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									Accounting cover letter examples

In many ways an accounting cover letter is just like any other cover letter. It should
hook the reader immediately and keep them reading. Its main purpose is to introduce
the applicant to the potential employer in a unique and memorable way. Accounting is
a job that is currently in high demand and therefore your cover letter has to stand out
from the rest in order to be recognized. Many of the phrases used in accounting cover
letters and resumes are tired and too familiar. To liven up your accounting cover letter
try to find fresh ways to say some of the same old things.

Tailor the first paragraph of your accounting cover letter to fit the job description.
Accounting departments and firms often use very specific criteria when assessing
applicants. If you meet the criteria in the job description state this at the first available
opportunity. At larger companies, submissions are often screened by Human Resource
personnel trained to look for a certain set of required skills. If you do not indicate that
you have the desired skill set early in the cover letter, you may miss a chance because
a screener does not have the patience to keep reading. Be specific and consider using
a bulleted list to present this vital information.

The crunch of the numbers and the profit and loss margins often overshadow the fact
that accounting positions come with a high level of responsibility. Allude to any
achievements that you have made in the field to demonstrate a proven track record of
action and improvement. Use powerful, action verbs to elaborate on accomplishments
and to facilitate a strong, confident tone. Sell yourself and what you are capable of
doing with a familiar voice and a professional manner.

Learn more about the company offering the position and incorporate some of that
information into your cover letter. Managers are impressed when a potential employee
takes the time to do their homework. Prior knowledge of the company shows a sincere
interest in working there. Even a basic familiarity with what the company does, the
size of the company and its goals for the future will serve to convince the hiring
manager that your submission warrants further investigation.

Pay attention to the devil in the details when you write your accounting cover letter.
Details are one of the most important facets of an accounting career. Your cover letter
should be a testament to finding the all of the devils in all of the details. Proofread
your information several times for misspelled words, transposed numbers and
unstructured sentences. None of the above will endear you to any hiring manager,
accounting or otherwise. A sloppy cover letter, full of typos and grammatical errors, is
one of the quickest ways to go from interesting to insignificant.

Last but not least, use good quality paper and envelopes for snail mail submissions.
This small, extra touch further illustrates your sincere interest and concern for
presenting yourself in a memorable way. A professional letter makes a better
impression when it is presented in a classic elegant style. Again, going that extra mile
shows the hiring manager that you are willing to do what it takes to get the job.
Ensure that the amount of postage is correct before sending your letter to the hiring
manager. If the letter never makes it to the company, you have done all that work for

The most common complaint cited by hiring manager's concerning accounting cover
letters is that they are tedious and boring to read. Spice up your cover letter and leave
the boring technicalities to the resume. Use the cover letter to show that you are more
than a number crunching machine. End or begin the letter with a quote by one of your
favorite authors. Whether it is humorous or profound, it will add a personal touch and
make you seem more accessible to the potential employer. Accessibility is often an
important factor in whether or not the hiring manager keeps reading your letter and
makes it all the way to the resume. Making your accounting cover letter stand out is
no easy task in this demanding field but with a little ingenuity and effort it can be

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