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The ambiance of Spa La Quinta and many of the treatments were borrowed
  from the area’s Native American ancestors. The outdoor spa experience
 takes precedence. From alfresco therapeutic baths and signature Celestial
  Showers® to massage rooms with garden views through opened French
     doorways and the tranquil Sanctuary Courtyard; many of the spa’s
      signature treatments beautifully balance the indoors with the out.
        Spa La Quinta also offers the full services of Yamaguchi Salon.
Internationally known for cutting and coloring techniques, Celebrity Stylist
 Billy Yamaguchi originated his ideas and practices of integrating the Asian
Feng Shui philosophy into a holistic approach to beauty. Some of the salon
 services, include beauty consultations with Billy Yamaguchi, hair services,
          make-up artistry and Feng Shui manicures and pedicures.
Desert Healing Waters                                                CITRUS SOAK • 15 Minutes: $45                                      DESERT LAVENDER COCOON • 25 Minutes: $95
                                                                     Refreshing citrus scents heighten your senses and carry away       Lavender is among the most versatile of all essential oils.
A focus of many of the therapies at Spa La Quinta is water,          stress. A blend of chamomile, calendula, cucumber, ivy and         While known for its sedating effect, it also encourages deep
because it boosts circulation and the immune system, helps           a variety of citrus aromas superbly moisturize and revitalize      cleansing, healing and new cell generation. Your therapist
detoxify the body and send more oxygen and nutrients to its          your skin. This bath is the perfect prelude to our Orange          applies a rich lavender lotion to the areas of your body most
tissues. Enjoy a variety of alfresco baths or the spa’s signa-       Blossom Body Facial.                                               in need, followed by a coco0n wrap soaked in lavender
ture treatment—Celestial Shower® to soak or wash away all                                                                               essence, and a relaxing massage of facial pressure points
of your everyday tensions and stresses.                              DESERT ROSE BATH • 15 Minutes: $45                                 and scalp.
                                                                     Slip into an outdoor tub for a bath that is as fragrant as a
CELESTIAL SHOWER® • 10 Minutes: $35                                  rose. Crystallized extracts of rose essence permeate water and     RAINFOREST BODY COCOON • 50 Minutes: $140
Let your cares wash away in a private outdoor shower with            air to relieve stress and encourage relaxation.                    Extremely healing and deeply moisturizing, this innovative
the blue sky as your canopy. Cascading Swiss showers of                                                                                 treatment begins with an application of propolis serum over
varying strengths massage and invigorate. One of our most            SEAWATER SOAK • 15 Minutes: $45                                    the entire body. Relax as you are wrapped in a warm body
renowned treatments, we recommend it as a prelude to other                                                                              cocoon and your treatment specialist eases your tensions
services.                                                            This delicately scented bath uses trace marine elements to         away with a neck and scalp massage. This treatment con-
                                                                     help moisturize and remineralize the skin in your own              cludes as warm coconut milk is poured over your entire body
                                                                     private “sea.” These elements fortify the epidermis to help        and gently massaged in for astonishing healing and moistur-
WILD LAVENDER ESCAPE • 15 Minutes: $45                               prevent cellular fatigue and improve circulation, leaving you
Sink into tranquility as the scent of lavender fills the air. This                                                                      izing results.
                                                                     relaxed and rejuvenated.
bath is extremely hydrating, soothing and healing to irritated,
sun and wind burned skin.                                                                                                               SCENTSATIONAL SUNRISE • 80 Minutes: $180
                                                                                                                                        Awaken your senses with our full body Tri-Crystal micro-
MILK WHEY BATH • 15 Minutes: $45
                                                                     Body Treatments                                                    dermabrasion body scrub for the ultimate in exfoliation,
For centuries, milk baths have healed and restored dry,              Spa La Quinta’s exclusively designed body treatments refine        leaving your skin super smooth and supple. Your body is
sensitive skin. A rich blend of whey, fat and proteins from          the skin while they go deeper to detoxify, rebalance and calm.     then misted with rosemary essential oils to stimulate the
milk replenishes and retains your skin’s protective layers,          While their pampering qualities are unsurpassed, many are          skin and awaken the mind, followed by a massage with our
providing a natural cleansing and moisturizing effect.               also excellent complements to stress management regimens.          rosemary deep moisturizing lotion.

