What is the purpose of the Curriculum Design Process by qga10106


									                            Effective Curriculum

An effective, fully implemented curriculum is rigorous, intentional, and aligned. It
reflects equity, diversity, and global awareness throughout all content areas, processes,
and assessments. It encompasses Kentucky Department of Education State Standards
and /or research-based programs and practices. The curriculum must be well
articulated to all stakeholders, implemented district/school wide, integrated across
disciplines, and connected to real-life situations. Based on analysis of student work,
an effective curriculum document requires continuous review, evaluation, and revision.

An effective curriculum:
        Ensures alignment of the curriculum to district, state and national standards
        Intentionally focuses student learning on achieving the standards.
        Articulates the learning that takes place at each level/grade/course.
        Integrates learning among two or more disciplines.

       This constitutes an aligned, intentional, articulated and integrated curriculum
based on content standards. By using the curriculum, a teacher knows what material
students must learn and focuses on how (instruction) to teach the material. “If student
learning is the goal or destination of reform, curriculum, instruction and assessment is
the vehicle. If change does not reach the classroom level, all the talk of reform is for
naught.” {Regional Alliance at TERC}

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