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					                                                                                                          Issue 2

      The Western Earth Sciences Record                                                                   Apr. 2003
                                                                                                          Editor: P. King

                                                                       the initiative with the focus being seismic data
     In this                                                           acquisition transmittance and interpretation
      Issue                                                            using large seismic arrays.
                                                                          (iii) We received a grant from Imperial Oil
From the Chair.............................................1           to support a yearly field trip. This September
Faculty and Staff ..........................................2          Guy Plint, Jisuo Jin and Claudia Cochrane
Students.........................................................2     will lead the inaugural Imperial Oil Field
Events ............................................................3   Trip to Manitoulin Island. The trip will
Initiatives ......................................................4    include second, third and fourth year students.
Upcoming events ..........................................6               (iv) During the spring break, David
Fossil Record ................................................6        Lescinsky and Penny King led a voluntary
Contact Us! ...................................................8       field trip to Hawaii. By all accounts the trip
                                                                       was a spectacular success, both for the
   From                                                                geology and the scenery. There have been
 the Chair                                                             many pictures circulated since the trip,
                                                                       culminating in a show and tell session. Next
Lalu Mansinha retired as Department Chair                              year Jisuo Jin has volunteered to lead a trip to
on December 31, and I am now in the harness.                           the Caribbean (or Bermuda?) to study the
Since the last letter we have had successes, a                         ecology and sedimentation of a modern
drastic reorganization of the curriculum, and                          carbonate platform.
some new initiatives.                                                     The curriculum will be completely altered
The Successes:                                                         for the 2004-2005 academic year. It has taken
   (i) We received permission from the                                 an enormous amount of work to establish the
Administration to advertise two new faculty                            new curriculum and the Faculty have
positions, one in Structural Geology and the                           responded as only a young, vigorous Faculty
other in Physics of Earth and Planetary                                can. We hope to have the syllabus established
Interiors. The first is to replace the                                 by January. Norm Duke and his curriculum
contributions of John Starkey and Bill Church                          committee have to be commended for the
(both retired, 2002). The second is to replace                         many hours they devoted to this effort. Please
Dr. Alessandro Forte who is leaving us for a                           read the note on the curriculum on page 5.
CRC Chair in Montreal. These are critical                                 The new initiatives include an increased
positions that will broaden our research                               emphasis on Resources and Sustainability in
efforts and allow us to teach core courses.                            the Geology Program and a new prominence
   (ii) The Department received the entire                             for research in meteoritics. Please read more
subsurface dataset for the Western Canada                              about these exciting initiatives on page 4.
Basin, a gift worth $30,000,000, primarily                                There is much more that could be written
through the efforts of Guy Plint. With this                            but I will save it for the next installment.
donation from a consortium of Western
Canada Petroleum companies, we wish to                                  Cordially,
establish a special initiative in Subsurface                            H. Wayne Nesbitt
Sensing and Interpretative Techniques.                                  Chair,
Guy also received the software necessary to                             Dept. Earth Sciences
access the data. Dave Eaton and his Polaris
Seismic Laboratory will be an integral part of

                                                  Andrea Gerson, Ian Wark Inst., Adelaide,
    Faculty                                       Australia, involved in joint research ventures.
    & Staff                                       Jamie Noel, Chemistry Department, taught
                                                  "Introduction to Geochemistry".
New faculty appointment                           Roger Smart, Ian Wark Inst., Adelaide,
Dr. Kristy                                        Australia, involved in joint research ventures.
Tiampo was
recently hired
as a Geophysics                                    Students
assistant prof-                                      .....
essor, specializ-
ing in crustal                                    Graduate Student Life, 2003 (C. Ozyer)
deformation                                       With the summer upon us, graduate students
and geo-                                          are on their way to research areas in exciting
dynamics.                                         locations such as Ireland, South Africa,
                                                  Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic, to name
She is particularly interested in using seismic   a few. Others are staying at home in the cool
data and nonlinear inversion techniques and       air-conditioned lab, using some of the many
applies her research to active earthquakes,       new departmental facilities.
deformation and hazards at volcanoes. Dr.             Life for the graduate student changed
Tiampo will join the department in summer         drastically this year with a reduction in the
2003.                                             number of courses so that students begin their
Martha Anthony, our undergraduate                 thesis research earlier. Also, the mandatory
secretary, departed upon the birth of her         graduate seminar course (580/680) has been
daughter Laura. Katherine Johnston, the           reduced to a half course. The other major
interim undergraduate secretary, departed in      change to graduate student life was a new
January to take a Secretary IV position with      financial support initiative from the Faculty of
the Department of Economics. Tanis                Graduate Studies (FGS). Now, qualified
MacNamara, is the current interim                 Ph.D. students are only admitted if an annual
undergraduate secretary.                          financial package of $17,000 is secured.
