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The educational arm of the Georgia Association of Homes by tiffanitheisen


									The educational arm of the Georgia Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (GAHSA)

Call For Presentations
REVISED: JULY 25, 2008                                              PARTNERSHIP IN EDUCATION EVENTS 2009-2010

                                                   General Faculty Registration
                              You are                                                            General Information
                              invited to
                                                   All presenters are required to register
                              submit an                                                          It is not necessary to be a member of
                                                   online. Since the Professional Develop-
                              applica-                                                           GAHSA to submit a session application.
                                                   ment & Education Committee convenes
                              tion to                                                            However, other considerations being
                                                   quarterly to adjust the events schedule
                              present as                                                         equal, preference will be given to appli-
                                                   according to GAHSA members’ continu-
                               a 2009—                                                           cations from members. To join GAHSA,
                                                   ing education needs, a response to your
   Georgia Institute on        2010                                                              visit
                                                   application to present may not be pro-
      Aging/Georgia            Joint
  Association of Homes &
                                                   vided for up to 90 days. The committee
  Services for the Aging                           and Georgia Institute on Aging staff          Since we wish to provide a forum for
                                                   reserve the right of approval based on        presentations not only by experienced
                               of the
                                                   GAHSA membership survey results               professionals, but also by national ex-
 Georgia Institute on Aging and Georgia
                                                   regarding issue and topic area. In addi-      perts in the field, we require a detailed
 Association of Homes and Services for
                                                   tion, Please be sure to keep a copy of        abstract of the proposed sessions (to
 the Aging Professional Development
                                                   your request.                                 include goals and objectives) as well as
 and Education Event Speaker (Event
                                                                                                 information on background and experi-
 calendar: January 2009—April 2010).
                                                   Conference Faculty                            ence (Bio/Resume/CV).
 The GAHSA Annual Conference on                    Registration
 Aging, with nearly 200 attendees, is
 recognized as a premier source for edu-
                                                                                                 •    Special attention will be given to
                                                   All presenters are required to register for        proposals that relate to the theme of
 cation for aging services providers in the        the conference. Presenter registration fees        the conference or events listings
 southeast to include professional devel-          are waived if your are not attending the           from surveys and evaluations.
 opment and leadership programs , a fo-            entire conference/session. Your actual
 rum for policy discussions and advo-
 cacy, and a prime source of information
                                                   registration fee will vary depending upon     •    More than one application may be
                                                   when you register and whether you wish             submitted by an individual in any
 on new research findings on aging.                to attend the full conference or just the          of the formats; however, priority
                                                   day of your presentation. GAHSA and                will be given to allowing opportu-
 Important Information                             GIA cannot pay travel, per diem or other           nities for more individuals to pre-
                                                   costs for presenters unless negotiated             sent. We prize diversity.
 for All Presenters                                otherwise.
                                                                                                 •    It is important to indicate accu-
 Submitting Your Application                       Conference Presentation                            rately the level of prior knowledge
                                                   Schedule                                           assumed for session attendees. We
 Applications must be submitted online.                                                               encourage more presentations of an
 Preference is given to those agreeing to                                                             advanced level, as well as some
                                                   The 2009 GAHSA/SCANPHA Annual
 join our volunteer faculty.                                                                          that cover the basics.
                                                   Conference will be held March 30 -
                                                   April 1, 2009 in Augusta at the Mar-          •    Use of handouts, demonstrations
 See next page for information and appli-
                                                   riott Hotel and Resort on the River
 cation form.                                                                                         and audience involvement is highly
 If you have problems with the online
 form, please contact the Institute staff,         Since the annual conference involves          •    Reading of papers is discouraged.
 via e-mail at Do            several presentations, it is impossible to         However, associate GAHSA mem-
 not submit proposals by e-mail unless             schedule sessions according to individual          bers are granted opportunities to
 you have contacted the conference staff.          requests. Please be sure to keep your              submit articles in the GAHSA
                                                   calendar clear for the entire program              monthly newsletter (Coffey Break).
                                                   presentations until you receive formal
 Note: The deadline for submissions to             notification of your schedule in February     •    Session organizers are encouraged
 be included in the 2009 Annual Con-               2009.                                              to include presenters from around
 ference is September 22, 2008.                                                                       the country. Sessions involving
 You will receive an e-mail confirming                                                                multiple presenters from different
 receipt of your proposal. We will notify          Audiovisual Equipment Rental
                                                                                                      organizations within the southeast
 you in January to let you know whether                                                               region will be given preference due
 your application has been accepted.               Overhead and slide projectors are avail-           to fiscal restraints.
                                                   able to presenters upon request at no
 For further information:                          charge. Presenters will be asked to con-      •    In order to assure the highest qual-
 Phone (404) 872-9191 ext. 19                      tribute to the cost of video equipment,            ity educational program and the
 Fax (404) 872-1737                                LCDs or projection systems. Rental fee             greatest breadth of issues covered,
 E-mail:                       information will be sent to all whose              staff reserves the right to combine
                                                   applications are accepted. Presenters are          sessions or group a number of pres-
                                                   also welcome to bring their own equip-             entations in a single time period.

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