FANGO MUD BATH • 15 Minutes: $45                                     CAHUILLA SAGE COCOON • 25 Minutes: $95                             ORANGE BLOSSOM BODY FACIAL
Derived from nourishing volcanic ash and soothing pine               Sage is a centuries-old remedy used by the area’s local Cahuilla   50 Minutes: $135, 80 Minutes: $180
needle extract, finely textured fango powder provides a deeply       Indians to cleanse, calm and open up airways. Your therapist       This treatment is soothing to the skin and soul. Your body is
cleansing treatment. As you relax in a warm bath, the active         applies desert sage balm to your neck, shoulders and back,         exfoliated and polished with a citrus herbal scrub, then gently
ingredients draw toxins from your body, gently easing aches          followed by a warm herbal cocoon wrap to relax and detoxify.       misted with an orange blossom aromatherapy oil. To further
and pains. This treatment is especially good for athletes.           Feel renewed with a soothing face and scalp pressure-point         hydrate, your skin is massaged with a facial-quality lotion.
                                                                     massage.                                                           The final step is an application of either a mild glycolic poly-
                                                                                                                                        mer skin treatment with peppermint oil or aloe vera with
                                                                                                                                        grapefruit oil.
GRAPE SEED CRUSH GLOW • 25 Minutes: $95                           DESERT SUN BODY TREATMENT • 50 Minutes: $130                    NATIVE RITUAL • 80 Minutes: $180
Vitamin-rich grape seed exfoliates, refines and rehydrates        Known throughout the Caribbean and Polynesian Islands           The ritual begins with a spicy, aromatic geranium body
your skin. First, crushed grape seeds are applied to slough       for its legendary healing powers, “noni” is soothing, healing   scrub to make your skin smooth and more receptive,
dead skin cells. Then, grape seed lotion, rich in antioxidants,   and naturally tightens the skin. Relax and feel the relief as   followed by an application of a mask made from volcanic
is applied to help counter the effects of environmental dam-      your skin is soothed and hydrated by a noni body cocoon.        ash and clay blended with a botanical elixir known as one of
age. You will leave with a vibrant glow.                          To add to the experience warm coconut milk is poured over       nature’s most powerful detoxifiers. This ritual is concluded
                                                                  your body and gently massaged in, leaving you refreshed and     by an aromatherapy massage using our geranium lotion.
CITRUS SCRUB • 25 Minutes: $95                                    renewed. This is a perfect treatment for skin that has been     This treatment is designed to purify, revitalize and tighten
Salt and citrus combine in an invigorating exfoliation            overexposed to the sun.                                         your skin.
therapy. Salt is carefully applied to your body and massaged
to remove dry skin. A creamy citrus lotion rehydrates and         DETOXIFYING SEAWEED BODY MASK                                   SOLE SOOTHER • 50 Minutes: $130
leaves your skin velvety smooth; its uplifting aroma reviving     50 Minutes: $130                                                Soothe your soles with this repairative foot facial that will
your senses.                                                      Let the rebalancing effects of seaweed renew your body.         exfoliate and then quench with a penetrating butter mask
                                                                  You will be comfortably wrapped in specially selected           and cooling lotion to ease tension.
MICRODERM BODY EXFOLIATION • 25 Minutes: $95                      seaweed to stimulate your body’s perspiration and metabo-
Old World tradition meets modern technology. State of the         lism. As you luxuriate, enjoy a scalp massage and facial
                                                                  pressure-point treatment, followed by an application of         THE LA QUINTA SPORTSMAN • 80 Minutes: $185
art Tri-Crystal microdermabrasion technology combines sea
                                                                  botanically enriched satin oil.                                 This masculine treatment begins with a Tri-Crystal scrub
salt, sugar and magnesium oxide crystals to give you the deli-
                                                                                                                                  that combines Dead Sea salt, sugar from sugar cane and
cate hand applied exfoliation of a full body microdermabra-
                                                                  DETOXIFYING TRILOGY • 80 Minutes: $180                          magnesium oxide crystals for a stimulating exfoliation. You
sion, but in an application of a traditional salt scrub. This
                                                                                                                                  are then given a classic liniment rub down to enliven both
treatment features the unique “hydra-shield” formula that         Start with a full body exfoliation containing Napa Valley       your body and mind. Lastly, a sports massage using our
will intensely moisturize the body and then seals it in. The      grape seeds, which are high in antioxidants and a natural       specialty sports lotion will melt away the tension in your
results are unbelievably radiant skin.                            cleanser made from geranium essential oils, making your         tired and sore muscles.