The Robert and Ruth Lumsden Earth                     The summer of 2001 saw the inception of
Sciences Research Award (2002-2003) was           the departmental co-ed baseball team, the
awarded to Jisuo Jin. He will use the funds to    “Shrunken Monkey Heads”. On a weekly
support an international visiting scientist to    basis the team played other departments on
study the great Ordovician biodiversification     campus. With the large numbers of players in
event, the late Ordovician mass extinction and    2002, it appears 2003 will see the inception of
the post-extinction Silurian recovery. This       a second departmental team; name TBA. We
study is part of an International Geological      look forward to another summer out on the
Correlation Project (IGCP).                       Huron Flats, as well as post game analysis at
                                                  the Grad Club. The department also has a
Recent adjunct professor appointments
                                                  volleyball team (also Shrunken Monkey
Bill Blackburn, retired Univ. Windsor
professor, was involved in the graduate
                                                      The Grad Club, a favorite get-away
courses: "Graduate Seminar" and "Water on
                                                  (hideaway) for grad students became non-
Planetary Bodies".
                                                  smoking in January 2003, making their
Maria Cioppa, Univ. Windsor assistant
                                                  selection of 18 fine beers on tap all the much
professor, is advising UWO Ph.D. students.
                                                  easier to enjoy. The patio boasts new furniture
Claudia Cochrane, UWO alumnus, will be
                                                  and a canopy so it can be enjoyed during
teaching the new "Applied Petroleum
                                                  inclement weather, especially late in the year.
Geology" course.

Hawaii Field Trip, 2003 (S. Laloo)
On February 20th 2003, 18 Earth Scientists
(undergraduate and graduate students and
staff) from Western embarked upon an 11-day
journey. Destination: Hawai'i. The trip to
Hawaii was organized by the Department of
Earth Sciences (with additional support from
the Faculty of Science and Hodder Fund) to
give budding young geologists, geophysicists,
and environmentalists a chance to see and             Sean Bosman and Barry Graves in a lava tube.
experience active volcanoes.                           We visited lots of craters, walked in the
     For 11 adventurous days, the group visited    Thurston lava tube, examined spatter cones
two of the five islands that compromise            near Halemaumau, collected reticulite (very
Hawai'i: Hawai'i (a.k.a. The Big Island) and       fragile igneous glass), and saw numerous lava
O'ahu. The majority of the trip was spent in       flows (aa and pahoehoe). We also saw the
the Hilo region of Hawai'i where we camped         beginnings of epithermal gold deposits at
in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, an area        volcanic vents. For the biologists and
still volcanically active. We took advantage of    environmentalists, there were visits to the rain
the location by following a densely packed         forest, a research laboratory NELHA
schedule, which allowed for maximum use of         (National Energy Laboratory of Hawaii
the allocated time while covering as many          Authority), Puna Geothermal Venture, Lava
different components of Hawai'i as possible.       Trees State Park (observing the remains of
     From my perspective, among the many           trees left behind after a lava flow), as well as
highlights of the trip, a few were life            snorkeling at various beaches.
experiences: the first glimpse of Mauna Loa,           During the stay, the party was able to
Hawai'i ‘s largest volcano from Kilauea; a star    renew and strengthen ties with researchers in
gazing trip on Mauna Kea, where we were            Hawaii. Dr. Don Swanson, chief of the
above the clouds at over 13, 752 feet and saw      Hawaii Volcano Observatory, gave us a tour
the most glorious sunset, not to mention snow      of the observatory, which monitors and keeps
for the homesick Canadian; being on the site       a record of the history of Kilauea (the most
of an active flow (Pu'u O'o) and collecting        active volcano in Hawai'i's recent history).
one’s very own sample of fresh lava;               Terry Kirby, part of the University of Hawaii
watching lava enter the sea and seeing the         undersea research group and possibly the
island grow right before our eyes.                 most formidable submersible pilot, gave the
                                                   group a tour of the submersible vessels
                                                   (Pisces IV and V). Dr. Keith Crook and Dr.
