I. FIBA Europe youth EVENT logos

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I. FIBA Europe youth EVENT logos
1. youth event logo measures

FIBA Europe                                                    07/03/2007
Page 2 of 6                           FIBA Europe Event Logo guidelines

2. Youth event logo modules


MODULE 1 – Competition specific Illustration
     Logo-type element to provide event and local flavour, colour scheme to complement FIBA Europe applied colour.
     Background should be consistently white.
     Date of the tournament must be indicated.
     Country and Place may be indicated (optional).
     No advertising must be visible or insinuated!

Module 2 - Competition Title
     Indicating competition name, division (only if Division B or C), country and year.
     Typeset in FIBA typeface.
     Title appears in alternating colours of white and a colour sampled from the competition-specific illustration.
     Background should be consistently FIBA Europe blue.

Module 3 - FIBA Europe Logo Signature
Vertical version of the FIBA Europe logo.

Module 4 - Border
Framing the complete event logo in FIBA Europe blue.

FIBA Europe                                                                                                           07/03/2007

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