                                                                  skin smooth and more receptive. Follow with a body cocoon
BACK-TO-BEAUTY FACIAL • 50 Minutes: $140                          that combines green tea, ginger and seaweed algae, which
                                                                  is known to help stimulate your body’s metabolism.
You will dare to bare your back after this cleansing treatment.
                                                                  Conclude this treatment with the benefits of a lemongrass
Your esthetician uses exfoliation, effleurage movements and
                                                                  body massage.
specialty masks to target breakouts, sun damage and any
personal concerns, leaving your back and upper arms
hydrated and smooth.
Facial Skin Care                                                          SEDUCTION OF THE SENSES • 80 Minutes: $180                          PROPOLIS FACIAL                  • 50 Minutes: $135
                                                                          This facial therapy for normal/dry skin indulges the senses.        Epicuren’s amazing pure corigem propolis from Brazil’s rain
You want your face to reflect your youthful sense of self.                                                                                    forests accelerates healing and helps skin repair itself. This
Yet its skin is constantly exposed to the damaging effects                Nourishing soy, wheat and oat proteins are applied to
                                                                          strengthen your skin and slow its loss of elasticity, while black   is an excellent solution for troubled facial skin and finishes
of sun, heat, wind and other environmental stresses that can                                                                                  with a deep moisturizer. Propolis is not recommended for those with
                                                                          currant and passion fruit reduce the appearance of fine lines.
leave it looking older than you feel. Spa La Quinta’s facials                                                                                 sensitivity or allergies to bees or honey products.
                                                                          You’ll also enjoy a foot and hand massage with heated mitts.
use nourishing products and antiaging therapies to cleanse,
                                                                          Music, tailored to the treatment’s flow, evokes the sounds of
hydrate and massage, revealing healthy skin that radiates
                                                                          the sea and is yours to take as a keepsake.                         Enhancements
with well-being.
                                                                                                                                              May be scheduled as an addition to any facial treatment.
For your safety, please remove contact lenses prior to facial services.   SPORTSMEN’S FACIAL • 50 Minutes: $135
                                                                                                                                              •   Hand Paraffin                                                          $30
                                                                          A cleansing and relaxing facial for skin irritated by shaving,
LA QUINTA CUSTOM FACIAL                                                   sun exposure and sports. This treatment improves skin’s             •   Foot Paraffin                                                          $30
50 Minutes: $140, 80 Minutes: $180                                        appearance and tone for a youthful vitality. Your esthetician       •   Hand and Foot Paraffin*                                                $55
This is the classic facial – a gentle cleansing treatment                 will discuss shaving techniques to minimize irritation and          •   Eye Revive®                                                            $25
customized to your skin’s unique needs and target areas.                  enhance your skin’s condition. To avoid irritation, shaving is      •   Hot Oil Scalp Treatment*                                               $45
With the 80 minute facial, your esthetician chooses active                not recommended prior to this facial.                               •   Happy Feet*                                                            $45
ingredients such as vitamin C, collagen, coenzyme Q10,
                                                                                                                                              •   Vitamin Cocktail Skin Reviver                                          $30
exotic fruity acids, pure lactic acids and the tropical plant             BABOR SEA CREATION FACIAL • 80 Minutes: $235
“sleepy morning” to revitalize and pamper.                                Thermophilus, the magical active ingredient formulated with         •   Regeneration Ampoule                                                   $10
                                                                          pearl proteins and silk, releases pure energy in the skin to cre-   •   Clarifying Ampoule 	          	 	                                      $10
RESTORATIVE BREAK • 25 Minutes: $95 (excludes extractions)                ate fresh, new cells. Conch shells are used to pour                 •   Active Lifting Ampoule                                                 $10
For a quick pick-me-up, this facial provides an instant glow.             ingredients harvested from the depths of the ocean and are          •   Express Rosacea Relief                                                 $10
Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and rehydrated in a                used in the lymph drainage massage for the rebirth of your          •   Lifting Algae Treatment                            lips: $25 and eyes: $30
                                                                          skin. Tiger cowries are placed on the meridian points and
treatment that fits even the busiest schedule.                                                                                                * Please allow extra time for these services with any treatment.