                                                   Anne Felton, from the University of Hawaii,
                                                   both of which gave a tour of their department,
                                                   as well as a guided tour to some of the
                                                   geology of O'ahu.
                                                    As with most trips, the visit to Hawaii wasn’t
                                                      solely educational. We also visited some
                                                    tourist areas such as Pu'uhonua O Hanaunau
  Rachel Singer overcome by Kilauea gas, Hawaii.

                                                      by an anonymous benefactor. The 2002
                                                      lecturer was Dr. Allan Hildebrand from the
                                                      University of Calgary, who talked on "An
                                                      Asteroid Burst Over Tagish Lake: How a
                                                      Canadian Meteorite Changes Our Perspective
                                                      on the Early Solar System". Dr. Hildebrand’s
                                                      talk generated a lot of interest and he had the
                                                      audience in fits of laughter at his description
                                                      of using sniffer dogs to track meteorite
                                                      fragments across the surface of Tagish Lake!
     Mike Hay next to tuff layers overlain by lava,
              SW Rift Zone, Hawaii.
National Historic Park ("Place of Refuge",             Initiatives
dolphins, whales and snorkeling), Pualaa                  .....
Beach Park (thermal spring-fed pool),
Punalauu Black Sand Beach (physical
                                                      New Initiatives (H.W. Nesbitt)
weathering), Ka Lae (the green sand beach at          Resources and Sustainability
South Point), Hanauma Bay (coral reef),               The Department has incorporated the concept
Devastation Trail (lava lake and cinder cone),        of Resources and Sustainability as a keystone
as well as waterfalls such as Rainbow and             of its new Geology Program. The first step
Akaka falls (groundwater sapping and valley           was to establish a new introductory course
development).                                         entitled "Resources, Environment and
    The trip was certainly worthwhile and             Sustainability in a Material Society" – a long-
everyone was able to learn and experience             winded title, but at least proceeding in the
more than we ever expected. In addition, the          intended direction. This will be the first of
group was able to delight in native Hawaiian          numerous offerings in which one or more of
culture by attending a lu'au and trying surfing       these aspects will be emphasized. If, as we all
for the first time.                                   hope, the Fyfe Chair is established one of the
    To all the organizers of the trip…only one        duties associated with this chair will be to
word can express our gratitude “Mahalo”.              champion this initiative. However, the
Thanks for the experience of a lifetime.              resources and sustainability initiative will
                                                      proceed whether or not the efforts to establish
2002 SCUGOG lecture (P. King)                         a Fyfe Chair are successful.
The SCUGOG Lecture is an annual public                Meteoritics
lecture by an eminent earth scientist, funded              By very good fortune Dr. D. Gregory of
                                                      St. Thomas approached us with a proposal to
                                                      study a wide variety of meteorites. He has the
                                                      best private collection of meteorites in the
                                                      country, and one that rivals the collections at
                                                      public institutions. This opportunity has
                                                      spurred us to establish "Meteoritics" as a new
                                                      initiative within the department. The initiative
                                                      will build on joint efforts with the Department
                                                      of Physics and Astronomy including the new
                                                      undergraduate joint program in Planetary
                                                      Science. It will also strengthen existing joint
    Dean Fred Longstaffe with Dr. Allan Hildebrand,   planetary initiatives in the graduate program
             the 2002 SCUGOG lecturer.                (joint courses and joint supervision) and joint

A New Earth Science Curriculum                       schools. Come 2004, the Department of Earth
(N. Duke)                                            Sciences, and indeed the whole university,
Beginning in September 2004 Western will be          will be marching to a different drum. Western
introducing new curricula university-wide.           will open for business as the academic
Traditional departmental programming will be         equivalent of “one-stop-shopping” where
repackaged into Minor, Major, and                    incoming undergraduates can tailor their
Specialization Modules, with most students           programs to their individual wants and needs.
taking a four-year undergraduate degree. A           The W. S. Fyfe Chair in Natural
primary argument to modernize the
                                                     Resources and Sustainable
curriculum is to give undergraduates more
flexibility in achieving a broader-based             Development (P. Popovich)
education – by mixing and matching program           It is my pleasure to announce a further gift
modules. For example, a student could take a         from the Vancouver Foundation/Howard C.
