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									Sprite looks to outdoor to boost brand preference

By 2000 the momentum of Sprite’s 1996 UK relaunch was flagging and sales growth had slowed
significantly. The global strategy of urging consumers to "Obey your thirst" was now failing to
drive enough new impulse purchases.

From July to September 2001, the Coca-Cola brand ran a multi-format outdoor campaign
targeted at the youth market. The idea was to position the brand as the ultimate cool soft drink
among teens and improve brand preference scores.

The strategy, which used the tagline "Who needs labels, Obey your thirst", was designed to
drive Sprite's market share and establish them as first choice over rivals Pepsi Max, Fanta and
Dr Pepper.

Campaign results

A survey of 15-to-24-year-olds in London found that the campaign had delivered mass
awareness, with 71% prompted recall.

The bulk of the awareness was driven by the bus and Underground activity with 63% of those
questioned attributing their recall to these formats.

The total outdoor campaign also boosted both spontaneous brand awareness and brand
preference. Spontaneous brand awareness rose from nothing before the campaign to 7% for
first mentions in response to the question "Which brands of soft fizzy drink spring to mind?" and
from 18% to 40% for all mentions.

At the same time brand preference rose from 3% citing Sprite as their first choice fizzy drink
prior to the advertising activity to 12%.
Outdoor helped Sprite refresh its cool credentials and put it higher up the pecking order in the
critical soft drinking consuming teen market.

Campaign details

Creative Agency        Lowe
Media Agency           BBJ
Research Agency        Campbell Daniels Marketing Research (CDMR)
Outdoor Specialist Posterscope
Date                   July 2001-September 2001
Duration               Two months
Weight                 10 x Mega Rears for one month
                       2,206 x Supersides for two weeks
                       300 x Underground 6 sheets for two weeks
                       50 x Underground 48 sheets for one month
                       4 x banners for two months
                       3,197 x roadside 6 sheets for two weeks
                       50 x roadside 48 sheets for two weeks
                       2,293 x washroom panels for one month
                       280 x Adrail 6 sheets for two weeks
Coverage bought        N/A


Contact                Martin Daniels
                       Campbell Daniels Marketing Research (CDMR)
                       T: 01993 878001
                       E: martin@cdmrltd.com

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