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Serving Mississippi
                                                                                  JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2005

        Mississippi State looks ahead, sets goals for 2010
    As Mississippi State looks to the future, we     Research and outreach                               Reputation
will focus our energies and resources during            MSU will expand its annual research grants          Helping us move
the next five years on priorities that will          and contracts to at least $200 million from last    into the top tier among
strengthen the university and its ability to serve   year’s level of $150 million. The university will   universities as ranked
Mississippi.                                         focus on research with potential for                by external reviewers
    Primary objectives for 2010 are to:              commercialization, and work to create 15 new        will be an increase in
    • Significantly increase enrollment              business start-ups and industry partnerships.       Ph.D. production, more
    • Increase research capacity and industrial      We will expand assistance to small businesses       distinguished faculty
       outreach                                      and attract new high-wage, high-tech private        positions and faculty awards, greater faculty
    • Transform the campus infrastructure            sector jobs to the Thad Cochran Research,           successes in competitive research funding and
    • Improve assessment and accountability          Technology, and Economic Development Park.          publication, and continued improvements in
    • Move to the top tier in reputation and                                                             our students’ academic profile and graduation
                                                     Campus infrastructure                               rates.
    • Strengthen engagement with partners
                                                        MSU will implement a long-term building
                                                     maintenance and upgrade plan as well as a           Engagement
Enrollment                                           campus-wide landscape beautification effort.            MSU will strengthen partnerships in the
    The university is planning for a 2010            We also are upgrading streets and parking and       local community and throughout the state. We
enrollment of approximately 20,000 students,         adopting a fee structure to sustain those           are prepared to do our part to make
which would represent an increase of about           improvements, which will include an expanded        partnerships flourish by listening to the
4,000 from this year’s level. Growth will allow      shuttle system and more pedestrian-friendly         constituencies we serve, respecting the
for economies of scale that provide better           campus.                                             capacities of our partners, and providing our
opportunities for all of our students.
                                                                                                         fair share of the resources required for
    To help attract more students, MSU is
upgrading its residence halls and other facilities
                                                     Assessment and accountability                       success.
                                                        MSU will complete its ongoing                        We look forward to working with state
and working closely with the surrounding
                                                     implementation of performance-based                 policy makers, alumni and friends, and
community to ensure a student-friendly
                                                     budgeting and the use of performance metrics        business and industry to realize our vision for
environment. We also are expanding
                                                     for personnel evaluation. We will use federal       Mississippi State in 2010.
scholarship availability through the current
“State of the Future” capital campaign. We           funds to enhance faculty competitiveness,
intend to be able to provide a full offset of        while focusing on peer or better institutions for
tuition for Mississippi students with a ‘B’          new faculty hires. The university also will
average from families with annual incomes            explore outsourcing some functions to reduce                                         J. Charles Lee
                                                     costs, and eliminate low-demand degree and                                                President
below $40,000.
                                                     research programs.
      Program promotes food safety in child care centers
   Two Mississippi State University units and       and a software platform developed by CAVS           on individual modules that are as short as 15
the state’s top health office are working           research scientists, it offers self-paced           minutes.
together on a new program to help child care        instruction in an interactive format.                  The project was tested in pilot sessions on
centers adopt a series of simple steps that can         Developed with a $280,000 grant from the        the MSU campus and will be rolled out
                       prevent food-related         U.S. Department of Agriculture, the new             statewide in the spring.
                       illnesses.                   TummySafe curriculum now is as close as a              Participants in the TummySafe certification
                            “TummySafe” is the      personal computer and the local extension           learn about food safety and food hazards; the
                       title of a food-safety       office. TummySafe will cost users nothing           importance and correct methods of hand-
                       certification effort being   during the first two years of the project.          washing; correct ways to purchase and store
                       coordinated by the MSU           Child care providers without personal           foods; ways to cook food properly; and food
                       Extension Service, the       computer access will be able to use computers       topics for infants and babies.
                       university’s Center for      in MSU Extension offices around the state or           Participants begin with a pre-test and must
Advanced Vehicular Systems, and the state           opt for in-person training. Travel will be          successfully complete a post-test for
Department of Health. Using computer delivery       minimal, and they can work at their own pace        certification.

