals to gas plant /refinery field trips and rig
   tours. We also organize professional mixers to facilitate interaction between industry
   professionals and student members. A partial list of previous events organized by the society
   can be found under “Events and Activities 2007/ 2008”

   The society is strongly affiliated with the Petroleum Society (PetSoc). We are also the official
   student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and the Canadian Well Logging
   society (CWLS). In addition, we are also the founding member of the University of Calgary
   Energy Council. The council was developed to integrate all faculty clubs/societies involved in
   the petroleum and energy industries. This council allows for networking and collaboration
   amongst faculties such as business, geology, geophysics, economics and engineering.

(Left to Right Back) Jared Bouma, Dylan Van Brunt, Scott Johnston (Front) Margarita Carlos, Nicole Arasaki,
Christina Ma, Monica Robichaud Missing: Maria Marianayagam, Shina Minhas, Sonia Kohli, Kanishka Jayawardene

    Technical Speakers
    Every year, we invite professionals to present on various aspects of the oil & gas industry.
    These topics range from the basics such as “Introduction to Drilling” to specific topics such
    as “Sub-surface Risk Assessment for In-situ Oil Sands Projects.” For the 2008/09 academic
    year we plan to continue focus on fundamental topics in industry, and also hope to
    introduce more recent developments such as “Stimulation of Unconventional Reservoirs”.
    This helps provide students with a broad understanding of the Oil and Gas industry.

    Many of our speakers present on subjects not offered in the current university curriculum.
    This gives our members a chance to learn about topics beyond the classroom from some of
    the most knowledgeable minds in the industry. Furthermore, it allows students to attach a
    human face to the company name. Students seeking future career opportunities within the
    organization can then correspond with the speaker.

    Field Trips
    Each year, the Petroleum & Energy Society organizes field trips to gas processing plants,
    heavy oil extraction facilities and refineries, and manufacturing facilities. Many students have
    never worked in the field before and consequently, are not familiar with distillation columns,
    separators, packers, pump jacks etc. The aim of these trips is to let students observe,
    understand and appreciate the massive infrastructure that is associated with the industry.

    Two major tours were accomplished last year.
    The first was a two day hands on introduction to
    the Alberta Oil Sands. Day one was spent in
    Syncrude’s North mining facility, sponsored in
    part by Nexen and The Schulich School of
    Engineering. The second day was spent touring
    Imperial Oil’s Cold Lake CSS Operations.

    The second tour was a full day guided tour of an EnerFlex Compressor Facility where we
    were given the chance to see the equipment up close.


Following is a partial list of last year’s events / activities and technical talks:

October 30, 2007 - Introduction to the Petroleum Industry Presentation
•   5 Speaker Industry Panel covering various industry roles

November 16-18, 2007 - Trip to Ft. McMurray
•   Syncrude’s North Mine          •   Imperial Oil’s Cold Lake CSS Facilities

November 30, 2007 - Fundamentals of Well Logging
•   Peter Kubica, Petro-Canada CWLS

January 25, 2008 - SPE President’s Address to the Students
•   Leo Roodhard, SPE

January 26, 2008 - Oil Riggers & Gold Diggers Cabaret
•   Petroleum and Energy Society          •   Petroleum Landman Undergraduate Society

February 19, 2008 - CWLS Annual General Meeting and Dinner
•   Canadian Well Logging Society

February 28, 2008 - EnerFlex Compressor Tour
•   EnerFlex Facility

February 29, 2008 - Introduction to Tight Gas Reservoirs
•   Fekete Associates

March 26, 2008 - Production Engineering Basics
•   ConocoPhillips.

March 7, 2008 – Edson Sour Gas Processing Plan Tour
•   Talisman Energy Inc.

April 11, 2008 - SPE Ambassador’s Presentation

      Sponsoring the University of Calgary Petroleum & Energy Society will expose the sponsoring
      organization to a broad base of students interested in the oil and gas field and raise your
      profile amongst the future working force.

        As a valued sponsor, you have an excellent opportunity to interact with post secondary
        professionals in training. In today’s labor market it is of the utmost importance to provide
        exposure to students from all disciplines about your needs and opportunities. This allows
        us to understand how to best serve the industry. In terms of recruitment, the U of C
        Petroleum and Energy Society allows for something quite unique. The society is the largest
        club on campus which represents a trusted connection to industry, and for many we
        provide the starting blocks of a great career. By being involved in our activities, you can
        raise your profile amongst the geology, geophysics and engineering disciplines and thus,
        increase your chances of recruiting some of the brilliant minds of the future.