                                                                          over the eyes for a calming effect and to allow energy to flow
                                                                          freely and thus release tension.
EPICUREN™ ENZYME FACIAL TREATMENT                                                                                                             Waxing Services
50 Minutes: $145 (excludes extractions), 80 Minutes: $180                 ROSE QUARTZ • 80 Minutes: $180
This results-oriented treatment features an enzyme peel and               This moisturizing facial includes a luxurious massage with          Chin or lip waxing                      $20      Leg                      $100
two masks to draw out toxins while lifting and toning the                 rose quartz on the skin to regenerate and promote cell growth.      Eyebrow touch up                        $25      Half Leg                 $65
skin. Enzyme proteins and bacteria-fighting ingredients clear             This beautiful stone of the rain forests is known for its healing   Eyebrow Design                          $35      Bikini                   $55
away pore blockages, remove impurities and reduce rough-                  properties and high mineral content. This treatment increases       Half arm                                $55      Back                     $95
ness. The 80 minute version includes a hand massage.                      skin vitality, reduces existing lines and wrinkles, and protects    Arm                                     $95      Chest                    $65
                                                                          against premature aging.
                                                                                                                                              Underarm                                $35      Full face                $55
Massage                                                         DESERT MATCH TENNIS MASSAGE • 25 Minutes: $95                    REFLEXOLOGY • 25 Minutes: $100, 50 Minutes: $140
Treat sore muscles or simply melt away the stresses of the      This performance-oriented massage keys in on neck,               Your therapist uses thumbs and fingers on reflex points on
day with Spa La Quinta’s choice of massages. We encourage       shoulders, forearms and knees to reduce muscular tightness       the foot that correspond to all areas of the body in this
you to discuss your preferences and goals, and any medical      and soreness to prepare you for your next game.                  massage technique that is both rejuvenating and tension-
or physical considerations, with your therapist, so that your                                                                    relieving. This pressure-point massage reduces stress,
treatment thoroughly and safely meets your expectations.                                                                         increases circulation and stimulates the nervous system.
                                                                PGA WEST GOLFLEXOLOGY • 50 Minutes: $135                         The 50 minute version also includes massage to hands, head
Please specify if you prefer a male or female therapist.        This treatment is a perfect combination of our PGA West
Resort guests may enjoy massage services in their guest                                                                          and neck.
                                                                Golf Massage and the always satisfying Reflexology Massage.
room. Sacred Stone Therapy is not available for in-guest        It targets the areas most affected by golf (neck, back and
room requests.                                                  shoulders), as well as working reflex points on both hands       DEEP-TISSUE MASSAGE • 80 Minutes: $235
                                                                and feet.                                                        This therapeutic massage concentrates on breaking up scar
SACRED STONE THERAPY®                                                                                                            tissue and lactic acid build-up in the muscles and promoting
                                                                                                                                 soft-tissue healing. Your therapist will choose the correct
50 Minutes: $145, 80 Minutes: $185                              SPORTS MASSAGE • 50 Minutes: $145, 80 Minutes: $185              technique to match the physiological needs of the tissue,
The healing power of stones is legendary among Native           This specialized massage combines compression, deep trans-       progressing slowly into deeper layers of tissue to relieve
Americans. Your therapist uses smooth, warm stones to           verse friction and stretching to improve athletic                chronic patterns of tension.
release tight muscles and energy pathways through a blend       performance and help you prepare for your next game –
of gentle pressure and traditional massage.                     or recover from your last.
