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									Marketing cover letter

This is an example of a 'Marketing' cover letter to an employer who has advertised the
job of Marketing Manager. Note how this covering letter is not the standard "I wish to
apply..." letter.

It's true that some jobs demand a more flamboyant approach than others and every
cover letter needs to be interesting; however 'Marketing' by its nature can be
illustrated most effectively when you adopt a 'marketing' style for your job application

As a marketing cover letter it should pique the reader's sense of interest, illustrate the
way the applicant understands the advertiser's need and create the desire to find out
more. How do they find out more? By inviting you to an interview of course.

"Dear Mr. Pleasant


Being a keen and regular theatre and concert-goer, I have often visited Brindleton
City Arts &
Conference Centre and was therefore most interested and excited by your
advertisement for a Marketing Manager. I should like to throw my hat into the ring by
enclosing my CV for your attention.

The advertisement conveys a great sense of energy and pride in your organisation -
this is exactly
the type of environment to which I have contributed in the past.

As requested, I have set out below a list of achievements but would emphasise that
some of these
would not have been possible but for the strong team spirit which has been a feature
in most of my
roles. I have always encouraged corporate effort and prefer to think of myself as a
member of the
orchestra rather than a one man band!

Over the last five years I have:

      Created a modern and European marketing plan for one of the UK's leading
       ballet companies, leading to a profitable tour of N America.
      Held budgetary responsibility for £350,000
      Acted as Marketing Manager for one of London's best known theatre groups,
       where I won sponsorship from Midshire Bank Scottish Airways, National
       Railtech, Power Generators plc and many smaller companies.
      Also worked for a year as a self-employed consultant in Germany devising
       marketing strategies for Government funded cultural activities.
I am confident that I have established my ability to succeed in a tough and financially
pressured environment.
Since I would anticipate that sponsorship will continue to be essential to the success
of any arts related
activity I am sure my track record of developing and maintaining business contacts
serve us well. My extensive network will be a useful starting point for Brindleton. I
also believe that a positive
European outlook will be essential and my experiences of working overseas, together
with good
spoken French and German, would allow me to market your conference facilities
sensitively and

I look forward to the opportunity of discussing my contribution with you further.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy McStone"

Not too flamboyant for a marketing job cover letter, but one that is more imaginative
than the usual application cover letter.

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