     Personal Interaction
        Volunteering your employees to our monthly speaker series gives students the
        opportunity to interact with your company representative on a personal level. The
        industry tours are also a great chance to give the students an idea of what it is like to
        work at one of your facilities, or as part of your company. It is these experiences that will
        help attract our top notch students.

        The Petroleum & Energy Society will also be your liaison when organizing information
        sessions. Our society can organize and advertise the event to the students. As the
        Petroleum & Energy Society has a greater presence on campus, students are more likely
        to go to information sessions advertised by us and participate.

     Student Development

         Students often have limited knowledge of the industry and these activities bring about a
         realistic perspective to refine student development. Many students are under the
         impression that the oil and gas industry is old and conventional. They are unaware of the
         on-going research and cutting-edge technology employed by the industry. By supporting
         our activities, you are ensuring that new graduates of high caliber not only become aware
         of the issues and challenges facing the industry, but consider you the preferred employer
         of choice.

    We have four levels of sponsorship available to suit your needs and budget. We can
    also work with your company to customize a package that will deliver the best value to
    the student members as well as your organization. The benefits of each sponsorship tier
    are dependent on the contribution level and how involved your company wishes to be.
    From providing speakers for technical presentations, to arranging field trips for any size
    of student group, to scholarships, our society believes in providing valuable personal
    interaction with students of mutual benefit.

    The level of involvement can be discussed in detail with either the President or VP
    sponsorship. The tiers available are:

                              Exposure           Website &                   Company     Corporate Student
                               Priority       Advertising Logo               Presenter     Membership
                                                 Large logo and
Platinum       $10,000 +           1                                           YES             YES
                                                 Company name

 Gold           $5,000             2                Large logo                 YES*            NO

 Silver         $2,500             3                Small logo                 YES*            NO

Bronze           $500              4             Company name                  NO              NO

    * Presenter availability and session time awarded by exposure priority

    The company name and/or logo along with a link to your
    homepage will be included on our Petroleum & Energy
    Society website ( as part of the
    above packages. Furthermore, the society will distribute any
    and all company material (pamphlets, pens, coffee mugs,
    key chains, etc.) to students along with membership
    purchases. For Platinum and Gold Sponsors the Petroleum
    and Energy Society will provide students in your company to
    join the club at no extra charge, giving them access to
    presentations and events.

       Funding for our activities is obtained through sale of student memberships and corporate
       sponsorship. Club dues are a flat rate of $20 for the entire academic year. This includes
       memberships to associate organizations such as the SPE, Canadian Well Logging Society,
       and the Petroleum Society CIM.

       The following is a tentative list of activities requiring funding for the 2008/09 academic
       year. The money raised through our membership drive is not sufficient to cover the costs of
       organizing all the proposed activities. Corporate support is essential in making these events
       possible for our student members.

       ACTIVITY           FUNDING REQUIRED FOR                                 TOTAL AMOUNT
                      Fort McMurray Oilsands Trip
                         •    40 people
                         •    3 days, 2 nights
                      Weatherford Shop Tour
                         •    20 people                                             $10,000
    Domestic Trips       •    2 days, 1 night
                      Talisman Gas Plant Tour
                         •    30 people                                             $5,000
                         •    1 day tour
                      Various Day Trips
                         •    30 people                                             $10,000
                         •    Various Locations & Facilities
                      SPE Annual Technical Conference – Denver
                         •    12 people                                             $20,000
    International        •    5 days, 4 nights
        Trips         World Petroleum Congress - Madrid, Spain
                          •   PES President                                         $4,000
                          •   1 week

                       • Luncheons with various topics and speakers
      Technical        • Various Industry Presentations                             $1,000
    Presentations      • Tickets to SPE Technical Luncheons

                       • Student Mixers (multi-faculty)
    Networking /
                       • Ski Trip                                                   $7,000
    Social Events      • Council Meetings

      TOTAL                                                                        $87,000


If you require further information on the sponsorship tiers, the level of involvement, or
have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dylan Van Brunt or Scott
Johnston at either: or or by telephone
at (403) 681-2922

Please make cheques payable to the “University of Calgary Petroleum and Energy
Society.” Cheques should be sent to:

U of C Petroleum & Energy Society c/o Dr. Ian Gates
Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Schulich School of Engineering

University of Calgary | 2500 University Drive NW | Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

You can also find us on the Internet at
Dept of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
                     University of Calgary
               2500 University Drive N.W.
               Calgary, Alberta | T2N 1N4
                           t: 403.220.5752

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