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					     Vacant Grave
    -Back in the studio- 2010 and beyond-
 The true original and best of the best is back and BETTER than ever!!

After 20 long years, one of the most hard core and Extreme metal bands in the history of
music has resurfaced and they are back with a vengeance! YES all you diehard metal heads,
Vacant Grave, a band who personifies extreme hard core heavy metal is back and better than

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of metal, Vacant Grave has been revived and they are
set to release a new EP titled “Time For Payback”…and this title couldn’t be more accurate
because the tracks on this KILLER new EP will melt the faces of today’s fans who live in the
metal scene.

Formed in 1984 by their lead singer Dean Garrett along with Daryn Zack on lead guitar and
vocals, and their drummer Jeff Noyes, this band who seemingly appeared out of nowhere
quickly gained the respect of thousands of adoring fans and quickly dominated the world of

While the “me too” glam bands were the ticket on Hollywood Boulevard filling such clubs like
the Troubadour,Whiskey a go go and others, Vacant Grave was playing anywhere and
everywhere with their no make up, no hairspray and grab you by the throat and punch you in
the gut hard core style.
Being heavily influenced by such acts as Slayer, Metallica, Pantera and others this
foursome showed the music world they were definitely a sonic force to be
reckoned with..Their in your face take no prisoners attitude quickly propelled
them from obscurity to stardom and fame with an almost cult like following.

Because of this, they quickly gained the attention of larger national acts through
their raw and rawkass style of hardcore music. From the “cuts like knife” lead
guitar riffs of Zack, to the “glaring and rough” vocals of Garrett to the “pounding

snare and bass drum beats” of the very talented Noyes, these guys just flat out
rocked every show and left their fans always wanting more.

This led to nation wide tours opening for bands such as Megadeth, Cro Mags,
Destruction and Exodus and now they are back better than ever! Right now they
are putting the finishing touches on their latest collection of songs that’s sure to
not disappoint!

Old school fans will be delighted by the familiar licks of the guitar, but the newer
fans will get an all out assault on the ears, because not only is it “time for
payback”, it’s time to to get even and blast onto the new metal playground.

YES metal fans! Vacant Grave is blending their melodic and rhythmic raw sound into a “new
metal” genre and it’s sure to please even the most discerning metal fan. Blending their
signature extreme metal sound with today’s newer metal riffs will not only make them more
relevant than ever before, but their fans will endure a non stop musical orgasm for the ears

Vacant Grave is here to stay so get on board or get out the way is the bands mantra. Their
agenda is not to bend to corporate yes men and record only radio friendly songs and be sell
out like the others. Their one and only mission is to create a mind bending, face melting rock
show in your head that will leave you buzzing for hours. Stick around…Keep up to date with
they have going on! You won’t want to miss out! Subscribe to the updates, tell your metal
head friends that VG is back and their taking over the new metal scene.

The NEW EP “Time For Payback” is due out later this month and is available online and on
iTunes. Get on board as hundreds are daily! Yes, Vacant Graves fan base is quickly growing
and shows no sign of slowing down! They have gone viral and will soon own the Internet…
Grab your swag and gear now Grab yourself a KILLER T-shirt and proudly wear it wherever
you go!
Be a fan! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Show your loyalty to the Metal world’s hardest
rocking band! Metal is back with an extreme vengeance and so is Vacant Grave…They are
here to own the new metal movement.

      Visit us today!

Description: Vacant Grave is an extreme metal band that was formed in the early 80's. They were heavily influenced by such acts as Pantera, Metallica and Slayer. Their hardcore style of play quickly gained the attention of bigger bands. They opened for larger bands like Cro mags, Exodus and Destruction. Now they are back in the studio working on their NEW EP titled "Time For Payback"