                                                                                                                                 LA QUINTA CUSTOM MASSAGE
MASSAGE IN TANDEM • 50 Minutes: $270                            FOUR HAND STONE MASSAGE                                          50 Minutes: $145, 80 Minutes: $185
Experience the ultimate in luxury as two therapists use a                                                                        If you experience chronic muscle tension, spasms or overuse
                                                                50 Minutes: $275, 80 Minutes: $305
variety of choreographed massage movements to relieve all                                                                        due to stress, work or athletic activities, this customized
                                                                The ultimate indulgence awaits you as two massage thera-         massage integrates a variety of techniques which may include
muscle tension. The rhythm of four hands will leave you         pists work in perfect harmony utilizing warm and cool
feeling relaxed and renewed.                                                                                                     deep pressure, trigger-point therapy, compressions and/or
                                                                stones to promote relaxation of body and soul.                   stretching to provide relief and reduce discomfort.
DESERT DUET • 50 Minutes: $260, 80 Minutes: $350                DESERT LOMI LOMI • 50 Minutes: $140, 80 Minutes: $185
Enhance the spa experience by sharing it with someone spe-      This unique rejuvenating experience combines the ancient
cial. Couples, mothers and daughters, and best friends alike    techniques of Hawaii’s master healers with desert aromas
can enjoy side-by-side massages in a treatment room for two.    and traditions. This massage gently reaches deep into the
                                                                muscles, releasing a flow of energy to invigorate and restore.
PGA WEST™ GOLF MASSAGE • 25 Minutes: $95
This specialized massage targets the areas of your body most    SHIATSU MASSAGE • 50 Minutes: $140, 80 Minutes: $185
affected by golf. You will feel tight muscles relax through     In this classic Japanese therapy, your therapist uses finger
therapeutic massage and pressure-point techniques.              and palm pressure on pressure points along major energy
                                                                pathways to release tension and increase energy circulation.
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE                                              SPA LA QUINTA SIGNATURE PACKAGE                                     A MAGNIFICENT RENEWAL
25 Minutes: $100, 50 Minutes: $140, 80 Minutes: $185              3 Hours and 45 Minutes: $395                                        6 to 7 Hours: $825
A luxurious massage enhanced by your choice of the purest of      This package combines all of our signature treatments to            The perfect pampering makeover! Put yourself in the
essential lotions with aromas drawn from around the world.        bring you a truly remarkable experience. Start with a Celestial     caring hands of our specialists who revive, rejuvenate and
This massage promotes relaxation and a revitalization of the      Shower or outdoor bath, followed by our 50 minute Orange            renew you from head to toe. This all-day experience includes:
senses.                                                           Blossom Body Facial. Next relax with our 80 minute
                                                                  La Quinta Custom Massage. This signature package                    • Fitness and Nutritional Analysis
LA QUINTA SWEDISH MASSAGE                                         concludes with an 80 minute La Quinta Custom Facial.                • Outdoor Bath or Celestial Shower®
                                                                                                                                      • Specialty Massage
25 Minutes: $95, 50 Minutes: $140, 80 Minutes: $180                                                                                   • French Body Polish
This is the time-honored classic that many people associate       DESERT WINE AND ROSES PACKAGE                                       • Skin Analysis and Facial
with the art of massage. Your therapist combines long             3 Hours and 25 Minutes: $390                                        • Hair Consultation
connective strokes, kneading and localized circular movements     The ultimate in romantic luxury begins with a soothing Desert         Choose One: Cut & Style, Color & Style or Perm & Style
to ease mind and body, promoting well-being and achieving         Rose Bath, filled with the fragrance of roses and selected essen-   • Spa Manicure and Pedicure
deep relaxation.                                                  tial oils, followed by a massage with a nurturing rose-scented      • Bento Box Lunch
                                                                  lotion. A full-body scrub uses vitamin-rich crushed grape
                                                                  seeds from California’s Napa Valley wine region. The finishing      THE SIESTA • 75 Minutes: $205
MATERNITY MASSAGE • 25 Minutes: $100, 50 Minutes: $140                                                                                A warming, cleansing and relaxing combination that includes
This relaxing massage nurtures both mother and child, while       touch is an 80 minute Rose Quartz Facial to cleanse, exfoliate,
                                                                  tighten and tone the skin while permeating your senses with a       our Celestial Shower® or outdoor bath, a 30 minute La Quinta
easing discomforts associated with pregnancy such as pressure,                                                                        Swedish Massage and a 30 minute Restorative Break Facial.
swelling and an aching back. Extra care and attention are given   beautiful floral aroma.
to your comfort and stage of pregnancy. Please let us know                                                                            BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE
the number of weeks of your pregnancy when scheduling your        SANCTUARY PACKAGE • 2 Hours: $275
                                                                  This package begins with a choice of one of our signature           Create a spa package that is personal to you. Choose three
appointment.                                                                                                                          individual services of 50 minutes or greater and receive a great
                                                                  outdoor treatments – the Celestial Shower® or outdoor bath,         package discount of 15%.