Specialization in Geology or Geophysics with         Green Memorial Fund in the amount of
a Minor in Advanced Studies in Earth                 $15,000 toward the William S. Fyfe Chair in
Sciences, a Minor in Mathematics, or should          Natural     Resources       and     Sustainable
they be so inclined, a Minor in Music! The           Development. I wish to extend a sincere thank
overall impact of curriculum reform on the           you to Bob Hodder and Kevin Goldthorp
Faculty of Science, is a move towards a more         (Associate VP of Development) for their
“Liberal Science” education.                         continued stewardship of the Vancouver
New curriculum reform has proved an                  Foundation. I specifically wish to thank them
opportunity for major house cleaning because         for meeting with Lew Green and Allison
it hits the Department of Earth Sciences less        Felker of the Foundation this past February in
than 10 years after the merger of the former         Vancouver and making this additional
Geology and Geophysics departments, and at           generous gift possible. I also wish to thank the
a time of several faculty retirements. In total,     entire Fyfe Chair Committee for their hard
22 courses have been deleted and 15 new              work and dedication to this special project.
courses are being introduced. We still offer         Alan Edgar Fund (P. King)
our traditional Honors B.Sc. degrees in both         Dr. Alan D. Edgar was a faculty member in
Geology and Geophysics. Joint programs with          this Department, specializing in petrology,
other science departments include Geology            from 1963 until 1997. Starting this year, a
and Biology, Environmental Geoscience,               fund named in Alan's honor will be used to
Planetary Science and Material Science. A            award students who have excelled in
major new initiative is to introduce an “Earth       Petrology. Thanks to all the generous donors
Science Major” targeting students in the Arts        who have made this award possible!
and Social Sciences who are aiming at careers
teaching Earth and Planetary Science in high                         **NEW!!**
                                                     The Department is setting up a secure
                                                     web site for alumni to communicate
                                                     and socialize. If you would like to be
                                                     listed on this web site, please send your
                                                     contact details to Mrs. Mary Rice,
                                            Details on how to access
                                                     this web site will be published in the
                                                     September newsletter (after your
                                                     information has been put on the site!)
Peter Macdonald examining rocks, Sharbot Lake, ON.

                                                    Fossil                People we've heard
Upcoming                                            record                about lately...
UWO reception at GAC-MAC                        Brian Scribbins (Hon. B.Sc. Geology 1975) now lives
Vancouver (R. Hodder)                           in Calgary. He did an M.Sc. (Geology) at the
When: Sunday May 25th, Noon - 7 pm              University of Toronto in 1978.
