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					Graduate cover letter

You are just from graduated college and are now looking for a job, Congratulations!
You know that the process of getting a job is different when looking for a career
compared to the past jobs you have had while in high school or college, but how? One
large difference is you will be expected to provide a cover letter for each job you
apply to. The cover letter is your opportunity to let the company know you have done
your research about them, and can tell them exactly why you will be the best fit for
their position.

But what is the best way to write a cover letter? Below is a good form to use when
beginning your cover letter.
It is important to remember that a cover letter is a business letter and needs to be
formatted so. That means the beginning should be something like this:

Graduate Name
Graduate Street Address
Graduate City, State and Zip Code
The Date

Name of Person Addressing to
Their Title
Their Company Name
Their Street Address
Their City, State and Zip Code

Dear Name of Person Addressing to:

You may be confused as to what to do if you do not know who to address the letter to.
You should make all efforts to find out the name of the person hiring for the position
you want, or the human resources manager's name, but if you cannot, you can simply
address it you Human Resources Manager.

The next paragraph should thank them in advance for their time and attention and
advise them what position it is that you are interested in and that you think you will be
a good candidate for that position.

The next paragraph will need to list your skills and background that will be relevant to
the position you are trying to obtain. Listing all skills and experience that applies,
especially that which makes you different or special compared to other applicants,
should take several sentences and will be the large part of the body of your letter.

Next you will describe what you know about the company, position, it's structure and
company culture and how you think you will easily fit in well with those things. If the
company has a particular focus or something in its business model or vision statement
that you agree with, this is a great opportunity to point this out.
You then want to let them know how to contact you for an interview and what times
are best to contact you to schedule it. You should also advise them when you will be
available for the interview. Many people also include their email address here as well.

You will want to end the letter formally as well, like below:



Graduate Name

Enclosures: Resume

Each cover letter you write will be different, and if you spend the time to tailor it to
the job you are applying for as much as possible, focus on good grammar and
spelling, and do a great job of showing how you will be the best candidate, for sure
you will have a better chance to get an interview.