                                                                  followed by a 50 minute La Quinta Swedish Massage and a 50
La Quinta Combinations                                            minute La Quinta Custom Facial.                                     *All packages must be scheduled for the same individual on the same
For an unsurpassed Spa La Quinta experience, we’ve created                                                                            day. Treatment enhancements and waxing services cannot be booked as
several combinations of therapies that work synergistically for   ULTIMATE BLISS • 3 Hours: $395                                      part of this package. Discounts do not apply to packages, unless specified
optimal results. All packages must be scheduled for the same      First your skin is replenished with our Rainforest Body             in a special discount or offer.
individual on the same day. Special discounts do not apply to     Cocoon. Next treat yourself to the cooling relief of the Desert
packages, unless specified in the special offer.                  Sun Body Treatment. Complete the nurturing process with a
                                                                  Propolis Facial.                                                    BACK IN BALANCE • 2 Hours: $235
                                                                                                                                      After a day on the links, rebalance with a healing escape to
                                                                                                                                      Spa La Quinta. The experience begins with a private outdoor
                                                                                                                                      Celestial Shower®, then a PGA WEST Golflexology Massage to
                                                                                                                                      relieve tension in the back, neck and shoulders -- hitting reflex
                                                                                                                                      points to release stress. Finally, revive with a 30 minute facial
                                                                                                                                      or scalp massage.
Yamaguchi at Spa La Quinta                                             COLOURING ARTISTRY                                               CENTERING PEDICURE • 55 Minutes: $80
                                                                       Colour services, include style and dry. Corrective colour        Our calming pedicure includes a cleansing, essential oil
California Style Magazine picked Yamaguchi Salon as one of             clients please remember that some corrections may take
the “TOP 5 SALONS” in California and one of the “25 BEST                                                                                application, followed by massage with emollient balm,
                                                                       several appointments before optimum results are achieved.        exfoliation, paraffin dip, nail conditioning, trimming and
REASONS” to visit California!
                                                                       •   Single Process Colour          From $135                     polish application.
Celebrity stylist Billy Yamaguchi and his team of designers            •   Partial Highlights             From $160
balance and harmonize your hair, makeup and personal style             •   Full Highlights                From $225                     VEGETABLE MASQUE MANICURE
by applying the ancient principles of Feng Shui. Experience            •   Corrective Colouring           Priced by Consultation        OR PEDICURE • 55 Minutes: $70
the Yamaguchi interpretation of Feng Shui and beauty in each                                                                            A Centering Manicure or Centering Pedicure without the
of the salon’s services. All services at Yamaguchi Salon begin         MAKEUP ARTISTRY                                                  paraffin dip, adding a vegetable masque.
with a consultation, so reservations are recommened.                   •   Makeup Application             $55
                                                                       •   Eyebrow Shaping                $25                           BAMBOO AWAKENING PEDICURE • 55 Minutes: $80
Yamaguchi originated the idea and practice of integrating              •   Makeup Lesson                  $80
                                                                                                                                        Yin Yang gel is massaged on feet and lower legs after a soak
Asia’s Feng Shui philosophy into a holistic approach to                •   Bridal Makeup                  $125
                                                                                                                                        in tension-relieving salts. A bamboo massage aids circula-
beauty. Experience the Yamaguchi interpretation of Feng Shui                                                                            tion. Nails are conditioned, trimmed and buffed or polished.
in each of the salon’s services. All services at Yamaguchi begin       FENG SHUI MANICURE OR PEDICURE
                                                                       55 Minutes (Per Service): $75                                    Yamaguchi Massage Crème completes the service.
with a consultation so that they may better serve you.
