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									Employment cover letter

In today's competitive job market, you might have an outstanding résumé, but unless
it catches the employer's attention, it is unlikely that you will obtain an interview.
That's where a well written application letter can make all the difference.

To develop a strong application letter, you must always remember that the sole
purpose of your application is to market yourself as the best candidate for the
position. Put yourself in the employer's shoes - think about what they are looking for
in a candidate; and draft your letter accordingly. The best way to do that is to use your
application letter to draw a clear connection between your skills, experience and
knowledge and the employer's requirements.

A professional application letter consists of three sections; an introduction, a body and
a conclusion.

Use the introduction to state your interest in the job and explain how you heard about
it - from an advertisement, personal recommendation or other means.

The body is the longest part of the letter and should state your enthusiasm for the
position as well as briefly explaining why the employer should read your résumé. This
is the section where you draw the connection between your expertise and the
employer's requirements and explain your points of difference from other applicants,
promoting yourself as an excellent candidate and potential interviewee.

The concluding paragraph should request an interview and invite the employer to
contact you if they would like any further information.

Application letters should have three, or at the most four paragraphs and generally be
no longer than one page in length. An effective application letter should, above all, be
professional. It should be typewritten, free of spelling and grammatical errors and
have a positive, courteous tone.

With a well-written application letter and a professional résumé, applicants can be
confident that when they attend their long-awaited interview, they will already have
impressed their potential employer, significantly improving their chances of long-term
career success.

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