                                                Ian Thomson (Hon. B.Sc. Geology, 1975) is a
Where: Vancouver Rowing Club, Carver            "Geological Consultant, Yemen Exploration" for
 Room, Stanley Park entrance off Georgia        Nexen Petroleum International Ltd., (formerly
 Street. This location overlooks the marina     Canadian Occidental Petroleum) and is currently
 in Burrard Inlet and is an easy 15-minute      evaluating      the     Paleozoic    (Permo-Carb,       Sil-
 walk from the GAC-MAC conference               Ord)/Infracambrian petroleum potential of the Rub al
                                                Khali (the Empty Quarter) of northern Yemen. He has
 center hotels.                                 worked for Nexen since 1991 and has had a variety of
What: Cash bar, light snacks provided.          eological assignments on Nexen's Masila Block which
Geology/Geophysics ’78 Reunion                  led to the first commercial oil production in Yemen
                                                from fractured basement rocks at Sunah Field, as well
(H.C. Palmer)                                   as Cretaceous production from the Dahban and Gabal
A reunion of the Geology and Geophysics         Isbeel Oil Fields. He recently gave an oral presentation
classes of 1978 is planned during the weekend   entitled "Prospects from Space" at the 2002 Landmark
of Sept. 19, 2003. This year's homecoming is    Banff City Forum and at the 2002 Yemen Oil and Gas
                                                Conference in Sanaa, Yemen. The talk outlined a
somewhat special in that Western is
                                                technique he developed for producing digital surface
celebrating its 125th birthday! Brian Todd,     structural contour maps in ZMap Plus using a
Atlantic Geoscience Centre, is attempting to    combination of Landsat TM remote sensing data and
contact his geophysics and geology              SPOT-derived digital elevation data. It was
classmates. An invitation will also be          demonstrated that most of Nexen's Masila oil fields in
                                                Yemen (like a number of other Middle Eastern Oil
extended to some members of the class of '79
                                                fields i.e. Ghawar-Saudi Arabia, Awali-Bahrain) have
who went through Western with the class of      surface structural expression that can be mapped using
'78 but who returned for a subsequent year in   inexpensive remote sensing data. Ian enjoys
order to obtain the Honours degree. Please      motorcycling in the Rockies on his 1500cc Vulcan
contact Currie Palmer for more details          Nomad        with      other    like-minded      petroleum
                                                geologists/engineers/landmen. He also enjoys getting
(,        Ph.     519-661-2111
                                                together socially for lunch 3 or 4 times a year with a
x86749) or check the department web site.       subset of the UWO Geology Class of '75 (Murray
XRF 2003 (C. Wu)                                Cooper, Jeff Wilson, Duncan Robertson, Dennis
                                                Meloche, Sandy McCracken and Brian " Dr. Scribs"
Two XRF events will be held at UWO this         Scribbins (when he's not in Qatar!).
summer:                                         Brian J. Todd (Hon B.Sc. Geophysics, 1978) did an
1) A Short Course in Modern X-ray               M.Sc. (Geology) and a Ph.D. (Geology) at Dalhousie
    Fluorescence Spectrometry (July 14 – 25)    University, in 1984 and 1988 respectively. He is       currently a research scientist (marine geophysics) at the
                                                Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), Bedford Inst.
2) A Symposium on Fundamental Parameters,       of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. More
    Influence Coefficients and Quantitative     details are at:
    XRF Analysis (July 28 – 30)                 1980’s      Scott MacRitchie (Hon. B.Sc. Geophysics, 1981) did
    003/index.htm                               an M.Sc. (Geology) at the University of Toronto in
                                                1992 and is currently a hydrogeologist at MacRitchie
UWO Department of Earth                         HydroG. He works on environmental site assessments,
Sciences Colloquium Series                      and groundwater investigations for protection and
Talks listed at:    management. He is involved in the APGO Newsletter,
                                                Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario.
Ipeleng Koosimile (B.Sc. Geophysics, 1988) obtained           Geoff Shore (M.Sc. Geology 1995) spent several
an M.Sc. in Exploration Geophysics from ITC, Delft in         nomadic years working in the exploration industry, and
1992. He works for the Botswana Government                    then went back to school to do his B.Ed. in 2000 at the
(Department of Geological Survey) in Lobatse.                 University of Toronto. He has now settled down to
Glen McGill (M.Sc. Geophysics 1986) graduated                 teach high school science in Keswick, Ontario - a small
along with Rick Secco, Dave Marcotte (whom he still           town north of Toronto. He finds the challenges are non-
sees around Ottawa now and then), Mark Gregotski,             stop and enjoyable.
and Fiona Diamond. Since graduating, he worked in             Tyler Beatty (Hon. B.Sc. Geology 1996/97) is
Calgary for a year or so, returned to the Toronto area        working part-time for the GSC in Vancouver and is
and started a small business. After that, came an MBA         doing his M.Sc. fulltime in paleontology at Simon
back at Western finishing in '91, a stint as a                Fraser University.
management consultant in Ottawa until '95, then he got        Mike Gunning (Ph.D. Geology 1997) joined Cominco
into the computer business implementing Oracle                in 1996 following his Ph.D., and worked there for 7
software until present. It's not geophysics, but it's still   great years - with wonderful experiences and a superb
an adventure! He joined NAV CANADA in Ottawa in               group of geologists. He has recently taken on the
March 2002 and he's working on implementing a                 position of Mineral Deposits Research Geologist for
Human Resources Management System. Lots of fun!               the Saskatchewan Geological Survey.