                                                                       Receive a relaxing, customized massage and exfoliation
                                                                       according to your element. Your hands and/or feet are            FRENCH MANICURE OR PEDICURE • $10
HAIR SERVICES                                                          pampered with luxurious spa products. Nail polish will
                                                                       complement your skin tone and element. A cup of Yamaguchi        POLISH CHANGE • $20
•   Feng Shui Haircut with Billy Yamaguchi               From $200     tea completes the service.
                                                                                                                                        HAND AND FOOT PARAFFIN TREATMENT
•   Design Cut and Style                                 From $85
•   Blow Dry or Set                                      From $55
                                                                       HAYAKU MANICURE • 25 Minutes: $45                                25 Minutes: $55
                                                                       A cleansing of the hands, nail and cuticle shaping, emollient    Hot towels remove daily stresses before an exfoliation and
•   Blow Dry with Flat Iron                              From $110     balm and polish application.                                     massage with emollient balm. A quick immersion in paraffin
•   Formal Styling                       (Up-do)         From $85                                                                       infused with essential oils completes this lavish treatment.
•   Bridal Styling                                       From $125     HAYAKU PEDICURE • 25 Minutes: $55
•   Permanents and Straightening                         From $165     A cleansing of the feet, nail shaping, cuticle conditioning,     SPA GEL • Full: $100, Fill: $65
•   Bamboo Conditioning Treatment (20 minutes) From $45                emollient balm and polish application.                           A European alternative to beautiful, healthy nails.
•   Essential Oil Scalp Treatment       (20 minutes) From $40
•   Japanese Hair Straightening               Priced by Consultation   CENTERING MANICURE • 55 Minutes: $70
                                                                       A relaxing manicure including a hand and lower-arm               Please confirm salon appointments by calling 760.777.4888. ­Pricing for services
•   Children’s Cuts                           Priced by Consultation                                                                    are subject to change. The salon requires a 24-hours notice for cancellations.
                                                                       massage, nail and cuticle conditioning, polish application and
                                                                                                                                        Any cancellations after the required time or those who do not show up for their
                                                                       moisturizing paraffin dip. Luxurious spa products clean, exfo-   appointment will result in their credit card being charged for the services or their
                                                                       liate and moisturize.                                            gift certificate being redeemed for the amount of scheduled services.
Children and Young Adult Collection                                                            Aromatherapy Massage
                                                                                               Massage enhanced by essential lotions with aromas. Child can choose from a
Spa La Quinta invites children and young adults to experience “spa” with our new               variety lotions.
children and young adult spa menu. Children under the age of 18 can also enjoy a               25 Minutes: $70                 50 Minutes: $105
massage side by side with a parent or guardian in our couple’s massage room.

Treatment Combinations                                                                         Young Athlete Massage
                                                                                               Gentle, yet stimulating liniment rub, followed by a customized sports massage.
Papaya and Pineapple Body Scrub and Coconut Milk Massage                                       25 Minutes: $70                    50 Minutes: $105
Skin exfoliation with a tropical papaya/pineapple body scrub; followed by a warm
coconut milk massage.
50 Minutes       $105                                                                          Facials
Mandarin Orange Body Scrub and Vanilla/Coconut Massage                                         Pre-Teen Facial
Skin exfoliation with a mandarin orange, walnut and almond body scrub; followed by a           An experienced esthetician will perform a special facial, featuring Youth Skincare
vanilla bean/coconut massage.                                                                  products. Throughout this experience, each child and young adult will be educated on the
50 Minutes       $105                                                                          importance of proper skincare, acne prevention and sun protection. Parents are welcome
                                                                                               to be a part of this experience.
Island Sunset Body Cocoon and Massage                                                          25 Minutes: $70                    50 Minutes: $105
A little bit of island relaxation in the desert! A “noni” body cocoon, followed by a coconut
milk massage.                                                                                  ZAP IT! Facial
50 Minutes         $105                                                                        State-of-the-art acne fighting facial using products specifically designed to work
                                                                                               together to diminish acne causing bacteria and stimulate the skin’s own immune system.
