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									                                       UBC Mining Engineering Department
                                           M.A. Sc. Graduate Student
                                              Jacqueline L. Nelsen
                                  Social License to Operate Questionnaire
                   The survey is located at either http://www.mining.ubc.ca/SocialLicense.html
                         or at http://www.edumine.com/xtoolkit/xsurvey/xsurvey.asp.

           Social License to Operate is rapidly becoming the new ‘vision’ for companies to recognize and embrace in
order to ensure economic certainty with respect to new projects. However, it is presently intangible and there does
not appear to be a systematic method of evaluating and monitoring a project. Sustainable economic development
drives the need for mining engineers to have parameters and modeling techniques that integrate social dimensions
into project design.
           The perception of value creation through the mining process is central to defining Social License in that
mining context. The media, NGO’s, academics, government, society, disenfranchised parties, and companies all play
a role in determining Social License. The proponent company governs the propagation of perceptions by the
effectiveness of its communications and stakeholder involvement in design. A new decision-making process is
required with parametric studies and modeling techniques that account for social dimensions for corporate and
stakeholder self-assessment and accountability. For example, developing a collaborative mining engineering design
and management process between stakeholders should provide the support for action on participation, rulemaking,
conflict management, power sharing, leadership, dialogue, decision-making, negotiation, knowledge generation, and
sharing, learning and development among resource users, stakeholders and government. These are all crucial to
earning a Social License.
           The Social License to Operate questionnaire is the first step in helping us to develop a process and a set of
parameters that can be used to look at how we define and acquire a Social License. The results from this survey will
serve to benchmark the current level of understanding and adherence to this philosophy. Your confidential views will
be an important component of my thesis on “Modeling Social License in a Mining Engineering Context”, which will
consider a series of socio-economic metrics with which to model and evaluate the development of a new mine. I feel
that this work is important to helping the revitalization of the mining industry, given the requirements for developing
new mining projects. The work should enable mining companies to consider the social implications of mine
development within the process of mine design and development. It should help to ensure that a project can be
developed in collaboration with all communities of interest and recognized as being socially responsible throughout
its life cycle.
         I would appreciate if you could please fill in the questionnaire at either the websites listed above.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact my supervisor Dr. Malcolm Scoble or
myself at 604 822 2540. Thank-you for your time.


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