On the personal side, Glen married his wife Karen in          Olav Lian (Ph.D. Geology 1997) is currently at the
'93 and they have three kids, Fletcher (6), Delaney (4)       Centre for Quaternary Research, Department of
and Quinn (18 months). Karen is a dentist working in          Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London
the east end of Ottawa. He'd be interested in staying in      after spending a number of years at Simon Fraser
touch with his fellow graduates.                              University.
Tim de Freitas (M.Sc. Geology 1987) received a                Rosa Palumbo (D'Oria) (B.Sc. Geology 1997) is
Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa in 1990. Tim has          currently teaching high school science at St. Mary's
been working for about one year at Talisman Energy in         High School in Woodstock, Ontario. Specifically, she
Foothills Exploration. He spent some time at Nexen in         is teaching a Space and Earth Science Course.
exploration and development of the Plains region of           Joyia Chakungal (Hon. B.Sc. 1999) completed an
Alberta and Saskatchewan and at Esso in their Cold            M.Sc. at Dalhousie in 2001 and is now in the Ph.D.
Lake thermal recovery heavy oil project. He was also a        program there.
research scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada,        Ian Colquhoun (Ph.D. Geology 1999) and Lori Ann
Calgary and is editor of the CSPG Bulletin. He says           Pizzolato (M.Sc. Geology 1997) are in London,
that since there seems to be a number of Earth Science        Ontario. Lori Ann has almost finished a Ph.D. in
folks in Calgary there should be a get-together one day!      Geology at U. of T. Ian is Exploration Manager
                                                              (Ontario) for Veteran Resources Inc. Connor Malcolm
David Hamilton (M.Sc. Geophysics, 1991) is                    Colquhoun was born on November 15th 2002. He was
                                                              8 lbs 1oz (3650 grams), 21 inches and very healthy.
currently working as Director of Corporate Services for
the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada, in          2000’s
Ottawa. He received an Hon. B.Sc. in Physics,                 Krista Adams (M.Sc. Geology 2001) is working for
Laurentian University, in 1989, before commencing his         O'Connor Assoc. Environmental Inc. in Oakville, ON.
M.Sc. at UWO.                                                 Greg Clarke (M.Sc. Geophysics 2001) is now in
Jennifer McKay (M.Sc. Geology 1991) obtained a                Winnipeg continuing his flight training. He was
Ph.D. from UBC after working in the Stable Isotope            previously "2Lt" with the 442 Squadron (Search and
Lab with Fred Longstaffe. She is now pursuing a               Rescue) Operations in BC.
postdoctoral fellowship at GEOTOP, University of              Allison Fox (Hon. B.Sc. 2001) obtained her B.Ed. at
Quebec @ Montreal.                                            Queen's in 2002 and now has a teaching position with
Cliff Shaw (M.Sc. Geology 1991; Ph.D. Geology                 Sommerville Manor Private School in Mississauga as
1994) is now back on Canadian soil, with a faculty            Head of the Science Department and she is also
position at the University of New Brunswick,                  teaching physical education.
Fredericton.                                                  Mike Dorland (Hon. B.Sc. 2002) has a full-time
Dave MacDougall (Hon. B.Sc. Geology 1994)                     position with the Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Library,
received an M.Sc. (Geology) from the University of            London. He was the 2002 Ontario Petroleum Institute
New Brunswick in 1996. He is currently a geologist at         Bachelor Thesis Award recipient for his thesis entitled
Golder Associates in London, Ontario. He moved back           "Petrography and Diagenesis of Cambro-Ordovician
to London from the Tar Sands in Fort McMurray, AB             Reservoir Rock from the Innerkip Gas Pool and Gobles
in 2000. He received his P.Geo. status in British             Oil Pool, Southwestern Ontario".
Columbia, September 2002 and is currently working on          Paul and Elissa Glasser (M.Sc. Geology 2002) were
the "GUDI" Study for the Walkerton Water Supply.              married in July, 2002. Paul started in the Dental
Jennifer and Dave had their third child one year ago.         program at U.W.O. in September 2002.

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