       Teachers will get hands-on technology training at mine
  Mississippi State will partner with nearby        Project SMART July 11-22 with a grant of            technology training during a two-week
Red Hills Mine next summer to help science,         $197,600 from the Appalachian Regional              workshop on the MSU campus and at the
mathematics and technology teachers in a 12-        Commission and another $21,500 from the             Ackerman-based mine, which is operated by
county area acquire real-world skills and high-     Choctaw County mine.                                Mississippi Lignite Mining Co.
tech resources they can pass on to their              Project SMART—Science and Mathematics                 Targeted for participation in the program
students.                                           Advancement and Reform utilizing                    will be science, math and technology teachers
  The university’s Center for Science,              Technology—will allow eight teams of three          in grades 7-12 from school districts in a dozen
Mathematics and Technology will conduct             teachers each to participate in intensive           ARC-designated counties in Northeast
                                                                                                        Mississippi: Chickasaw, Choctaw, Clay,
                                                                                                        Kemper, Marshall, Montgomery, Noxubee,
       Report focuses on rural schools’ futures                                                         Oktibbeha, Panola, Webster, Winston, and
    Rural schools and communities share an important and often fragile relationship, according to
                                                                                                           At Red Hills Mine, teachers will study the
a special report recently released by the Southern Rural Development Center.
                                                                                                        development and operation of a lignite coal
    “The Role of Education: Promoting the Economic and Social Vitality of Rural America” calls
                                                                                                        mine and an adjacent power plant, Tractebel
                            attention to the areas where progress can be made to reverse
                                                                                                        Electricity and Gas, and learn how to integrate
                              urbanization and resource massing trends.
                                                                                                        the technology into their classrooms.
                                   The report follows three years of research by the U.S. Department
                                                                                                           Upon completing the workshop, each team
                                 of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, the Rural School and
                                                                                                        of teachers will be provided with a
                                   Community Trust, and the SRDC, based at Mississippi State.
                                                                                                        “SMARTcart” that can be used to conduct
                                         Available online and in print, “The Role of Education” has
                                       sections on education, human capital and the local economy;      hands-on technology training in their
                                         links between rural schools and communities; and creating      classrooms. Each SMARTcart will include a
                                           successful rural schools and students. Fifteen authors       laptop computer, SMARTboard, computer
                                             from nine institutions of higher learning contributed.     projection system, digital camera, printer, and
                                                 To view “The Role of Education: Promoting the          mobile cart.
                                             Economic and Social Vitality of Rural America” online,       PASCO Scientific, a company that
                                    visit To   manufactures scientific equipment, will provide
                           request a printed copy, write to or call       training in use of sensors and curriculum
                   662-325-3207.                                                                        materials, and an MSU graduate student will
              The mission of the SRDC is to strengthen the capacity of the region’s 29 land-grant       visit each team each semester to support
  institutions to address rural development issues impacting people and communities in the rural        classroom implementation of the technology.
            Scope technology improving CVM animal treatments
       The MSU College of Veterinary Medicine            both routine and specialized endoscopic               surgery. Scope technology has revolutionized
    recently purchased a number of new flexible          procedures.                                           veterinary medicine because it allows surgeons
    and rigid endoscopes for clinical use,                  The devices allow for minimally invasive           to see areas that otherwise are difficult to
    completing the array of scopes necessary for         diagnoses and treatments, often avoiding              assess.
                                                                                                                   Scopes often are used to place feeding
                                                                                                               tubes in cats with hepatic lipidosis, or fatty

            Landscape architecture students                                                                    liver. This severe liver disease used to be
                                                                                                               almost always fatal because cats would stop

