Why Citizenship education is important to me and how by miu18724


									   Why Citizenship education is important to me and how this is
                    reflected in my teaching
Some notes to help with the reflective piece of writing which reviews you
contribution to Citizenship education.

This piece of writing should identify your strengths within a Citizenship education
role, including a reflection of your personal knowledge and personal
development. You might reflect on personal targets for improvement and
development and analyse critically the Citizenship education programme in your
setting, including aspects of what Citizenship education you want to develop in
your setting. Your personal values should also be reprised against your
Citizenship education teaching and learning. There is an example on the CPD
website at http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/pages/view.asp?page=28680
However, this is not necessarily a model you should copy. You should aim to
produce about 1750-2000 words. It is good practice to also included reference to
wider reading; documents, journals, publications about Citizenship education. It
is important to make use of Harvard Referencing conventions in this respect –
see at http://efn.hud.ac.uk/studyskills/referen.html

Chris Waller
Professional Officer

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