ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY
          Conference Call Meeting Summary
                           October 2, 2008

Participants:     Laura Cabiness, Chair
                  Dean Lehman, Member
                  Sherri McIntyre, Member
                  Bill Reichmuth, Member
                  Brian Usher, Member
                  Sherri Zimmerman, Member

Staff:            Carol Estes, Staff Liaison

   1. Call to order – Laura Cabiness called the meeting to order at 1:00pm
      Central time.

   2. Review of meeting Summary 9/11/2008 – The meeting summary was

   3. At-large Director Report –Patty Hilderbrand was not available for the

   4. Education Report – Sherri Zimmerman reported that she has not
      received the talking points for October. She will email the information to
      the committee when she receives it.

   5. Update on guaranteed sessions for Congress 2009 -
      Topics must be submitted by October 7:

         HAWK Signalization – guaranteed session submitted
         Warm Asphalt – Laura Cabiness – guaranteed session submitted
         Sustainability – Dean Lehman– guaranteed session submitted

   6. Roadway Maintenance Guide Discussion –Dean Lehman reported that
      he continues to work on the two chapters to be added, “Street
      Sweeping,” and “Right of Way Encroachments.” When the draft is
      complete, he will need reviewers.

         Action item: Keep item on the agenda
   7. E & T Survey work plan – The members of the committee discussed the
      E & T survey and some of the things that they have noticed. Current
          Questions 1 – 5, Information Resources – Laura Cabiness
          Questions 8,9,10, and 11 – Dave Orr
          Questions 6, 12-16, 20 – Demographics – Staff
          Questions 17-19 – Procurement Technology – Bill Reichmuth
          Questions 21-23 – Project Tracking – Brian Usher
          Questions 7, 24-32 – Procurement Process – Sherri McIntyre
          Question 33 – Infrastructure security – Sherri Zimmerman
          Question 34 – Education – Sherri Zimmerman.

         Each member will look at the questions they have been assigned and
          Is there a project suggested by the responses that the committee
            as a whole should undertake?
          Is there a project suggested by the responses that should be
            placed on the committee’s long term work plan?
          Is there information that should be passed to another technical
            committee or department within APWA?
      Action item: Continue work for the next agenda

   8. New Business – Committee members asked staff to send out the work
      plan with the names of those assigned to each item.

      Action item: Staff to send out work plan

The next call is Thursday, November 6, at 2:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 pm
Central, 12:00 pm Mountain, 11:00 pm Pacific time

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