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Pete Singleton by via28446


									Pete Singleton
VP Market Development
Carbis Inc

Carbis Inc. based in the USA continues to expand and improve its line of safety products for
accessing the tops of tank trucks, rail cars, Iso-Containers, ships and barges. Its latest
improvement comes with its portable truck access system used to get on top of Iso-Containers.
The new design allows for a storm door cover now commonly found on the tops of Iso-containers
to be opened providing access to the various lids, valves and connections without clashing with
the safety equipment. “In the past a smaller safety cage system used for common tank trucks was
utilized. This was not an issue for Iso-containers without the storm door – however we are now
seeing and ever increasing number of Iso-containers units with the storm door cover leading us to
a re-design of our unit, says Pete Singleton the VP of Market Development with Carbis Inc.”
The new design utilizes a larger cage system and has been developed to work with both Iso-
containers and tanks trucks eliminating the issue with the storm door cover and providing the
optimal fall prevention. “Our clients don’t always realize the potential clashes that can exist when
choosing the proper safety equipment for gaining access to the tops of trucks. Our job is to
ensure they are aware of the various truck configurations out there. Something that seems as
simple as purchasing a portable truck access system can go wrong without the knowledge gained
by a company working with hundreds of clients annually.” For further information contact Pete
Singleton at

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