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When conducting HR interviews, it is vital to ask the right questions to get the
information needed. This information is the basis for deciding if the candidates being
interviewed are a good fit for the job or not. Well-crafted questions are necessary, to
know a candidate as much as possible during the allotted interview time. It is important to
ask the right questions, but it is equally important to know what not to ask. In other
words, the various employment laws specify that certain questions should not be asked.
Questions related to age, race, sex, religion, and disability cannot be asked; similarly,
questions pertaining to color, nationality, origin, pregnancy, and other protected
classifications are considered illegal.

As a common thumb rule, all HR interview questions should be directly associated with
the job in question and the tasks a candidate would be required to carry out if hired. It is
advisable to interview candidates from a list of questions, make good notes, and be

HR interview questions have to be structured in such a way that interviewers get an idea
of the candidate's past record. This is essential because past behavior is a forecaster of
future performance. For instance the questions that can be asked are how candidates have
handled something in the past, how have they completed a project, how do they get work
done and the like.

HR interview questions will vary depending on the organization, the post being recruited
for, the organizational policies and strategies and other factors that contribute towards its
growth. Some examples of questions that can be asked are employment history and why
candidates have left each position, describing the person they consider being their mentor
and describing a situation in which they failed and how they handled it.

It is essential to remember a few key elements when writing good HR interview
questions. Questions that are asked have to be within legal parameters. For instance,
questions related to the job and questions that produce essay answers and call for
examples of past behavior may be asked.

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