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Sample accounting cover letter (DOC)


Sample accounting cover letter

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									Sample accounting cover letter

Accounting cover letters are a great selling tool and one that can open doors in a
great way. Having a clear easy to read letter is much easier to do than you might
expect. I admit it when I started my job search I had a small episode of writers block
and I used a generic online resume cover. I learned my lesson.

It was good to have something to accompany my resume. I had been using accounting
cover letters that I found online and copied which was very easy but it really wasn't
doing much to connect me to the readers. I used those letters for three months straight.
They did produce some call backs and a couple of interviews, no job thought.
Honestly I blamed my bad results on the soft job market.

I was flipping through a jobs magazine when I ran across an article about what
hiring managers like to see on a cover letter. I was really surprised to see how they
preferred a letter that was related to the job they were hiring for. It did surprise me but
it made sense. Why would they hire me, it I don't say anything on my resume or letter
about my ability to do the specific tasks they'll need me to do?

I read over the accounting cover letters with a new set of eyes and realized that a
simple introduction of my resume was good but it wasn't going to open many doors
for me. Truth be told, I had been lazy about rewriting my letters and it was starting to
hurt me more than help me.

I'm not the greatest writer, so putting together a letter that would appeal to a
hiring manager wasn't easy for me. Much less having to write one for each job I
wanted to apply for. I found it useful to use a guide and cover letter generator for
those time that I got stuck and couldn't figure what to write, there were many.

The real lesson I learned from all this is that no matter if its accounting cover
letters or any other field. Best practice would be to find out what the employer will
be needing you to do and focus your letter on that. It's easier for them to think you're
the ideal choice if you fit into the part they need you for, instead of having to discover
it on their own.

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