Drawing Inferences and Making Predictions by qga10106

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									Drawing Inferences and Making
    With your host: Mrs. Fuller
How do you draw inferences?
 Text + Background Knowledge= An Aha!
   An inference is a personal
discovery about what the author
 didn’t quite specifically write.
   What’s the difference between drawing
        inferences and predictions?

• Predicting and inferring are related, but our
  predictions are confirmed or denied by the
  end of the story. Inferences are usually
  more open-ended and may not be resolved
  when the story ends.
Let’s Practice making an
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
               • Every Who Down in
                 Who-ville Liked
                 Christmas a lot…But
                 the Grinch, Who lived
                 just north of Who-
                 ville, did NOT!
Now, this is a surprise! Let’s infer a reason as
 to why the Grinch did not like Christmas..
                         •   Text + Background
                         •   Text- The text tells us that the Grinch
                             hated Christmas.
                         •   Background knowledge- perhaps his
                             head wasn’t screwed on just right, or
                             his shoes could have been too tight.
                         •   Aha- The author thinks that the most
                             likely reason is that his heart was two
                             sizes too small.
                         •   Mrs. Fuller’s guess is that the Grinch
                             hated Christmas because he was not
                             used to showing compassion towards
                             others. He took pleasure in taking
                             from others and making them sad.
Let’s make a prediction.
            • Can the Grinch really
              steal Christmas?
Let’s Check
      • Every Who down in
        Who-ville, the tall and
        the small, was singing!
        Without any presents
        at all! He HADN’T
        stopped Christmas
        from coming! IT
        CAME! Somehow or
        other, it came just the
Language for Drawing Inferences
     or Making Predictions
•   “ I predict…”
•   “I think that…”
•   “My guess is…”
•   “That’s just what I thought…”
•   “Now this is a surprise…”
•   “My conclusion here is…”
        Books that are
good for drawing inferences and
      making predictions
The Other Side By: Jacqueline Woodson
An Angel for Solomon Singer By: Cynthia Rylant
Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
By: Judith Viorst
The Paper Bag Princess By: Robert Munsch
Two Bad Ants By: Chris Van Allsburg

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