            study downtown Starkville                                                                          eating and eventually starve to death. Now, in
                                                                                                               about five to 10 minutes, veterinarians can use
                                                                                                               the scope to put a feeding tube in the cat’s
         Six Mississippi State landscape architecture graduate students recently completed a 15-week
                                                                                                               stomach. The tube is well-tolerated, and the
     challenge to “re-think” the look of downtown Starkville and make recommendations to enhance
                                                                                                               cat can be at home and active, with the owners
     its appearance and economic development potential.
                                                                                                               feeding via the tube twice a day until the cat’s
         The semester-long education project was commissioned by the Starkville Downtown Business
                                                                                                               appetite comes back and the fatty liver
                                                          Association. The results, titled the “Old Main
                                                          District,” were presented to the merchants’
                                                                                                                   Veterinarians use the scopes to examine the
                                                          association, which agreed there’s much in the
                                                                                                               nasal passages, trachea and major airways,
                                                          plan to think about.
                                                                                                               esophagus, stomach and much of the small
                                                              Among ideas presented were a government
                                                                                                               intestine, all of the large intestine and colon,
                                                          center fronting Jefferson Street, with
                                                                                                               and the urethra and urinary bladder on most
                                                          landscaping, improved parking, and a possible
                                                                                                               dogs and cats. Looking at the inner surface of
                                                          stage area for concerts to give a visual “center”
                                                                                                               these various hollow organs and tubes allows
                                                          to the complex and provide an anchor for a
                                                                                                               for diagnosis of foreign bodies, infections,
                                                          northern sector of the community.
                                                                                                               tumors, and inflammatory conditions.
                                                              Among other parts of the master plan that
                                                                                                                   The arthroscope is used to diagnose and
                                                          could be phased in over time are: the addition
                                                                                                               treat joint injuries and disorders. Arthroscopy,
                                                          of Main Street plantings to create areas
                                                                                                               combined with computed tomography, or CT,
Landscape architecture instructor Pete Melby (l) and      friendly to pedestrians; a Main Street
                                                                                                               has allowed veterinary surgeons to recognize
graduate student Paul Boals, a member of the design team. turnaround and clock tower to provide a visual
                                                                                                               and treat disorders like osteoarthritis before
                                                          “end” to the street; expanded bicycle paths to
                                                                                                               they become debilitating.
     link downtown with the Mississippi State campus; a Museum District with a park and lake; and
                                                                                                                   The veterinary college also recently began
     the addition of signage to clearly mark the Old Main District.
                                                                                                               to provide treatment of some small animal
                                                                                                               abdominal and chest conditions using
                                                                                                               endoscopic surgical techniques. Laparoscopic
                                                                                                               surgery for the abdomen and thorocoscopic
                                                                        Starkville native Lucius T. Outlaw     surgery for the chest are primarily available at
                                                                        Jr., associate provost at Vanderbilt   only a handful of veterinary surgical referral
                                                                        University, was the speaker for the    centers throughout the country. Endoscopes
                                                                        11th annual Martin Luther King
                                                                        Day Unity Breakfast at MSU on          may also be used with horses and sometimes
                                                                        Jan. 17. More than 400 university      cows.
                                                                        and community representatives
                                                                                                                   The scopes give veterinary students a real-
                                                                        turned out for the event, co-
                                                                        sponsored by the Greater Starkville    life experience they otherwise might not have.
                                                                        Development Partnership. As part
                                                                        of the university’s Black History
                                                                        Month observance in February,
                                                                        Southern Poverty Law Center co-
                                                                        founder and chief counsel Morris
                                                                        Dees Jr. of Montgomery was to
                                                                        speak on campus.
Accreditation process done                       Corporation’s annual report. The figure is up        Swalm founded Texas Olefins petrochemical
    Mississippi State has completed follow-up    from 24 the previous year.                        manufacturing firm in Houston, Texas, in 1968
reporting to the Southern Association of            Other Mississippi institutions enrolling       and sold the company in 1996. His donations
Colleges and Schools (SACS) in response to       National Merit Scholars were the University of    to MSU since 1988 total more than $20
recommendations included in the reaffirmation    Mississippi, with 29; University of Southern      million.
committee report of April 2003. A First          Mississippi, with seven; and Millsaps College
Monitoring Report, submitted in September        and Mississippi College, with one each. MSU       Nanotech scientist cited
2004, was accepted at the December 2004          has led the state in Merit Scholars for five of      An MSU professor is among 86 of the
SACS annual meeting and no further reports       the past six years.                               nation’s top nanotechnology scientists
are requested.                                                                                     competing for a portion of $1 million in seed
    The September report addressed MSU’s         BB players graduating                             grants designed to spark research in the field.
efforts to comply with six peer review              An analysis published in the Chronicle of         Adrienne Minerick, an assistant professor
committee recommendations related to             Higher Education in December shows                of chemical engineering, joined researchers
institutional planning and evaluation. Eleven    Mississippi State doing well in graduating its    from academia, industry and government to
of the seventeen total recommendations           basketball players.                               explore the future of nanoscience in medical
included in the reaffirmation committee’s           The higher education newspaper took the        imaging, materials science, biological
report already had been satisfied with           Associated Press Top 25 men’s teams in pre-       machines, and tissue engineering. Each
submission of MSU’s October 2003                 season rankings and figured graduation rates      participant at the annual National Academies
institutional response.                          for players who entered college from 1994 to      Keck Futures Initiative Designing
    MSU conducted its decennial self-study in    1998, along with won-loss records and team        Nanostructures conference became eligible for
2001-2003, concluding with a reaffirmation       revenues. MSU was ranked No. 12 in the            $1 million in seed grants of up to $75,000
visit in April 2003, and accreditation was       preseason poll, and ranked No. 1 in player        each to begin new lines of collaborative
reaffirmed by the SACS Commission on             graduation rate among the Top 25 with 75          research.
Colleges at the December 2003 annual             percent.
meeting. MSU’s next reaffirmation of
accreditation is scheduled for 2014, with the    Scholarship fund started
internal review process to begin in 2011.            Former Brookhaven resident Dave C. Swalm
                                                 has established a $5 million scholarship fund
Merit Scholar numbers up                         at MSU to help students from his hometown.
   Mississippi State enrolled 31 entering        Brookhaven students majoring in any technical
freshman National Merit Scholars in Fall 2004,   field at MSU may qualify for $2,500 annual
according to the National Merit Scholarship      awards.

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