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					Professional cover letter

Make no mistake! All cover letters are not the same. Some are at best, ho hum. Others
are professional in every way. In these tough economic times, any old cover letter
won't cut it with the hiring manager. You can imagine which one he or she will move
to the top of the pile.

There are so many people in the job search market competing for interviews that in
order to be noticed you must write a professional, eye-catching cover letter-one that
convinces the hiring manager of the kind of person you are-someone eager to bring
his or her time, talent, and trustworthiness to the company.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Show that you're ready to assume responsibility, deliver excellent service, and do
your job with energy and enthusiasm.

Example: "I am eager to join your team of financial planners. I promise to learn and
listen, as well as offer my ideas for expanding the client base, increasing company
profits, and most important, living up to your mission statement-Customers Come
First. Period. May I come in for an interview to discuss the details and to find out
more about what you're looking for in the persons you hire?"

When a hiring manager reads a professional cover letter that is both concise and
precise, he or she will certainly take a second look. In fact, such a letter will stand out
from the crowd and result in a phone call for an interview in person.

It takes an extra effort to land more quality job interviews in these tough times. Your
cover letter can serve as the "sales person" that presents a professional, compelling
argument as to why YOU should be scheduled for the next interview.