Massage Treatments                                                                             50 Minutes: $105

Orange & Cream Massage                                                                         Sun Dancer Facial
Swedish massage where orange sherbet and French vanilla lotions are swirled over the           A little TLC after a day in the desert sun. Noni gel is the key element of this facial; it
body and massaged in to perfection.                                                            will nourish and sooth the skin.
25 Minutes: $70                 50 Minutes: $105                                               50 Minutes: $105
We Want You To Know                                               LATE ARRIVALS AND CANCELLATIONS                                    SPA LA QUINTA HOURS
                                                                  If you arrive late, the length of your treatment will be reduced   Hours may vary seasonally.
UPON ARRIVAL                                                      to end as scheduled, allowing our therapists to take their
Please check in 20 minutes prior to your first scheduled          next scheduled appointment on time. If you must cancel,            SPAmigos
spa service at the Spa La Quinta reception desk.                  please call 24 hours in advance to avoid the cancellation fee.     For spa updates and special discounts, join SPAmigos online
We encourage you to allow extra time to enjoy our steam           If you must reschedule your appointment, please notify the         at visit
room, aromatherapy lounges, showers, coed outdoor                 spa six hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid a
whirlpool spa and our centerpiece, the lushly landscaped          50% service charge.
Sanctuary Courtyard.
                                                                  ARE SPA PRODUCTS AND GIFTS AVAILABLE?
WHAT DO I BRING?                                                  You can purchase many of the products used in our
A robe, sandals, towels and lockers are provided for your         treatments, as well as other spa gifts, in Oasis (spa shop)
use. Please remove jewelry prior to treatment. Safe deposit       located at the entrance of Spa La Quinta.
boxes are provided at the men’s and women’s attendant
desks. Please bring a bathing suit if you plan to use our coed    OUR TIPPING POLICY
whirlpool.                                                        Gratuities for therapists are discretionary. Please ask
                                                                  the spa consultant for guidelines when you make your
PREPARING FOR YOUR TREATMENT                                      reservations or at check-in.
To avoid irritation, shaving is not recommended prior to
body treatments. For your safety, please remove contact           WHAT SHOULD I COMMUNICATE TO YOU?
lenses prior to facial services.                                  Please advise our staff if you have allergies, are pregnant,
                                                                  recovering from recent surgery, taking any medical treat-
SPA ETIQUETTE                                                     ments or have any existing medical concerns. We will gladly
                                                                  discuss your goals, preferences and answer questions.
For the comfort of all guests, please turn off cellular phones,
laptops and pagers prior to arrival. Smoking is prohibited in     WHERE CAN I FIND YOU?
the spa and alcohol is not recommended before or after            Spa La Quinta is located at the legendary La Quinta Resort
treatments. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone      & Club, in the Greater Palm Springs area. For driving
appearing to be under the influence of alcohol. Your therapist    directions, please call 760.777.4805 or visit us online
may terminate the service, without a refund, if inappropriate     at
language or actions occur.

CHILDREN ARE WELCOME                                              R.S.V.P.
                                                                  Please confirm your reservations by calling 760.777.4800.
At Spa La Quinta we welcome children from the ages of 8
and older. Children under the age of 18 must be accompa-
nied by an adult and/or guardian; a waiver of liability must
be signed for every child. Children under the age of 18 are
not permitted to use the spa facilities, such as the steam
room or water features in our Sanctuary Courtyard.
49-499 Eisenhower Drive, La Quinta, CA 92253
Telephone: 760.777.4800            Toll Free: 877.527.7721      Reservation Fax: 760.564.5723
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Description: The word SPA comes from Latin (Solus Par Aqua), Solus is healthy, Par for the by, Aqua means water, so water SPA is healthy. Belgium has a small town called sun city SPAU, Roman, residents found here Emission many springs, low salt, drinking or bathing beneficial to human body. Residents this spring treatment of disease, this is the SPA of origin. Seventeenth and eighteenth century, became popular in Europe SPA, the current swept the world. It combines the use of natural water bath, massage and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, to meet the human hearing (efficacy of music), smell (natural flowers and incense), visual (natural scenery), taste (health food), touch (massage care) and meditation (heart relaxation) and other six kinds of basic needs of sensory pleasure, achieve a kind of fun physical and mental enjoyment.